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A total solar eclipse will cross the U.S. on August 21

  • On Monday, Aug. 21, a rare total solar eclipse will take place in an event NASA dubbed the Eclipse Across America.
  • This special eclipse will be visible in the daytime across North America from Salem, Oregon, to Charleston, South Carolina.
  • An eclipse iswhat happens when “one heavenly body, such as a moon or planet, moves into the shadow of another heavenly body.”
  • While big cities like New York and Chicago will get a glimpse of the partial eclipse, the total eclipse will only be viewable in cities and towns along a diagonal slash from the West Coast through St. Louis and down to South Carolina. Read more (7/19/17)

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When Donald Trump spoke at Boeing’s factory in North Charleston, South Carolina – unveiling Boeing’s new 787 “Dreamliner” – he congratulated Boeing for building the plane “right here in the great state of South Carolina.“

But that is pure fantasy.

Trump also used the occasion to tout his “America First” economics, stating “our goal as a nation must be to rely less on imports and more on products made here in the U.S.A.”

Trump seems utterly ignorant about global competition – and about what’s really holding back American workers.

Start with Boeing’s Dreamliner itself. It’s not “made in the U.S.A.” It is assembled in the USA. Most of the parts and almost a third of the cost of the entire plane come from overseas.

For example:

The center fuselage and horizontal stabilizers came from Italy.

The aircraft’s landing gears, doors, electrical power conversion system - from France.

The main cabin lighting came from Germany.

The cargo access doors from Sweden.

The lavatories, flight deck interiors, and galleys from Japan.

Many of the engines from the U.K.

The moveable trailing edge of the wings from Canada.

Notably, the foreign companies that made these parts don’t pay their workers low wages. In fact, when you add in the value of health and pension benefits, most of these foreign workers get a better deal than do Boeing’s workers.

These nations also provide most young people with excellent educations and technical training, as well as universally-available health care.

To pay for all this, these countries also impose higher tax rates on their corporations and wealthy individuals than does the United States. And their health, safety, environmental, and labor regulations are stricter.

Not incidentally, they have stronger unions.

So why is so much of Boeing’s Dreamliner coming from these high-wage, high-tax, high-cost places?

Because the parts made by workers in these countries are better, last longer, and are more reliable than parts made anywhere else.

There’s a critical lesson here.

The way to make the American workforce more competitive isn’t to build an economic wall around America.

It’s to invest more in the education and skills of Americans, in on-the-job training, in a healthcare system that reaches more of us. And to give workers a say in their companies through strong unions.

In other words, we get a first-class workforce by investing in the productive capacities of Americans  – and rewarding them with high wages.

Economic nationalism is no substitute for building the competitiveness of American workers.


The architect behind the 9/11 memorial will create a memorial for victims of Charleston massacre

  • Saturday marked two years since avowed white supremacist Dylann Roof opened fire on an Wednesday-evening bible study at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church church in Charleston, South Carolina, leaving nine black churchgoers dead.
  • To honor the date, the committee in charge of planning a memorial to the victims revealed its choice for an architect to design it, the Guardian reported.
  • Michael Arad, the architect who designed the 9/11 memorial in New York City, has been chosen to create a memorial to the nine victims of the Charleston attack on the ground of the church. Read more (6/19/17)

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South Carolina woman faces charges for ripping Confederate battle flag off driver’s truck

  • On Saturday, a Charleston, South Carolina, woman ripped a Confederate battle flag “tag” off of a truck and backed into the truck’s owner, the Root reported. 
  • She now faces charges of vandalism and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries.
  • Ann Lee Walters, 43, stopped her car while in Downtown Charleston and removed a Confederate symbol from the truck behind her. 
  • While the truck’s owner was trying to get her license plate number, she reportedly backed into him, causing minor knee injuries. According to WCBD, the man believes that was not intentional. Read more (6/26/17)

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Chicago Cubs draft Chris Singleton, whose mother was murdered in 2015 Charleston church shooting

  • Chris Singleton — whose mother, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, was killed in the racist 2015 Charleston church massacre — was drafted by the Chicago Cubs on Wednesday.
  • Singleton, an outfielder currently attending Charleston Southern University, was selected in the 19th round of the MLB amateur draft.
  • His mother was one of nine people murdered by Dylann Roof at the Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Read more (6/16/17)

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There  are some very  stupid People

Making Posts crying over Dylann  Roof. 

Disgusting evil creatures!

He wasn’t “human” when he killed those beautiful people that welcomed him into their church.

He was stable enough to get  guns, learn how to use them, make plans and carry out those plans. 

No, it is NOT OK that any of you are grieving over this ugly looking, evil white supremacist man. 

( No, I will not post the screenshots of their pathetic posts. But, there are plenty fools crying over him in  the Dylann Roof tag. Disturbing and Disgusting!)

If you want to cry over someone, cry over the People that he KILLED!!!

The victims are:

The Rev. Clementa Pinckney, 41: A state senator and the senior pastor of Emanuel, he was married to Jennifer Benjamin and the father of two children, Eliana and Malana. He was a 1995 graduate of Allen University and got his master’s degree at the University of South Carolina in 1999. He served in the state Legislature starting in 2000; The Post and Courier says black fabric was draped over Pinckney’s Senate chamber seat on Thursday.

Cynthia Hurd, 54: According to the Charleston County Public Library, she was a 31-year employee who managed the John L. Dart Library for 21 years before heading the St. Andrews Regional Library. A statement said Hurd “dedicated her life to serving and improving the lives of others.” The system closed its 16 branches Thursday to honor Hurd and the others who died in the shooting. County officials also say the St. Andrews library will be named for Hurd.

The Rev. Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, 45: A pastor at Emanuel, she was also a speech therapist and high school girls track and field coach, both positions at Goose Creek High School, according to her LinkedIn page. Jimmy Huskey, the school’s principal, called her “a true professional … [who] cared about her students and was an advocate for them.” Her son, Chris Singleton, is a baseball player and student at Charleston Southern University. Coleman-Singleton also had two younger children, writes the Post and Courier.

Tywanza Sanders, 26: He was a 2014 graduate in business administration from Allen University in Columbia. Lady June Cole, the interim president of Allen University, described him as “a quiet, well-known student who was committed to his education.” Known as Ty, he had worked in sales at department stores such as Belk and Macy’s.

Ethel Lance, 70: She had attended Emanuel for most of her life and worked there as a custodian, as well. From 1968 to 2002, she worked as a custodian at Charleston’s Gaillard Municipal Auditorium. The Post and Courier quotes a former colleague as saying, “She was funny and a pleasure to be around. And she was a wonderful mother and grandmother.”

Susie Jackson, 87: Lance’s cousin, she was a longtime church member.

Depayne Middleton Doctor, 49: The mother of four sang in Emanuel’s choir. She had previously directed a community development program in Charleston County. In December, she started a new job as an admissions coordinator at the Charleston campus of her alma mater, Southern Wesleyan University. SWU President Todd Voss said: “Always a warm and enthusiastic leader, DePayne truly believed in the mission of SWU to help students achieve their potential by connecting faith with learning. Our prayers go out to family and friends. This is a great loss for our students and the Charleston region.”

The Rev. Daniel Simmons, 74: Simmons survived the initial attack but then died in a hospital operating room. He had previously been a pastor at another church in the Charleston area.

Myra Thompson, 59: She was the wife of the Rev. Anthony Thompson, the vicar of Holy Trinity Reformed Episcopal Church in Charleston.

Dylann Roof was sentenced to death on 1/10/2017 for killing THESE PEOPLE IN CHURCH!

Rest in Peace.

Donald Trump misled Americans about terrorism once again in his first speech to Congress

“The vast majority of individuals convicted of terrorism and terrorism-related offenses since 9/11 came here from outside of our country,” Trump said, citing unspecified “data” from the Justice Department. “It is not compassionate, but reckless, to allow uncontrolled entry from places where proper vetting cannot occur.”

The irony is that the United States has been a sanctuary for extremists for centuries. Homegrown white American terrorism has been key to maintaining our nation’s racial caste system ever since its foundation. Slavery, Redemption and Jim Crow were all fueled by campaigns of racial terror — both judicial and extrajudicial — committed by whites against blacks. Between 1877 and 1950 alone, more than 4,000 lynchings targeting black people took place. White right-wing terrorists have killed 50 Americans since 2001.

Yet Trump’s data is skewed such that it ignores this history and its antecedents, including the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and Dylann Roof’s attack in Charleston, South Carolina, in July 2015. Instead, the president relied on a technicality to frame foreign-bred terrorists — specifically, Muslims — as the real threat to Americans’ safety.

Here’s the truth: the primary reason why the “vast majority” of people convicted of terrorism since 9/11 have been foreign-born is because there is no federal statute to prosecute homegrown terrorism. By definition, the crime of terrorism — under federal law — requires there to be a foreign connection, experts have confirmed to Mic.

That’s why Roof could massacre nine innocent churchgoers in an act of racial and political violence and still not be charged with a terrorist offense. Read more (3/1/17 11:34 AM)