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When I heard the theme “romance” I thought of my handsome, fashionable, southern gentleman, boyfriend, Taylor Eubanks. Working in Charleston for the past year for Social Primer by K. Cooper Ray, Taylor certainly had the wardrobe to pull from. Like a seasoned stylist, the night before the shoot he was ready to pull an array of ties and jackets, assuming he had models to dress. To his pleasant surprise, I let him know it was an editorial spotlight and just he and I. Shooting with Caitlin, Charleston Street Style’s resident street style photographer is always a good time. She had us laughing with her witty humor and she captured our natural smiles during those candid moments when you don’t even realize she’s snapping away. Despite it being a freezing cold morning and on lookers assuming we were taking our engagement photos, it was a fun experience to be the subjects instead of the stylists.

This spring it is all about having fun with fashion and mixing prints, such as stripes with hearts or gingham with camouflage. My pink look consisted of a pink and white stripped three quarter sleeve shirt complete with rhinestones adorning the neck line. I also pulled a red and pink heart patterned scarf that turned into more of a lasso than an accessory. My red look consisted of a flirty a-line dress and a classic red lip. For my sweetheart themed look I pulled from Juicy Couture on King St. Their heart collection consisted of great dresses, tops, and accessories in whimsical love inspired patterns.

I hope our readers can feel the love this month, as there is love all around the low country. Whether you fall in love with the YSL pumps in Bob Ellis’ window, that bite of coconut cake from The Peninsula Grill that inspires you to bake again, or that perfect sunset you catch on your evening run by the Battery, there are plenty of opportunities to love in Charleston. Do us a favor this month and fall in love with fashion and your life, every minute of it.

Alden deHart Haviland - @aldendehart | Taylor Eubanks - @steubanks

photos: Catilin Tuten-Rhodes, @tuten_rhodes

Bespoke Style

A Rising Standard For Suiting

     Famed for their impeccable sense of style, the gentlemen of Charleston know how to dress for any occasion, from cocktail social to campfire these men can bring style to any event. Ever adapting, fashion brings with it a plethora of new fads, one of which is a slimmer fitting wardrobe that Italians have been adopting since the 1800’s. Bringing exceptional fabrics, masterful technique, and phenomenal attention to detail, the Italians have brought about a new era of suiting. The slimmer fitting suit has become sensationally popular with the gentlemen of Charleston and beyond.  

Born out of the Spoleto Festival in Charleston, South Carolina, the 7th annual Nuovo Cinemo Italiano Film Festival brought fashion at its finest. Charleston Street Style had the pleasure of attending this event to shed new light on bespoke Italian tailoring in the city of Naples, Italy.  

(Pictured above is @hjohnhoffman, @steubanks, and @stellarkeller2        enjoying Italian wine and a lively discussion of Italian suiting)   

 Originating in the 1800’s, bespoke Italian tailoring has transformed into what is considered today some of the greatest tailoring in the world. In his film O'mast, meaning ‘master’ in the native language, director Gianluca Migliarotti gives audiences a view of bespoke Italian tailoring in the municipal of Naples, Italy. Celebrating the people and their craft, the film is tasteful and insightful. Ranging from two to four years of study Italian tailors learn every aspect of tailoring before being allowed to hand-cut and sew suits. Charleston Street Style had the opportunity to meet the director of O'mast and a tailor from the film on Friday night. Gennaro Formosa, a tailor from O'mast, is deeply devoted to his craft. He explains that client-tailor relationships are of the utmost importance when being fitted for a bespoke suit. Since the work that tailors do is extremely detailed, tailors must know the client’s bodies in and out. Migliarotti and Formosa sparked the interest of quite a few men in Charleston that night with their discussion of detail and the importance of having a well tailored suit.

     Charleston, a place of tradition and classic charm, is well known for having an abundance of well dressed men and women. With that comes ever adapting style. The men and women of Charleston are definitely warming up to the idea of fitted clothing and suits. Though, the consensus is split between the younger and older men of Charleston. The ladies, so it seems, have been waiting on the gentlemen of Charleston to adopt the Italian ways of suiting ad clothing. They see it as a long waited and anticipated arrival. The younger men of Charleston are eager to adopt the slimmer, form fitting suits while the older born and bred gentlemen of Charleston are stuck in their ways. The young men of Charleston are finally realizing that form fitting and bespoke suiting and clothing can take you from man to gentlemen in the flash of a tie.

     Rooted in history are the well dressed and bred gentlemen of Charleston. From a young age they learned to dress to impress and that history has carried on today. As bespoke suiting, and more specifically bespoke Italian suiting, becomes more and more popular in Charleston, and around the world, it brings with it a new era of style, enjoyed by the newer generation of young men. Slimmer fitting, these suits show men’s lines and increase definition of bone structure, taking them from men the gentlemen.

Stay Stylish,

Will Hardison @whardison on Instagram

Charleston Street Style Contributor