The wind gusted around you suddenly, making your papers fly into the air. You sighed, used to the silver haired boy always popping up to see you. 

“Hey, Y/N.” He grinned.

“Hi, Peter.”

“I just wanna say that I love every bone in your body-”

“Awe. Thanks Peter, you’re so swee-”

“Especially mine.”


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Charles and Erik watched closely as you and Peter walked by them, Hand in hand. Only being a more recent couple, You two were hitting it off like no other. And they didn’t like that all that much.

“They look cute together, But i don’t like how close they are…” Erik Commented, Pointing out that Peter’s arm was on your lower hip, pulling you into him.

“Yes, And if your lovely son dares to put his tongue in my beautiful Daughter i will decapitate him.” Charles threatened, While Erik burst out laughing. 

“it will happen eventually, You know.” Charles glared daggers at him, Nodding his head ‘No’ 

“Not when i’m breathing.” 

a summary of the characters in x men: apocalypse
  • apocalypse: bibbity bobbity boo you're stronger now
  • warren worthington iii: ‼️⁉️❓‼️
  • psylocke: >:(
  • ororo munroe: >:(
  • peter maximoff: WE DON'T KNOW BRO
  • kurt wagner: oh mein gott
  • charles xavier: erik no
  • erik lensherr: erik yes. also my famil-
  • jean grey: death is all around us
  • scott summers: dang me eyes
  • alex summers: BLAST dead
  • raven darkholme: I'm not a hero wyd
  • hank mccoy: why
  • wolverine: why am I here
  • moira mactaggert: ??????
How The Avengers & X-Men React To You Wearing A Sexy Costume:

 Hank McCoy & Peter Maximoff:

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 Bruce Banner & Charles Xavier:

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Natasha Romanoff & Jean Grey:

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Kurt Wagner & Peter Parker:

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Scott Summers & Scott Lang:

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Tony Stark & Alex Summers:

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Wanda Maximoff & T’challa:

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Steve Rogers:

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Erik Lehnsherr & Bucky Banres:

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Sean Cassidy & Sam Wilson:

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Rhodey & Darwin:

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Ororo Munroe & Raven Darkholme:

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Pietro Maximof & Clint Barton:

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7 Minutes in Marvel Heaven Master list  Updated - 03/10/2016

I’ve re-done all the links on here because I’ve had a few messages about them being broken :( Hopefully should be fixed

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This is where all the links for the Marvel’s Seven Minutes in Heaven will be posted. Linked as they are written. ENJOY!!

Key: (S) = Smut (F) = Fluff


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Prompt list!

Here is the prompt list! Please make some requests the queue is widddeeeee open right now. Feel free to request any character, not just the ones I have already written! Alright let’s have some fun!

1.     “I love you, you idiot.”

2.     “That’s never going to happen.”

3.     “I can’t believe you don’t like Disney movies.”

4.     “Damn, when did y/n get hot?”

5.     “Only if you give me a piggy back ride!”

6.     “Who doesn’t like waffles?”

7.      “Just shut up and kiss me.”

8.     “Is there a reason your crawling through my window?”

9.     “You’re everything to me.”

10.  “I had the weirdest dream about you and now I can’t stop thinking about you naked.”

11.  “just tAKE THE JACKET”

12.  “I can’t stop blushing… You’re not helping!”

13.  “I’ll always be here.”

14.  “You’re my nerd.”

15.  “We could just make a fort…”

16.  “Hey! Don’t do that! You can’t do that to me!”

17.  “I don’t regret it, not even for a second!”

18.  “They’re right behind me aren’t they?”

19.  “Then come here and make me.”

20.  “Sometimes I wish the sun wouldn’t go down.”

21.  “Were you ever going to tell me?”

22.  “I’ve never said that to any one before.”

23.  “In your dreams!”

24.  “Oh bite me!”

25.  “I’ve never been more in love with you.”

26.  “Can you just hold me?”

27.  “Nothing would make me happier.”

28.  “Dance with me?” “But there’s no music!”

29.  “Where’s your shirt?”

30.  “The least you could do is not hog the blanket.”

31.  “You should stay hydrated.” “What?” “You should-“ “I heard you…”

32.  “Have you seen my… oh”

33.  “You’re not always right you know!

34.  “I can fix that.”

35.  “For the last time I AM NOT JEALOUS!”

36.  “Is this you trying to seduce me?”

37.  “Wait… is this a date?”

38.  “If I did anything right in my life, it was falling in love with you.”

39.  “ I just can’t stop thinking about you.”

40.  “I just miss you every second of every day.”