In A Week

Note: This was inspired by Hozier’s “In A Week,” and I had an existential crisis writing it. 😬👌🏼

Erik felt the warmth of Charles’ back against his chest, the smaller man’s body rising and falling with his slow breathing. Erik’s husband had long lost his dark hair, and his own hair had greyed considerably, but Charles’ eyes were still the same – those brilliant sapphire orbs Erik had always loved staring into and getting lost in. They had never dulled over the last 60 years, not one shade.
He wrapped his arms around his husband and held Charles close to him, feeling the beauty of his dreams from his energy. Then he felt him shift, turning to face Erik.
“Yes, liebling?” He said, kissing Charles’ head gently.
“Are you afraid of death?” The question felt heavy, like a weight on his chest.
“No,” Erik replied after a minute. “I’m not. You know why?”
“Because I believe that we never truly die. There has to be more to existence.”
“I’m afraid…” Charles’ voice cracked and he pulled himself closer to Erik.
“What are you afraid of?”
“Living without you. What if you go first? What if I-I’m alone?”
“I’ll do everything I can to contact you, sneak into your dreams.”
“Don’t leave me.”
“I’m not going anywhere.”

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: where was erik during Logan (2017, dir. James Mangold)? where was he when charles was deteriorating and losing his mind? did he ever go back to the mansion again between the events of x-men apocalypse and logan? where was he? was he dead by then? was he off having another little tantrum, unaware about the love of his life falling to pieces and eventually dying at the hands of X-24? did erik and charles ever get to say goodbye to one another? did charles watch erik die? what happened? where is Erik Lehnsherr in this trying time
so I finally watched Logan (spoilers)
  • ok first things first this was one of the best movies I’ve ever watched
  • the visuals were absolutely on fleek
  • old and confused Professsor X ripped my heart out
  • also i liked the southern villain guy 
  • LOVED sassy badass not speaking kid aka laura aka X23
  • the dinner with the farmer family was so bEAUTIFUL
  • “I ran a school for kids with special needs” - literally the entire theater was losing their shit laughing
  • when laura kept the kids ipod aah
  • logan wanting to die bcs of guilt noo
  • charles xavier died thinking logan killed him
  • there was not enough time to mourn charles
  • also caliban sacrificed himself 
  • the kids were amazingly portrayed without making it cheesy
  • them shaving his beard was so funny
  • like generally this was a surprisingly funny movie
  • was the leader of the kids group magnetos son or something? metal powers just saying
  • the camera technique they used in the woods scene was BEAUTIFUL
  • logan and laura fighting alongside each other was everything i ever wanted
  • the X at the end i was a 100% sobbing mess