This is still the best thing ever (aka, ‘are you ready to be a father?’)

  • seb talking about the job not taking too long
  • jev ready to do the job not the rest *ahem**heeey jev*
  • giedo making a joke no one gets
  • 'we are still in free practice’
  • jules is 'practicing, practicing’ (thank you for that image)
  • charles probably not understanding the question and giving an answer which leads to the moderator saying 'so.. looking forward to the winter’
Hair Appreciation Post

To start off:

and it gets better:

..i seriously need your hair dresser’s number, like look at that.. o-m-g

I can still see the hair underneath the cap:

i have no problem with your hair cut.. na'ah.. not at all..

does it get into your eyes often?

no? ok, keep it Charles.. i like it the way it is..

Like the wild days, when Kimi..

and Kimi

and after that, Kimi:


and don’t!

coz he will be like:

and you’ll end up like:


endless list of f1/motorsports friendships
 team france part one (jules bianchi, arthur pic, charles pic, jean-eric vergne, romain grosjean and as guests jean alesi, guillaume rocquelin, yvan muller)