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Charles had certainly experienced more than a few awkward moments since he’d started his new job, but this one took the cake. Hell, it took the whole fucking bakery.

It was all his new boss’ fault of course. Charles had never had the easiest time working at Shaw Industries given he hated the owner Sebastian Shaw with the fiery intensity of a thousand suns. But he loved mutants and all of the wonderful powers they possessed, and so Charles had swallowed down his opposition in order to continue with his work- composed of researching mutations and publishing articles on the relevant findings.

But then, one day, Charles was told his department would be expanding. That he would be getting a new boss. That said boss was none other than Erik Lehnsherr- renowned mutant activist and overly-stubborn turtleneck-wearing maddeningly-infuriating fanatic. At least, in Charles’ humble opinion…

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