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French surfer Charles Fischer (of the surf collective: the Switched Kick Out Surf Syndicate) doing a routine spot check atop a cliff in Biarritz.  This photo (by Julien Roubinet) is from one of the pages of the forthcoming Wayfarer Magazine by SALT SURF.  Check out our Kickstarter campaign to learn more!

Beyond Infinity

Have you ever wanted to take a mathematical adventure? Haven’t you ever wondered what the personalities of 3, 61, 69 and 313 would be? Well now you can with the upcoming novel by Charles Fischer, Beyond Infinity. Not long ago I got the chance to talk with the author behind Beyond Infinity which you can support at or check out the official website at

Small Dev Talk: What is Beyond Infinity?

Charles Fischer: Beyond Infinity is Young Adult adventure/mystery novel that explores the fascinating and exciting side of mathematics.

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