French surfer Charles Fischer (of the surf collective: the Switched Kick Out Surf Syndicate) doing a routine spot check atop a cliff in Biarritz.  This photo (by Julien Roubinet) is from one of the pages of the forthcoming Wayfarer Magazine by SALT SURF.  Check out our Kickstarter campaign to learn more!

Beyond Infinity

Have you ever wanted to take a mathematical adventure? Haven’t you ever wondered what the personalities of 3, 61, 69 and 313 would be? Well now you can with the upcoming novel by Charles Fischer, Beyond Infinity. Not long ago I got the chance to talk with the author behind Beyond Infinity which you can support at or check out the official website at

Small Dev Talk: What is Beyond Infinity?

Charles Fischer: Beyond Infinity is Young Adult adventure/mystery novel that explores the fascinating and exciting side of mathematics.

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Ohio Triple Homicide Suspect Located in New York using Commercial License Plate Reader Data

LIVERMORE, Calif., Sept. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – Vigilant Solutions announces today that Whitehall Police Department used its LEARN® investigative software and commercial license plate reader (LPR) data to locate a vehicle associated with a triple homicide on August 19th, resulting in an arrest of Daveron Minnis on August 25th by the New York City Police Department.

Sergeant John Grebbs explains, “The bodies of Kim Alston, Dontai Rheubottom, and Charles Fischer were found inside the Shaker Square Apartments on Olde Bailey Way near South Hamilton Road on Wednesday, August 19th. Through some investigation, it was determined that a white Dodge Charger was used as the getaway vehicle and Mr. Minnis was identified as one of the suspects.”

“We entered the license plate of the Dodge Charger into LEARN in order to generate alerts should any vehicle in Vigilant’s commercial LPR data network scan the plate. On Monday the 24th, we received an alert from LEARN that the suspect vehicle had been seen in Jamaica, New York, at 1:15 pm by an asset recovery vehicle using Vigilant’s license plate reader equipment. Using the pictures provided, we confirmed that it was the correct vehicle. I immediately notified the NYPD and made them aware of the vehicle’s location, but it was not there when they went to the scene.” Vigilant copies the 100 million license plate scans made each month by asset recovery vehicles nationwide to its law enforcement data center in Virginia, making the data available to law enforcement for investigations and also for matching against various law enforcement hotlists.

Sergeant Grebbs continues, “On the very next day, August 25th, we received another alert that the license plate had been scanned again by one of these commercial vehicles at 11:43 am. It was in very close proximity to the scan from the prior day. I once again notified the NYPD with this information, and they were able to locate the vehicle in the area reported using a mobile license plate reader. Mr. Minnis was taken into custody and is being extradited back to Ohio where he will face three counts of homicide. The LPR data from Vigilant definitely assisted in this case, and saved countless hours and agency resources in locating our suspect.”

About Vigilant Solutions:
Based in Livermore, California, Vigilant Solutions is an industry-leading pioneer of innovative intelligence solutions that help law enforcement protect officers, families and communities.  For additional information, visit

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