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Three - Charles Xavier x Reader


This is also just some random battle, not like a specific event. Just for the sake of this one shot.

“Are you alright?” Charles asks, a gentle hand placed on your shoulder.

You nod, the heat rising in your cheeks slightly, not meeting his eyes.

Charles smiles, “You’ll be fine, just remember what I told you.”

“To breathe?” You ask, an eyebrow raised.

He chuckles, “That always helps.”

Diving out of the way, behind a car, directing the objects away from your head. Telekinesis. Not a completely useless mutation. You can’t help but think as you direct a jagged piece of wood away from your heart.

Peering over the car you see Charles directly facing Erik, obviously trying to talk to him, get him to stop. 

A plastic bullet from one of the humans guns stretches towards him and, oblivious, he doesn’t notice. You direct it away with a flick of your hand and you see Erik’s attention shift to focus on you.

A bullet scratches the edge of your shoulder as you move Charles aside with your power. He looks at you in shock from across the open space but you barely notice, focusing on Erik. A car, torn into fragments of metal the size of your hand race towards you. 

You try to hold them back, your arms and legs shaking violently with the effort but Erik is stronger. He pushes forward in one final burst and you release, The metal shards flying at you at bullet speed, you go to your last resort, throwing up a shield of dirt and rubble around you. 

The gasp escapes your lips in the darkness created by your protective shield as a sharp pain hits you below the ribs. You collapse back on the ground, your shield somehow staying up due to how close you’d packed the pieces. 

Shards of rugged metal poke through where they’d been stopped by your dirt and rubble defense. But not all of them.

The warm liquid runs over your fingers, your shaking, uncontrolled fingers as your lip trembles in shock.

The pain has gone and you are left only in shock. 

An echoing in your protective bubble, pounding from the outside.

“(Y/n)! Are you alright?” 


With a small gesture of your fingers the shelter collapses away from you, leaving you in a barely visible circle of dust. 

Charles kneels beside you, taking your hand in his.

(Y/n), I’m so so sorry. Charles’ voice speaks in your mind.

“It’s not your fault.” You whisper, smiling gently.

“I love you. I’m sorry because I didn’t tell you sooner. I worry so much about you and I don’t want to see you hurt.” He says it quickly, glancing down at the piece of metal in your abdomen. The blood flow has slowed slightly.

Your heart racing, pulse elevating, thoughts blurring you resort to only three words to say the one hundred million in your mind.

“I love you.”

Charles grins leaning down to press his lips to yours. Yourself bleeding, in shock and covered in dust with Erik standing with the other X-men off to the side, it was an odd situation but that didn’t really matter at the time. At the time when Charles’ lips moved perfectly in sync with yours and the three words burned in both your minds.

I love you.


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Pairing: Charles Xavier x Reader

Warning: fluff and a little bit of angst.

A/N: Finally here it is!!! I’m sorry it took so long, but I hadn’t had the time to write. This is for the lovely @anyfandomimaginex, I hope you like it.

You really hated it, or hated her; you didn’t actually knew. But, I mean, you don’t flirt shamelessly with a man you know is taken, specially not when said man showed no interest in you.

You had been dating Charles Xavier for a while now and you were really happy with him, that is until you met Moira MacTaggert, the police investigator who had taken a sudden interest on Charles, and decided flirting with him was a reasonable course of action. Even after Charles told her he was in a relationship with you.

And even though you knew Charles loved you and wouldn’t ever leave you for someone else just out of the blue like that, you still felt a little weary and insecure about all that situation. So just to be sure you decided to ask him about it and listen what he had to say.

“Hey sweetie, can I ask you something?” You asked him one night while getting ready to sleep.

“Sure, dear. What is it?”

“It’s about Moira. You don’t happen to like her, do you?” You inquired rather nervously, afraid of what his answer would be.

He looked at you rather surprised for your question.

“Of course not, Y/N. I won’t deny that she’s attractive but I’m in love with you, and you don’t have to worry about her.” He said reassuringly.

You knew he wasn’t lying but you couldn’t help but to push him further on the matter.

“I know, it’s just that I don’t like it when she flirts with you so shamelessly, even when she knows I’m there. It really bothers me.” You continued, voicing your insecurities, or rather your discomfort.

“And what would you have me do, Y/N? I have already told her I’m with you and that I’m not interested in her as anything other than a friend.” He said a little irritated with the road this conversation was taking.

“Well, I don’t know, maybe telling her you’re not interest in her, not even as friends. Look, I don’t want to sound like a controlling girlfriend but I really don’t like it, or her.”

You knew you were not being fair, and you knew that you were pushing it a little too far but somehow you couldn’t stop it.

“Then let me tell you that’s exactly what you’re sounding like right now, and let me tell you something here Y/N. You can’t choose who I’m friends with or not, and neither can you decide if I’m interested in someone or not. I’ve told you repeatedly that I love you, I’m in love with you and I’m not interested in anyone else; not Moira, not any other woman for that matter.” He was fuming now, not able to understand how you couldn’t comprehend that we wasn’t interested in anyone else but you.

“Well then, in that case I suppose I’ll have to let you go to her; if you want to be her friend so badly.” You didn’t meant to say that and regreted it the moment you said it, but the words were out and there was no turning back.

“You don’t mean that. Please, tell me you don’t mean that.” He looked at you with pleading eyes, begging you to tell him otherwise but your words had abandoned you and all you could do was stand there in silence, just looking back at him.

A look of hurt and understanding flashed in his eyes and before you could stop him or say anything he left the room, slamming the door behind him.

You weren’t sure what had taken over you, you shouldn’t have said all those things to him but it was done, it was all over now. You lied on the bed, not even bothering to finish changing your clothes, and allowed yourself to cry, letting all your sadness escape through the salty liquid running down your face.

It had been a week since your breakup with Charles, he had insisted on you staying in your quarters in the mansion. He had opted to sleep in a room on the other wing of the mansion and you hardly ever saw him.

So, one day on your way back from work you decided to go for a drink to your favourite bar. What you didn’t counted on was that Charles would also be there, and not alone. He was with your favourite person in the whole world, your super friend Moira, whom strangely was, once again flirting with him.

You couldn’t help but feel the sting of jealousy and sadness in your chest even though you knew you shouldn’t. Changing your mind and willing the tears to stay in your eyes you returned to the mansion and locked yourself in your room.

Once you were in your private quarters you let yourself cry your heart out, not caring if someone heard you. Why would you? You were alone and had let go of the man that you loved and whom also loved you. You had nothing to loose.

What you didn’t know was that Charles had also seen you, he saw you leave the bar and also headed home after you and now was listening to you crying outside your door, trying to decide whether to leave or try and comfort you. He settled for the latter and knocked gently at your door.

“Go away!” You shouted from the other side, not wanting to see anyone.

“Y/N, please let me in. Let me talk to you.” He insisted, heart clenching at the sound of your voice full of suffering.

It hadn’t been easy for him either, he had been avoiding you, knowing that seeing you would be a torture. So he had been suffering in silence, but seeing that look of hurt in your eyes back at the bar had broken his conviction and decided to try to work things out with you.

“No, please go away.” You answered, your conviction wearing thin.

“Please, I just want to talk to you. I hate to see you like this.”

Walking to your door and gathering all the courage you could muster, you opened it and found him leaning gently on your doorstep. Your heart clenched when you saw him looking as miserable as you felt.

“Fine.” You step aside to let him enter your once shared bedroom.

He looked at you with sorrow in his eyes before talking to you.

“Please don’t cry. You’re too good to be crying for a guy like me.”

Your eyes widened in surprise to his words, you had dumped him and yet here he was comforting you and trying to make you feel better.

“It’s just that seeing you with her kind of made all of this suddenly look very real. Before you say anything please let me say that I’m sorry, about my jealousy and about everything I said to you. I didn’t meant to say it and I regretted it the minute I said it but I couldn’t find the words to say anything and…” you started rambling and he stopped you before you went too far.

“Shh, I know it Y/N. I have to admit I also was a litthe childish when I decided to avoid you and not talking to you sooner but…” he interrupted himself and walked closer to you. He huffed looking defeated. “Can I hold you?”

You hadn’t expected him to say that and once again you found yourself not being able to ddo anything but to give him a slight nod.

However, that was all the answer he needed from you. Closing the space between you he trapped you in his arms, holding you close to him. Feeling like you had taken a breath of fresh air, you threw your arms around his neck and once again let yourself cry over his shoulder, holding him tight, not wanting to ever let him go.

He stroked your hair with one hand and your back with the other, willing you to let it all out. Once you were a little calmer he stepped back a bit without letting you go to look right into your eyes.

“Would you please take me back? I love you, Y/N, and I can’t live without you another day.” His voice was like a whisper, and you wondered what had you done to deserve such a man. You were the one supposed to apologize and ask him to take you back, yet here he was, taking the blame and trying to make amends.

“Of course I will. This week has been a living hell for me. But please forgive me for everything I said, I’ll try to stop being jealous.”

“Of course I forgive you. I just want you to know that I love you, so much. And I can’t picture my life without you by my side.” He murmured, still holding you and he leaned shakily to kiss you. The kiss was like oxygen to you, giving you life; and you could feel all the desperation, hunger and relief Charles was pouring into it and you hoped that kiss could last forever.

Alas, you had to break apart to breathe, and giving you the most loving look you had ever seen he mumbled a: “Come, let’s go to bed.”

Taking you by the hand he lead you to bed and you crawled under the covers, snuggling into his chest and drifting to sleep, happy to have your love back.

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#46 & Charles Xavier pls!!!

46 - “May I have this dance?” 

As the slow, gentle sound of ‘Hey Jude’ by the Beatles rang throughout the room, Charles set his drink aside and approached you; his hands were getting quite sweaty, and he kept swallowing thickly as he grew more and more nervous; it certainly didn’t help that every time he looked back, Erik and Hank were egging him on, but eventually, he made it over to you and gave you an anxious but warm smile. 

“(Y/N),” he said, offering you his hand. “May I have this dance?” 

“Of course,” you grinned, taking his hand and letting him lead you to the dance floor; once there, he put one hand on your hip, and you put one hand on his shoulder as he gently swayed you to the music. “I’ve been waiting for you, Charles.” 

“Y-you have?” He asked nervously. 

“Yeah,” you chuckled. “Handsome, intelligent, posh guy like you, what’s not to love?” 

“I’m a mutant,” Charles admitted to you softly. “You know that.” 

“But so am I,” you pointed out. “Hell, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have even realised I was one.” 

“Of course-” 

“No, Charlie,” you grinned when he half-seriously glared at you. “There’s so much about you to love, mutant or not.” 

“I’ll take your word for it,” he chuckled, pressing his forehead against yours. “I love you, (Y/N).” 

“I love you too,” you whispered, pressing your lips to his gently. “Charlie.” 

“Stop calling me that,” Charles laughed softly. 

“Why?” You asked teasingly. “I think it sounds good.” 

Beautiful Imperfection|| Charles Xavier

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Prompt: Charles believes you can’t be in love with him because he lacks one thing almost every man has - legs. So when you finally realize it makes him super insecure, you set off to show him that his imperfection is indeed quite beautiful. 

Set during Xmen Apocalypse - in a world where Alex Summers never really died! Yay!

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Jealous - Peter Maximoff x Reader

Requested by HarryPotterTeapot

So sorry I heard you were doing x men imagines so could I request a quicksilver imagine? I really like jealousy ones so jealous imagines preferably?

You and Peter had been unbelievably close for a while, to the point where the majority of the school was questioning if you were dating. The two of you weren’t of course although as Charles kindly let you know when he was picking your brain once a part of you wished you were. More recently, though, your powers had been getting the better of you. You had similar energy powers to Alex so of course, Charles had entrusted you to him.

You were sat with Peter on the bed in your room surrounded by food,“Hey (y/n), wanna come spar and train a little? I have a little free time.” Alex had swung round your door wearing joggers and a really, really tight top. You couldn’t help but give him a little look up and down blushing slightly but you could feel Peter move a little closer and become a little tenser behind you,

“We were just chilling out surely she can come lat…” you cut him off,

“No, no it’s fine I’ll come” you smiled at him as he smirked but what you didn’t see is Peters scowl as you pulled yourself off your bed and out towards Alex.


You had been sparring for about half an hour with Alex and both of you had a slight sheen over your skin and Alex had lost his top about ten minutes ago and was now hovering above you as he pinned you down, “You fight well, (y/n)” his smirk almost had you melting under him. Yes, you seriously liked Peter. He was funny and charming and witty, not to mention cute beyond measures but no one, not even you could deny that Alex Summers was absolutely gorgeous. You coughed awkwardly,

“Thank you, Alex,” you were panting a little as he stood up and offered you a hand,

“We should focus on your energy, we don’t want any accidents like the other week,” Alex chuckled. He was referring to when Peter had made you jump by picking you up and whizzing you off suddenly making you panic and nearly killing yourself and him, “that boy is too silly for his own good, doing that when he knows you weren’t in control.” Alex mumbled but you still heard him. You followed him into the training room Hank had designed for people like you so you wouldn’t do too much damage. “Okay stand how I told you.” Alex still hadn’t put a shirt on distracting you a little as you tried to stand as he had instructed you so you wouldn’t lose your balance as you were learning. “No, no,” he chuckled and approached you, “Like this,” he said quieter as he stood behind you and placed his hands on your hips and moved you gently, his hand ran up your arm as he positioned it before looking down at you and how close the two of you were. You could feel his warm breath on your neck and you almost turned to say something about your proximity when a silver flash stopped outside the observing window. Glancing over quickly you saw Peters hurt and angered eyes watching the two of you. Alex didn’t notice him until you pulled away harshly. Wanting to go to Peter.

“(y/n), you need to train. You need to practice you can’t just keep running from it and me every time he makes an appearance. He won’t be good for you- I mean your powers.” Alex stuttered and you turned to him.

“You have no right to say that.” you snapped and ran out after Peter not that you could keep up with him.


You found peter in his own room for once. It was rare for him to be in there now, he would always be in yours. “Peter…”

“Just stop.”
“Stop what? Peter we were training, that is all. We have done it so many times before,”

“So many times, yeah.” He stood up shaking his head and turning to you, “ And every time you get closer and closer, you think that I didn’t see him on top of you? Practically drooling over you! His hands on your waist and moving across your skin like that!” You could see his eyes misting over slightly, “Stop getting in my hopes up” he said a lot quieter.

“What do you mean…”

“I mean,” he fumbled for words for a moment before walking to you, “I mean only I should get to do that.” One hand grabbed your hand where Alex had done moments earlier, the other reached from your cheek as he leaned down and kissed you. You responded immediately kissing back, you felt his tongue run over your bottom lip and you pulled away leaving him looking confused.

“Were you actually jealous, Maximoff?” you smirked,

“Of course! Some idiot had his hands all over my girl.”

“Your girl?! Oh really? You smirked,

"Oh obviously babe, always have been mine.”

“That quick tongue of yours will get you into trouble”

“What kind of trouble?” He smirked and took you by the waist and pulled you in, kissing you.

“You bloody kleptomaniac, stealing things. Stealings hearts” 

Erik’s eyes trailed down your form, devouring every single detail about you as you basked so gloriously in the warm morning sun. He was utterly taken with you; the mere sight of the little bit of skin that could be seen every time you moved inside your sundress sending jolts of euphoria down his spine. 

He blew more smoke out of his lungs, his blue eyes still locked on your delicious form and how the many rays of sunlight shone against your velvet skin.

 How much he longed to touch that skin.

To feel every inch of it until there was no more to explore. So many nights he’d lay awake just to think about your delicate arms wrapping around him, drowning him in your warmth. 

He would happily drown time after time in those arms.

You shifted again in your position sitting on the tall grass, your sundress riding even higher to reveal your oh so lovely thighs and his hungry gaze followed; eager to take in as much as he could.

A shiver disrupted his daze as his friend’s familiar voice rang in his head. 

“Look at her like that one more time and I’ll have you flying across the garden.” his British accent sounded thicker with every word, laced with a hint of anger that made Erik chuckle.

“You wouldn’t dare.” Erik turned his head enough to smirk at Charles’ glaring figure standing behind; his own eyes flickering between the two of you.

He wasn’t the only one staring; that much he could tell.

“Do try me.” a small smile replaced the professor’s frown, his arms crossing decidedly as he let his eyes fall back to you as you flicked another page of your book, your irises gleaming with blissful unawareness of the two men’s interest in you.

Two friends that knew the day would come when they would have to fight for your love. But this was not the day.

Requested by anon. 

A/N: I hope you liked it! Who would you pick though?! 😏


Title: Touchy Feely

Word Count: 1457

Warning: Smutty, Swearing

Fandom: X-Men / Marvel

Pairing: Charles Xavier X Reader X Logan

Rating: Mature Reader

Request: Hii could you do an X-Man imagine or Drabble where you have the ability to make everyone horny who touches here (like Alisha in Misfits if you have seen it) and she is barraly 18. she has a thing for for Charles and Logan and yeah…  

A/N: I added a bit more to the powers. I hope you like it, it will be one of the dirtiest things I’ve written to date, so apologies if it is shitty. I named the superhero identity Xstacy (ecstacy) for soon to be obvious reasons. Oh, and Charles can walk in this, even though it doesn’t really make sense for the timeline, so just go with it. I’m sorry mom.    Also, I will be updating more frequently. I am back! I had to deal with personal issues as well as with completing my senior year. But I am finally graduating high school!

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87. Getting real tired of my own bullshit.
43. Don’t look at me in that tone of voice.

@ijspn​ Thank you so much for the sweet words! Hope you’ll like it! :)  💙💙 

So there are days in which birds fly and everything is great, clear sky, shining sun, hearts everywhere and happy unicorns who shit rainbows and stuff like that, yeah? Well! This day in particular is not one of these.

Let me tell you why. You know how in the movies when the kid goes to his grandma she stars asking him questions and more questions about school, life, your parents, DID YOU EAT? Yeah things jump from one to one hundread really quick.

And she won’t stop until you eat all the food she prepared you and she probably spent the whole morning doing so, and you can’t just come here and refuse because who will eAT the food? Hm?

So that situation is…well not what happened today, but equally annoying! You had to force yourself to stay calm and composed, while Mr. Telepath here was continuously acting like an old fart.

You were supposed to go and meet your friends tonight, instead he persuaded to to go and accompany him to this “little chitty chatty private thingy” and watch his back.

“Oh you just wait until we get home Charles, I will chitty chatty your ass!“ - your thought god him out of concentration for a second and he had to clar his throat. You narrowed your eyes at him and clicked your tongue on the top of your mouth, as he rubbed the back of the Fairy.

“You better get your hand away or I’ll break her legs!” - the sight of his hand slowly disappearing from your sight and from her lower back was probably the first alright-thing that happened tonight and you gulped down your shot of tequilla almost satisfied.

You remember the grandma reference about the questions? Yes, apparently this “soft interrogation” as Charles calls it, is taking far more time tne expected so by the end of the second hour in this bar, you were annoyed to the point of wanting to smash a glass bottle in anyone’s head for the sake of it.

The clock was ticking and honestly by that time you would have wooed her and got all the information you needed twice, or maybe three times.You quietly murmured some curses to yourself and drank next shot of tequilla. Being fed up with it all, you paid the bartender and made your way over to Charles’ .

Before wither of them knew it, you already had your balisong out and in a few swift and fast motions of your wrist the blade showed. Just as his eyes grew wide and she opened her wings to fly away you tossed the blade at her and pinned her to the chair.

Fast enough so no one would hear, you put your hand over her mouth, kicked Charles, who tried to protest and asked “Listen Birdy, you’ve got three seconds to tell me who are you giving our information to.” - the girl’s eyes were wide, but it seemed like she didn’t fully understand the idea of having a knife in her wing so you twisted the blade to the left.

“I don’t care with whom I’ll have to fight, nor do I care about what you think is right, also baby, I won’t try to woo you like my friend over there. –” you tilted your hair in Charles direction, who was looking at you, impressed, but with a scrunched nose.

“–So you better start talking, ‘cause the clock’s ticking and I don’t have time for any of this crap.”

You slammed the front door behind your back, the faint moan coming from behind was music to your ears. “You didn’t have to actually put a knife in her wing you –” he shut up once your boot made contact with his surprised face. 

“You don’t look at me in that tone of voice!” - and then the other boot followed, hitting it’s mark again. “Hey! Hey! Let’s talk about it okay!” - he was laughing! Oh, the bastard! You turned around sticking your finger in his face “You don’t get to tell me what to do, you grumpy, manipulative man!”

You were stomping from one room in another, just like a tornado, with him closely following you. “Manipulative? When did I manipulate you exactly?” the tone of his voice was too happy for your liking so grabbing the first thing under your hand you started chasing him around.

“Ah you, you lying moron! You manipulated me to come with you and watch your-shitty-self pick up girls while I was supposedly watching your back.” continuously you were hitting him with the heavy book, until your arms felt like they were about to fall off.

“You need a break? The books seems really heavy–” you immediaelly dropped it on his foot, wiping away his smirk as he reached down to pet his foot, you slapped him on his back and he arched it, trying to rub it.

“Aye! You hit hard!” - he hissed, with a wide smile on. You were grumpily walking around the kitchen. Seeing one of the drawers’ door open you hit it hard with one hand, but unfortunaletty it ricocheted and hit you flat on the face. 

Stars were spinning around, as well as black dots and what seemed like a smiling unicorn… Ah no, that was just Charles. “Fuck off!” - you shooed him away. One hand rubbed your forehead, you saw the blood dripping from your nose. 

You grunted and laid back on the floor, head falling on his lap, eyes closed. You dramatically exhaled:  “I’m getting real tired of my own bullshit.”


Love In The Ice

Warning: Angst

He stood still beside the bookshelf against the wall, his hand covering his mouth as he gripped his jaw. The paper shook in his hand as he stared down at it, his fingers beginning to tremble as he read the words. The words he thought he’d never have to read.

“Hey Charles, can I ask-“  your words soon stopped as you noticed him standing against the wall, his face becoming red as tears built in his eyes.

“Wha- What’s this?” he asked, already knowing the answer. It took a split second for you to realize what was in his shaking hands. His jaw clenched as he held in out in front of him, his eyes staring into yours.

“Charles…” you whispered softly, your eyes beginning to water.

“Please… tell me… tell me it’s not true” he struggled to say as he tried so desperately to hold back his tears, the feeling becoming almost painful.

“You already know the answer” you responded softly, loud enough for him to hear. He bit his bottom lip before turning to face the way.

He scrunched up the paper in his hand, his knuckles becoming white as he clenched his fist. He turned to look at you before ripping the paper angrily; the pieces floating for a brief moment before drifting to the floor.

“I wanted to tell you, I ju- I just didn’t know how” you said as you stared down at your fingers, tears dripping down your face before falling to the carpet beneath you.

He rested his hand against his face and the other on the desk in front of him. His mind began racing at the thought of losing you, his fingers trembling with fear. He couldn’t believe you hadn’t told him, but deep down he understood why.

His head slowly turned to face you, his shoulders falling as he released the tension through his body. He dropped his hands to his side before stretching his fingers, his eyes focusing on the floor.

The carpet shuffled as he took a step toward you, tears continuing to fall from his eyes. His hands rested on your cheeks as he stared into your eyes, even in this moment he promised not to read your mind.

He wrapped his arms tightly around you as you sobbed into his shoulder, your hands clenching the back of his shirt.

He couldn’t stop the tears from falling as he realized he was going to lose you. The one true person he loved with all of his heart… was going to disappear from his arms…

~For the lovely, @larristible​~

somebody that i used to know|| old man logan

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There’s only one more request after this one, and all the Logan requests I’ve written are finished!  Of all the characters I’ve written for, I’m pretty sure that he’s my favorite.. Requests are open 

Requested by @lokigoddess : Logan, Laura and Xavier are running away and they find a house and decide to knock on the door cause they are hungry, tired and cold. When the person answers… surprise… the owner is someone Logan knows very well (like they had a thing in the past) She is in shock when she sees him so defeated and attempts to do everything possible to help him even if doesn’t want it at first. 

If I end up getting the amount of activity for a part 2… this will end up being a multi chapter fic! This takes place before the Munsons. 

Song Lyrics come from Pentatonix - Somebody that I Used To Know

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Pamper Night - Evan Peters Imagine

Request: Hey!! Can you make one with Evan Peters where you’re best friends but have feelings for each other (something really fluffy please)? Thanks


“Stay still!” I say while laughing.

“I can’t, it’s really cold Y/N!” Evan said moving his face away from my outreached hand. Tonight myself and my best friend Evan we’re hanging out at my place eating junk food and watching movies like we usually do on Friday nights. This quickly became a tradition of ours since we were freshmans in high school, fast forward 3 years later we’re seniors and still doing it.

Evan slapped my hand away from his face stopping me from putting more of the cold face mask to it. He bought me a bunch of self pampering stuff for my birthday and I decided tonight we would try some of it out together. Evan has been my best friend since the beginning of high school, I never saw him as anything more until the beginning of this school year. He had left junior year scrawny and the same height as me, when I slowly started to see him develop more over the summer and when we came back to school he’d grown at least 4 inches and spent more time at the gym. I’ve always loved Evan but more in a brother type of way, now he’s all I think about.

“Alright fine I won’t put anymore on you, not like you need it anyway”, I whisper the last part quietly, putting the lid back on the mask pot.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He replies laughing. My eyes widen as I realize what I’ve just said.

“You know..” I say trying to avoid a very awkward conversation.

“No I don’t think I do.”, Evan says smirking, he leans in close to me, our noses almost touching and I can feel my breath hitch.

“Well it’s just that…you h-have really good skin.” I say nervously smiling, I’m so embarrassed at this point. We just stay looking at each other for a few seconds, I can see his eyes glancing from mine to my lips.

“Well you have really nice skin to Y/N, beautiful skin in fact.” He says whispering, I can feel his breath on my skin and it sends shivers down my spine.

“Thanks.” I whisper.

Then it happened.

He slowly leaned in then his lips finally met mine, he brought his hands up to cup the sides of my face as I wrapped my arms around his neck. The kiss was slow and passionate, I could feel his body lean into mine and it felt so right. He pulls away from the kiss and takes a moment to watch my reaction, I smile at him and he laughs.

“What?” I say totally embarrassed thinking I messed up or maybe it was horrible or my breath smelled, oh god.

“No babe, it was great,” he says reassuringly running his hands along my arms, “you just have some of my clay mask on your face.” He laughs. I bring my hand up to my face and touch my cheek, I look down at my hand and see the pink mask smeared on it. I look back up at Evan and we both end up laughing.

“Don’t worry, I don’t mind sharing.” Evan says bringing my face back into his.

Thanks for requesting this @spiritofbuddah I hope you enjoyed it!! Please feel free to request more love!


A Wolf Bond

Title: A Wolf Bond

Pairings: Logan (Wolverine) x teen!reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 769

Summary: While Logan is out looking for answers he runs into a wolf, you, a lone wanderer.

Authors Note: hi! this is my first time writing logan so i apologise if he is out of character. this is really shit and short. but enjoy.

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This Is Me (X-Men x Reader Song Fic)

Short Summary: You live in a house that doesnt accept your Ecokinesis. Then a certain bald-headed man comes and offers you paradise. Based off the song This Is Me by Keala Settle from The Greatest Showman.

Warnings: Negative living enviroment

A/N: I had this idea when I was listening to The Greatest Showman soundtrack. I hope I did good.


I am not a stranger to the dark. Hide away, they say. Cause we don’t want your broken parts. Ive learned to be ashamed of all my scars. Run away, they say, no one will love you as you are.

You weren’t sure how much longer you could keep this up. It was absolutely absolutely horrible, you felt like a stranger in your own home. Your own parents didnt accept your gift. They insisted it never be used, that it never be discussed. They didn’t want to acknowledge that their child was a disgrace. Who could blame them right? They had a child who wasn’t normal, someone who was different.

The least they could have done was accept you. Encourage you that this gift wasn’t a curse. That your ability was a god sent, and not a touch of the devil. But they didn’t, they did the opposite. So it made you feel like even more of an outcast.

It was hard, waking up in such a negative household. With all the false love, and false care. Pretending not to notice the side looks of your parents whenever you let your ability slip. The constant disapproving looks that were cast your way made you feel small.

But I won’t let them break me down to dust, I know that theres a place for us. For we are glorious.

It was a normal Sunday morning. School was out, so you were spending your time in the back yard. Really the only place you could practice your abilities. You definetly weren’t going to let your parent get you down all the time. You were going to allow yourself to flourish. Just like the flowers you grow. Your hand hovered over the dead grass, watching as it slowly grew and turned into a healthy color. Flowers began to sprout, but before you could make them bloom you heard the sound of a car pulling into the driveway.

Your curiosity go the better of you, as you stood and brushed the dirty off your grass stained jeans. Unlocking and stepping out of the gate, you began walking towards the front. Your eyes laid upon two men who were walking to your front door. You watched carefully from the corner, as the buffer man helped the one in the wheel chair.

“ Wait Logan, they’re out here.”

You held your breath, covering your mouth. How had he heard you? You had worked on your stealth for years, as you would like to rather avoid the gaze of your parents and avoid confronting them . You thought you were pretty good. Guess not.

“ Don’t be scared, we’re just here to talk. My name is Charles Xavier.”

When the sharpest words wanna cut me down, Im gonna send a flood, gonna drown them out. I am brave, I am bruised. I am who I’m meant to be, this is me.

“ Wait, so you mean to tell me you’re here to recruit me for my abilities?”

You actually didn’t believe it. Mr.Xavier was the first person who had met who didn’t want to execute you for your ability. Then again, the only people who knew about them were your parents.

“ Yes. You see, I run a school for gifted youngsters. There, we teach your any standard school curriculum along with teaching you how to control your gift. No doubt you need that, seeing as the thoughts Im gathering from your parents are rather negative.”

This made you scoff, before nodding. Your arms crossed. Yea, that was definitely the case. Holding your hand out, palm up, you began to grow a flower out of your hand.

“ I would like to learn how to control my ability. I have a good hold on creative single flowers.” Plucking the daisy out of your hand with a cringe, you handed it to the buff man (who you assumed was Logan, as from earlier). He grunted, before taking it in his large fingers.

“ But if I try to grown multiple things this happens.”

Turning your palm down, you clenched a fist. Vines began growin out of the ground. They were calm at first, but as you continues they got bigger and grew larger. Wrapping around your ankles and slithering up your legs. What seemed like a scene right out of a horror scene soon died, as they wilted and turned to dirt.

Mr.Xavier looked interested. He was holding the daisy you had handed to Logan. He was examining it close. His eyes were looking at every detail closely. It made you almost nervous. You had never doubted your ability to make flowers till now.

“ Oh don’t worry, Im just examining the flower. Its rather beautiful.”

This freaked you out a bit, but it shouldn’t have surprised you. Someone who wasn’t scared of your ability at all, would have had one of their own. Especially someone who was offering to whisk you away to a school for people like you. Which you had doubted were actually real.

“ Right. So you can read minds, what about your friend.” Turning to the wolf like man, he grunted before showing off his ability. Claw like blade grew from his hand. Honestly, it freaked you out a little. Shivering a little, you turned back to the man.

“ When exactly can we leave? Id love to take you up on your offer.”

“ Why don’t you pack a bag and we’ll get going.” He chuckled, placing the flower on his lap. His eyes looked at yours with amusement and joy.

Look out ‘cause here I come. And Im marching to the beat I drum. Im not scared to be seen.

The ride, was tiring. It took a car trip, and a plane ride. All of it you were skeptical for, but eventually you relaxed with a nap on the plane. Of course with your bag clenched to you in case you had to make a run for it.

When you arrived at the institute, you were blown away. You didn’t expect to be living in a mansion! Of course it would have other kids. Which you were now sure existed cause you saw some playing frisbee and some studying under trees.

Logan had walked off to go yell at some kids. You were too busy to notice, as you admired the garden and the all around look. It was so pretty. Nothing like your old place. It felt more open. It felt welcoming. The people would wave to you, say hello and smile when you passed. You weren’t really paying attention to what Mr.Xavier was saying. Everything was so entrancing.

“ And right this way into the mansion.”

Stepping up the stairs, you helped open the large doors. Standing in the middle of the foyer, you were frozen. It was so tall! There were multiple people in the foyer. Alot of them were just minding their own business. But there was some commotion happening. One girl was phasing through people as she ran, while the guy next to her was skating past on ice that he left behind. The frost coming off actually made you shiver and shrivel up a bit. They were followed by a boy who was appearing and disappearing in blue puffs. He had actually accidentally almost tripped over you but had managed to poof away. With a cough you waved away the lingering smoke.

“So, what do you think?” Mr. Xavier rose a brow at you, waiting for a response. Yet you were speechless. It was all amazing. Everything you needed and more.

“ Its breathtaking.”

I make no apologizes. This is me.

The One Who Runs With the Wolves

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Title: Three Times (Charles Xavier x Reader)

Prompt: Hi! Could you do a Charles xavier x reader where (y/n)&Charles are together (bf/gf)&(y/n) controls water so whenever she gets bored she starts a water fight but this time Charles knows shes gonna do it&pins her down so she can’t get him&lots of fluff (Anon)

  This is my first time writing for him so I hope you like it! Also this is set during First Class, I hope you don’t mind! (It’s my favorite movie lol)

Warning: Swearing

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he needs that. he needs to be soft with you because his hard edges get caught on everyone else and he can’t stand the pain any more. theirs or his own.

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I made this a long time ago and never posted it because I hated it and I still hate it ha but punk charles can give me a hug pls

Erik Lehnsherr - Guidlines

You were in the park, sitting under a tree reading your favourite book.
It was a warm day and lots of people including you had decided to spend it at the local park.

You watched the children running around happily and you smiled.
The tree you sat under was on the edge of a large open grassy space where a group of children were playing football.

Becoming engrossed in your book, you barely noticed the man until he stood directly above you.

You looked up, meeting his eyes. They were as blue as the most beautiful pool and you found yourself a little stunned.

“Hello!” He said cheerfully, “Charles Xavier!” He offered you a hand.

You took it slightly warily, offering him a greeting and your name.

“Pleasure to meet you.” He said, his accent clearly originating from the UK.

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