charles winchester iii


fangirl challenge - [2/5] families → M*A*S*H 4077th

When you live in a cruddy situation like this long enough, you get to love a few people and even hate a few. I guess outside of our families, we’ll never be closer to anybody than we are to each other.


Has anyone else noticed that the DVD menu for ‘The Merchant of Korea’  features BJ and Hawkeye with their heads Photoshopped horrendously onto their bodies from somewhere else?

Unless it’s just region 4, in which case, lucky us.

Apparently someone decided a little too late that their faces in the cap the menu maker used weren’t good enough 😂.

My ideas about the sexualities of the mash gang that exactly zero (0) people asked for:

Hawkeye: the pan-est pan to ever pan. I had a dream the other day in which he was trans so let’s add that too

BJ: Straighty McStraighterson, however he is actually the world’s greatest and most supportive ally

Trapper: honestly who really knows with this boy. Is he straight? Is he bi? Who knows? Not me. I personally feel like he’s bi curious but again ????????

Radar: demiromantic asexual, I imagine gender isn’t really an affecting factor when he does feel romantic attraction to someone

Henry: An Enigma™

Colonel Potter: biiiiiiiisexual as heck

Klinger: nb pan klinger is my life. I live for them

Charles: homoromantic asexual as heck

Margaret: too good for everyone, possibly is God. It doesn’t matter who is into her because she’s so much too good for everyone she’s already ascended to the next astral plane where the entire concept of gender never existed

Frank: gay but so deeply closeted and in denial that even if he were to exist in our time he would still be insisting that he was exclusively interested in women

Father Mulcahy: ????????????? Probably interested in men. Might be interested in women. Definitely​ celibate and ???????????????

Anyway I’d love to talk about this more (I could go on for hours) so please share your ideas with me. I think I got everyone but if there’s someone I forgot believe me they’re probably queer too


Strange Bedfellows - S11 E11

When Charles was at high school, he went to Choate (which is now known as Choate Rosemary Hall). Assuming that Charles is a bit older than Hawkeye, I’d say he was born in 1917, which would make him 33 in 1950. If he was born in 1917, then he would have graduated from Choate in 1935. Do you know what that means?

Charles Emerson Winchester III went to school with John F. Kennedy (who was a complete trouble maker and blew up a toilet with fireworks). Could you imagine how annoyed he would’ve been when JFK became president?