charles the hammer


Imagine having enhanced hearing and hearing Charles pull back the hammer on the gun from across the mansion

Your head shot up as you heard the sound. What idiot would be using a gun on the grounds of the mansion? Quickly you got up and ran towards the sound. Once you got outside you were faced with the origin of the sound. “What the hell are you two doing?” You asked Charles and Erik. They glanced at you with innocent smiles before bursting out laughing. Idiots.

By the Skin and the Teeth Pt 2

Season 1 Masterlist

Michael Scofield x Reader

Word Count: 1,703

Warnings: Language

   Michael had his shirt off and Sucre was holding a mirror in front of the large mirror so Michael could see the tattoos on his back in the reflection. You admired his body; you didn’t get to see him shirtless often and it was a wonderful sight. Michael in the smirked in the mirror, probably at something Sucre said, and you felt the look touch something deep in your abdomen. Oh, good god, he was attractive. You chewed on your lip, thinking of all the ways you could use your tongue on him.

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“In my independent study with Charles [Gaines], he introduced the idea that concepts from philosophical thought and critical theory could be relevant to making, understanding, and interpreting art. This proved revolutionary for me; it completely changed the way I made and thought about art.” –Sam Durant

Charles Gaines. Numbers and Trees V, Landscape #8: Orange Crow, 1989. Acrylic sheet, acrylic paint, watercolor, photograph. 46 5⁄8 × 38 5⁄8 in. (118.4 x 98.1 cm). Collection of Bruce Bower. Courtesy the artist and Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects. Photo by Robert Wedemeyer.

The Battles of Tours was not a war of nations, but rather a battle of civilizations between Islam and Christian Europe. The Muslims had been conquering the remains of the Roman and Persian empires and were heading toward modern day France to continue their expansion. The Frankish King Charles (“The Hammer”) Martel wasn’t about to let that happen, so he gathered his forces at Tours and defeated Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, Governor-General of Moorish Spain, led his Army northward.

Most modern historians believe that Martel’s victory at Tours shaped the course of Western Europe. Had the Franks fallen to the Moors, there was no other power in existence at the time capable of containing Islam’s spread, meaning there would have been no Charlemagne (Martel’s grandson) or Holy Roman Empire. Christianity and Europe as we know it today may have hinged on that one battle.

In addition to changing the course of Western civilization, Martel’s brilliant strategic military mind and his ability to coordinate cavalry and infantry enabled him to beat the much larger Islamic army. The Battle of Tours marked the first time a European force of heavy infantry defeated a Moorish cavalry army, and established the Franks as the premier military power in Europe for years to come.

CM Punk stands over a fallen Seth Skyfire
[August 23rd, 2006]

The Summer of 2006 saw the rise of CM Punk. After spending the majority of his early career in Ohio Valley Wrestling chasing the title, Punk finally defeated Brent Albright for the OVW Heavyweight Championship on May 3rd. Along the way, Punk found an ally in OVW Television Champion Seth Skyfire, with whom he captured the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships. As a duo, the pair held every championship available for male competitors in the company. That is, until August 2nd, when Skyfire and Punk were defeated by Deuce & Domino for the tag team titles. Upset at his partner, Punk left Skyfire in the ring as OVW fans jeered.

On August 23rd, Skyfire, coming to the ring alone, defended the OVW Television Championship against Charles “The Hammer” Evans. Evans, a much larger and powerful wrestler, defeated Skyfire for the gold. Following the bout, Punk came to the ring to help Skyfire up, but then attacked his now title-less former partner. A week later, Skyfire challenged Punk for the OVW Heavyweight Championship, but was unsuccessful in conquering the champ. Following the bout, however, another of Skyfire’s former partners, Chett The Jett, challenged Punk for the title, and defeated Punk to end his reign at 119 days.

nextraordinaire  asked:

Welcome home, dear! Would you mind writing a little something where civilian Erik picks up his soldier boyfriend from the airport? Make it as cute or as angsty as you may -- I wish only for reunions and maybe some tears, pretty please?

[Thanks for the prompt, Nextra! :33 I hope you like it!]

The air around Erik is humming with activity. People rush impatiently through the crowd just outside the arrivals gate, pulling luggage behind them or swinging briefcases, dodging the groups of families and friends waiting for loved ones that are too restless to wait in the seating area further inside the airport lobby. Outside it’s a typical winter afternoon in New York, the sky a steely grey that makes it almost indistinguishable from the sea of cement and concrete buildings. Inside the dim fluorescent lighting doesn’t really make things any cheerier.

Nevertheless, Erik feels as if something inside him, the emotion that had balled tighter and tighter deep in the middle of his chest over the past month, is starting to snap and break apart. He can’t stop moving, pacing a path from the pillar by the arrivals doorway to the chairs against the far wall and back with such determination that he’s surprised he hasn’t worn a rut in the tiles over the past hour and a half. It had probably been stupid to arrive this early, he thinks for the millionth time. He sneaks a glance at the nearby display screen and seeing KLM 7804 - At Gate as he has for the past fifteen minutes, returns to pacing. It had been stupid, but he’d spent the entire last night tossing and turning, hardly drifting off for a second, and Charles’ flight was scheduled to get in at 9am anyway. He’d decided to leave two hours early to avoid rush hour. Now he’s just stir crazy. 

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I think my very favourite thing about Jean is the delicate balance she embodies. 

This is most blatant, of course, when it comes to the Phoenix.

But heroism has its price - and the greater the deed, the more terrible the cost. All things, you see, have their balance - the counter yang to the yin - and it is the brightest light…which casts the darkest shadow. The Phoenix is a creature of passion - it was summoned months ago by Jean’s love for the X-Men, her desperate, all-consuming need to save them from the reaper. And from that passion can come the most wondrous creation…or destruction.

- Classic X-Men 15

But it only works because it was always there. Rage and empathy, hope and bitterness, scorn and compassion, judgement and forgiveness, arrogance and humility. The Phoenix Force came to Jean because she was a kindred spirit, and all it really did was amplify the best and worst of her. 

- First Class: Marvel Girl, X-Factor 01

Jean tries so hard to be the best kind of person, in part because she knows how bad she could truly be. Charles hammered this into her as Marvel Girl, for better or worse, and she saw the horrifying reality as Phoenix. She’s had to accept that it’s a part of her.

In my worst nightmare - I’m just myself. Not the Phoenix. Not Madelyne Pryor. Not even Marvel Girl. I’m just Jean Grey - one of the most powerful psis on the planet! The frightening thing is, in my dream, I’m not afraid to lose myself in my mutant ability. I cut loose. Completely

- Uncanny X-Men 300

Jean has to make an active choice, every single day, in how she wields her power. Sometimes she stumbles. Sometimes she’s petty and cruel and callous. Sometimes she represses too much, and it explodes in ways she never wanted. Sometimes she doesn’t truly know who she is or what she wants. 

But at the end of the day?

Passion is a two-edged blade, with the finest of lines between the light and the shadow. But when the scales lifted…the balance came down on the side of love.

- Classic X-Men 43