charles samuels

Eliza: i knew you’d fight until the war was won

Hamilton: war’s not done

Eliza: but you deserve a chance to meet your son

Hamilton: *points at eliza’s belly*


  • Jefferson: "When you've been in politics as long as I have, you develop thick skin."
  • Hamilton: "Magenta is not your color."
  • Jefferson: "Magenta brINGS OUT MY EYES, YOU PRICK!"

Actors meet their gremlin on-stage counterparts.

Me and Musical Hamilton could chill and drink tea but I’d deck the hell out of Historical Hamilton.

Hamilton : Whole Sqaud AU

- Modern time au

-So Alex just got into college, and he’s officially adopted by the Washington and majoring in PoliSci

- Thomas and Lafayette are twins who were separated at 13 cuz their grandparents didn’t approve of their parents’ affair

- The twins were finally reunited at 18 and went into college together, roommies

- John Laurens with his pet turtle Philip just got into college too, and are rooming with Alex

- Alex was a bit shy to meet John but was really ecstatic when meeting Philip

- John was really chill and friendly that he helped Alex unpack then invited him for lunch

- They met the twins on the buffet area and they all sat together

- Thomas and Alex were already talking about politics when they got into a small friendly argument that Lafayette had to literally hold Thomas back

- John laughing as he held the back of Alex’s shirt to stop him from going all out

- Lafayette saying something to “Tommy” in french and Thomas rolling his eyes and said something back in french to “Marmar” ( From his name,Marie-Joseph)

- Alex asking them a question in french and Lafayette started talking to him in french really fast

- John was smiling at them amusingly and shared a confused look with Thomas

- Then they all heard a laughing somewhere behind them and saw Charles Lee laughing and mocking at them

- Lafayette tried really hard to stop the three of them from getting into a fight with Lee

- They all left the cafeteria and talked more at the garden

- They spent more time then later exchanged numbers to hang out more

- Then Alex and John went to buy books together and the twins decided to roam around campus

- Lafayette accidentally bumped into Hercules, who was on his way to practice with the football team

- Lafayette was entranced by him that he accidentally asked him for his number in french while Hercules apologized

- Thomas eyeing his brother’s flushed face suspiciously while Hercules chuckled and introduced himself

- Hercules has no idea whaf Laf said

- Lafayette apologized and introduced them and Thomas to Herc

- Herc was called by someone from the team and promised to talk to Laf again soon

- Thomas laughed at Laf as they continued to walk around and talking in French

- Meanwhile Alex and John met Aaron Burr at the bookstore, and he gave them some confusing advices while he bought his own books

- Alex wasn’t too sure what to think if him, and John shrugged at him

- They went back to their dorm together and decorated their room together

- And Alex was afraid if he liked John as crush already, and they just literally met

- And then the next day they met up with the twins for breakfast when Hercules spotted Lafayette and invited them to eat together with his cousin, James Madison

- Thomas was interested in James from the moment they saw each other and Lafayette snorted at him

- The six of them ate together and Alex, John, Herc and Laf seemed to be getting along really well that they started to get more loud

- James sighed at his cousin before listening to Thomas talk about politics

- Surprisingly, he actually conversed with him really well, unlike the other freshmen he met (he and herc are sophomores)

- Then suddenly the Schuyler sisters entered and Herc waved at them to their table

- The cousins and the sisters knew each other since high school

- Angelica’s a junior while Eliza was a sophomore and Peggy was a freshman

- Lafayette was a bit disappointed in Peggy’s fashion and accidentally said it out loud

- He and Peggy somehow became best friends then

- Peggy doesn’t care about fashion as long as it has flowers, she’s okay with it

- Eliza was texting to her friend and roommate Maria before introducing herself to them

- Somehow the majority of the group were majoring in PoliSci

- Then Lee and Seabury went in and almost all the group groaned

- With all of them hating the two, they exchanged phone numbers then Alex spotted Burr and invited him

- He was hesitant at first but he did anyway

- He was a bit annoyed at how loud they were, with Hercules literally shouting, and Thomas and Alex were almost arguing again with Angelica and James looking at them amusingly, and Lafayette subtly flirted with Herc and Peggy noticing, John laughing as he again held Alexander back, and Eliza smiling at the text Maria sent

- And he suspected that Thomas and Alex would join the debate team (which he, angelica, eliza, and james were in)

- But, in all honesty, he kinda liked these guys

This is just a small part if my Au, if you want to know more, just ask me! I’ll be working on a fanfic regarding this AU anyway, I’m so excited!!

Edit: I made a fanfic based on this!! You can read it here.
  • Washington: (to Jefferson) Alexander will show you around
  • Hamilton: Right this way is the exit.

during american revolution

lafayette: i’ll bring freedom to my people if i’m given the chance

hamilton: we’ll be with you when you do

during french revolution

hamilton: nah let’s not help, they’ll be fine

lafayette: *somewhere in france* yoU BACKSTABBING AMERICUNTS

Me- Talk shit, get hit is the plot of Hamilton.

My friend- You mean talk shit, get shot, ami ri- are you okay?

Me- *wiping tears away* Too soon, man.



Big thanks @reshille for helping me with the design for george Q_Q!!

Oke last one contains:

George Washington as Ice demon

King George III as fire demon

Samual Seabury as a corrupted priest 

Charles Lee as some insane dude

and Philip Hamilton and Theodosia Burr Jr. as Dolls

This is the last Bunch of Designs! I maybe doing some stuff around them! But i don’t add more characters! 

Happy Helloween, ya’ all!! 

Hamilton Characters as things my friends have said
  • Hamilton: "I'm gonna do something stupid now back tf up"
  • Aaron: "If anyone says pass the salt one more goddamn time I'm sliding down this table!"
  • Lafayette: "I swear to lord I will get my family on you if you don't back up"
  • John: "This is all so gay but that's fine"
  • King George: "Hello I have entered you may now applaud"
  • Maddison: "Okay I'm going to backflip into death now bye"
  • Washington: "I is daddy"
  • Maria: "I mean I could kiss him but I'm secretly gay so yeah"
  • Peggy: "who?"
  • Eliza: *setting fire to pictures of them and their ex* "BURN B**CH"
  • Angelica: *violently shaking computer* "NO BILLY RAY I'M NOT HERE FOR YOU"
  • Samuel: "Read the constitution binch issa free country"
  • Philip: "My mom is pushing me so hard to play piano, okay but if she says I'm playing it wrong again iM TEARING THIS SHEET MUSIC RN"


Act I

“Alexander Hamilton”

“Aaron Burr, Master”

“My Attempt”

“The Adventure of Tonight”

“The Schuyler Relatives”

“Agriculturalist Abnegate”

“You’ll Be Final”

“Appropriate Fist Gentleman”

“A Winter’s Hoedown”



“The Adventure of Tonight” (reprise)

“Hold-up for this”

“Stay Mortal”

“Ten Affair of Honor Rules”

“Meet Me Indoors”

“That Would Be Decent”

“Pistols and Boats”

“Past Has Its Baby Blues on You”

“Yorktown (The Universe Shifted Backwards)”

“What Happens Later?”

“Cherished Theodosia”

“Aftertime There’ll Be Numerous of Us”


Act II

“What’d I Leap”

“Closet Attack #1”

“Calm Down”

“Answer No Way to This”

“The Place Where It Takes Place”

“Schuyler Conquered”

“Closet Attack #2”

“Washington on Your Behalf”

“One Final Monent”

“I’m Friends with Him”

“The Adams Agency”

“We Have A Knowledge”


“The Reynolds Codex”


“Impress Us All”

“Stay Mortal”

“It’s Noiseless Uptown”

“The Voting of of 1800”

“Your Devoted Minion”

“Greatest of Brides and Greatest of Female Humans”

“The Universe Was Extensive Right Amount”

“Who Exists, Who Passes Away, Who Give Facts About Your Tale”