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Charles Ramsey Interview with Anderson Cooper, hero who saved 3 kidnapped women…

I could watch this video over and over again. What a nice man!

We see this dude every day! I mean every day! … I barbecued with this dude! We eat ribs and…listen to salsa music!

Charles Ramsey

I find it really amazing how he emphasizes this and makes everyone realize that men like that don’t come off unusual to anyone. They are normal people. They act normal. They fix their cars. They play with their dog in the yard. They barbecue with the neighbors. But then it turns out this dude, his own neighbor, had three girls locked up for ten years. Way to go to Ramsey for uncovering this and being so cool about it. He’s a hero.

This is what you do when McDonald's gives you free burgers for a year

Remember Charles Ramsey, the hero behind the Cleveland kidnapping rescue?

McDonald’s promised Ramsey free burgers for a year after he said on TV that he’d gone to McDonald’s before rescuing the captive women and went to their aid with a half-eaten Big Mac in hand.

Ramsey said McDonald’s gave him $2,000 in gift cards. “I handed them out to every homeless person and kid I could find,” he said.


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A list of my Dads

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Charles Ramsey, the guy who saved the three kidnapped women, is giving up over $25,000 in reward money and giving it to the victims.

Today’s lesson: Be more like this guy. Remind yourself that you’re not the center of the universe. If everyone just put themselves in other people’s shoes instead of only looking out for himself, then perhaps we’d all stop treating each other like crap.

Even if you’re selfish, there’s a reason not to be. Treat others poorly, and they in turn will treat others poorly. This keeps being transferred like a disease until one day it comes back to you and someone treats you poorly. So helping others benefits you as well. The benefits are just not as immediate.

…the memes, the autotune remixes and the laughing seem purely celebratory. But what feels like celebration can also carry with it the undertone of condescension. Amidst the hood backdrop—the gnarled teeth…the slang, the shout-out to McDonald's—we miss the fact that Charles Ramsey is perfectly lucid and intelligent…[Antoine] Dodson and [Sweet] Brown and Ramsey [are] all up in our gifs and all over the blogosphere because they’re not the type of people we’re used to seeing or hearing on our TVs. They’re actually not the type of people we’re used to seeing or hearing at all…


Your knight in shining armor is likely to be a 10-gallon freak. Science says so.

3 Reasons Real Heroes Tend to be Weirdos

Last week, Cleveland resident Charles Ramsey was propelled to national fame when he saved the lives of three kidnapping victims while enjoying some McDonald’s for lunch. And thanks to his subsequent freewheeling TV interview, the world also learned that Charles Ramsey is a total weirdo.

Yes, Ramsey follows in the footsteps of Antoine “bed intruder” Dodson and a hatchet-wielding drifter named Kai, who rose to Internet stardom this past February after saving a California utility worker from a rampaging motorist claiming to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. But why is it that these strange citizens keep swooping into the fray like so many bat-shaped men? There’s a reason – and yes, it involves science.

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