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who attended beside Jeff, tommy, glenne, xander, James Corden and his family, Cameron Crowe, Jeff Bhasker, The azoffs, Ben Winston, Christopher nolan?

I made you a list! Let me know if i missed anyone:

Cal, cal’s wife, glenne, tommy, jeff, xander, justin huchel, charles porch, erin foster, sara foster, jennifer meyer, ben, james, james’ wife and kids, irving, shelli, cam, harry lambert, his band, lou teasdale, bella howard, chris nolan, cam crowe, stevie knicks, jeff bhasker, lykke li, presley, rande and kaia gerber, cindy crawford, jack and mitch rose, mike navarra, jasmine tookes, meghan trainor and her mom,

ANONYMOUS ASKED : I’m trying to convince a friend that Richard Papen is gay but he won’t believe me. Please help me with evidence and meta and your general genius?

Is your friend Richard Papen himself?
He’d have to be blind. Fine. Let me show you the light, friend of anonymous.

Richard Papen is gay when he:

-  Literally drools over Charles:
“I was more comfortable in his presence” (p. 94)
“His straightforward, uncompromising good looks” (p. 107)
“But even that day, there on the porch, with Charles beside me and the smell of wood smoke in the air, it had the quality of a memory; there it was, before my eyes, and yet too beautiful to believe” (p. 113)
“He and I were particular friends” (p. 228)
“His face was flushed and radiant as an angel’s” (p. 327) 

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fathers and sons | x-men fic

6400 words. Hank POV. Charles/Erik, with assists from Alex and Peter. Otherwise known as: The One Where Magneto Has News About Peter’s Parentage.

Hank knew, of course, that a world in which Erik Lehnsherr walked – or, he supposed, floated – free was by definition a world in which Erik Lehnsherr showed up periodically at Charles Xavier’s door – or porch, or window, or balcony, if he were feeling like a particularly dickish Romeo (which he usually was) – to cause trouble. He had not necessarily expected “periodically” to mean “eleven months after the White House incident,” given that the nationwide manhunt for “the mutant terrorist going by the name of Magneto” was still going strong. Still, Erik had never exactly been known for his tactical prowess.

“Oh,” Hank said, straightening up from where he crouching on Charles’ balcony, and brushing off his hands. “It’s you.”

Erik looked less than pleased that his dramatic entrance had been spoiled.

“It’s the middle of the night,” he growled. “What are you doing in Charles’ – bedroom.”

Hank looked at him.

“Adjusting the satellite reception,” he said. Erik, who was still floating a few feet away from the balcony, blinked.

“It’s always fuzzy,” Hank added deliberately, and Erik twitched a finger at the antenna.

“There,” he said, glowering. “Now move out of the way.”

Romance, Hank thought, and obliged.

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Pretty sure the blond is Erin Foster who he has hung out with many times and is besties with Charles Porch (also Has worked with Cal’s wife) and she has dated women. Just saying.

Taylor Swift Leads Instagram’s First-Ever Ranking of Most Popular Accounts

Confirmed: Female musicians and their fans dominate Instagram.

The photo-sharing company, which is celebrating its fifth birthday on Tuesday, has officially ranked its five most popular accounts for the first time — four are pop stars and all are women.

Taylor Swift, who mixes cat and concert photos on her account, has the most followers of all, with 49.6 million and counting. The human brand Kim Kardashian comes in second with 48.1 million followed by the singers Beyoncé (47.3 million), Selena Gomez (45.9 million) and Ariana Grande (44.7 million). (Instagram’s own official account has 103 million followers, but it was not counted in the rankings.)

Charles Porch, the head of global creative programs at Instagram, said the most popular women tend toward content that is “authentic and often times really fun,” according to Reuters. For Beyoncé — who all but shuns the press in favor of social media — that means a lot of tropical vacation pictures, while Ms. Gomez and Ms. Grande are big on behind-the-scenes glimpses. “What Instagram is doing is giving all these ladies a direct line to their fans and, by having a direct line, they’re controlling their message,” Mr. Porch said.

Instagram has said it has more than 400 million users worldwide; 75 percent are from outside the United States.

The most popular man on the service is Justin Bieber, who has more than 40 million followers. Barack Obama has 4.7 million.