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Week I  ➳  Characters with your same eye colour.

Black Sails  ➳ Captain James Flint.

In the dark, there is freedom


i’ll never forget this stunning journey. this show made me realise a lot of things and most of all - there’s always a story behind every person. black sails make you feel pity for even the most terrible people. and that’s amazing.

Forever | Charles Vane.

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→ Fandom: Black Sails

→ Character: Charles Vane / Reader

→ Wordcount: 1421

→ Request: (Y/N) is James’ little sister and she goes with Billy and the others to save Charles.

→ A/N: I always add angst to Vane’s fic because I need to share my pain, thanks for understanding.

→ Warnings: Swearing, a bit of angst, blood.

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Roses at the 16th century Snowshill Manor, Snowshill, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, England.

Best known for its twentieth century owner, Charles Paget Wade, an eccentric man who amassed an enormous collection of objects that interested him.

By the time of his death he had amassed over 22,000 objects. He gave the property to the National Trust in 1951, and his collection is still housed there.

The garden at Snowshill was laid out by Wade, in collaboration with Arts and Crafts movement architect, M. H. Baillie Scott, between 1920 and 1923. Their elaborate layout resembles a series of outside rooms seen as an extension to the house. Features include terraces and ponds, and the gardens demonstrate Wade’s fascination with colours and scents. As well as formal beds, the gardens include an ancient dovecote, a model village, kitchen garden, orchards and small fields with sheep.


Charles Vane: — Jack and the cache are to be moved aboard a secret caravan, to a ship waiting somewhere off the southern coast. 
If we can intercept that caravan, we can secure both the money to start our war and the partner to help us fight it. 

Anne Bonny: — Either we get Jack and the cache or we get nothing. 

S03xE07 - Black Sails.

The Real You | Jack Rackham

→ Fandom: Black Sails

→ Character: Jack Rackham / Reader.

→ Wordcount: 2855

→ Tagged: @angelaiswriting @saibh29 @shawnhuntxr

→ RequestRackham x Reader, where the reader is a lot like him, sassy, sarcastic, clever, but also very kind. I get that’s kinda contradictory, but like she’s tough on the outside, and caring and compassionate on the inside, which he likes. Maybe she ends up on Nassau somehow, and she doesn’t have any money so her only option is to try and get a job at the brothel or smth (even tho she’s very innocent), and that’s where they meet? Smut would be awesome.

→ A/N: Damn.

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