charles owen helmet

Last night,

I spent the entire evening listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack on repeat, and munching on silly little snack things at my Nana’s house. We made casual conversation about life, and talked about the good old days, and how proud my Nan was of Sar and I. She then gave me my much anticipated for, Charles Owen Helmet, and said she could think of no one else that deserved a ‘hat’, as nice as this. She then, to my surprise gave me one last gift which was a hand knit sweater, very similar to one I saw the other day priced at 200.00. But it is not the price that I am thinking of. It is all the time, and effort that got put into making such a lovely sweater, and making my Christmas special. Nan, you really are something special, and I love you to bits. Merry Christmas.