charles nicolas dodin


Charles–Nicolas Dodin (1734 – 1803) created hundreds of porcelain pieces during his lifetime. Born in Versailles, he was slated to join defense services by the age of 20. But his career in art and crafts intervened. He quickly rose to prominence and received healthy sums for his unmatched skills as could be seen from the porcelain vases, plates and other decorative items. He reproduced the rococo era artist François Boucher’s paintings on porcelainwares. The finesse of his work meant samples of his art decorated the tables of royalties, including that of Louis XVI and Catherine the Great. 

Themire crowned by Graces

Sèvres Manufactory (French, 1740–present)

Decorator: Charles-Nicolas Dodin (1734–1803) Artist: After a print by Noël Le Mire (French, Rouen 1724–1801 Paris) Artist: After a painting by Charles Dominique Joseph Eisen (French, Valenciennes 1720–1778 Brussels) Date: 1777 Culture: French (Sèvres) Medium: Soft-paste porcelain

The Metropolitan Museum of Art