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She stoops to conquer. Charles Spencelayh (English, 1865-1958). Oil on canvas.

The painting displays what the Times admired as ‘the skill with which [Spencelayh] coordinates the detail’ as well as 'character and salty humour’ (6 April 1957). Spencelayh’s title is taken from Oliver Goldsmith’s play of the same name, in which the hero, Charles Marlow, fails to be attracted by his social peers.


Z-Skit Voices Presents: Z-Skit Academy

A little later than we intended, but it’s finally up!

Iselia Village Symphonia Academy was a drama DVD exclusively released to fans who pre-ordered Tales of Symphonia 2 in Japan. For years it remained obscure to English-speaking audiences… until today.

The Z-Skit Voices Project seeks to add English voice acting to every skit in Tales of Symphonia, so they can be experienced as they were intended, but that’s not all. We also want to make available the content that western fans never got to experience, be it due to the lack of a dub or the lack of a release altogether. Please enjoy the first of hopefully many such projects. Z-Skit Voices presents our take on Iselia Village Symphonia Academy

An enormous thanks to the cast and crew, who gave their all and put on brilliant performances.

And remember… always be ambitious.

Voice cast under the break.

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Dean Bakes Cas A Pie
Charles James Marlowe


There is a short Destiel fanfic called Cas bakes Dean a pie and holy fuck I would love to hear you read it

Absolutely fucking not. It is not my job to voice your fucking shippy fanserv-

This is
the greatest literary accomplishment in the history of man’s experimentation with the creative capabilities of the brain?