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Mutant House Hunters
  • Realtor: I think Charles and Erik will really like this house. It's perfect for a retired couple!
  • Charles: This is tiny.
  • Realtor: It’s 5,000 square feet. It has 6 bedrooms.
  • Charles: Everything looks really small.
  • Erik: And it’s made of wood.
  • Realtor: You wanted one that wasn't built with wood? Those aren't very common in this area…
  • Erik: Look at this Charles, even the furniture is wood. We can't live here.
  • Realtor: Okay, here’s house #2. It's a really nice contemporary house with bigger room like Charles wanted and more metal fixtures like Erik wanted.
  • Erik: It’s still made of wood.
  • Realtor: But look at all these chrome fixtures!
  • Erik: Chrome isn't magnetic.
  • Realtor: ... You want a house that's magnetic?
  • Charles: It needs more lamps too.
  • Realtor: Okay, house #3. This one is move-in ready. It has steel fixtures and beams for Erik, it has big bedrooms and lots of outlets to plug lamps into for Charles. I think they're going to love it.
  • Charles: It's okay, but I really wanted shag carpeting.
  • Realtor: But you're in a wheelchair? I didn't think you wanted carpet.
  • Erik: Look at these cabinets. Wood! I can't cook like this.
  • Later, discussing their options...
  • Charles: All these houses are way too small. They don't even have wings.
  • Erik: I liked the second one, but it needed more metal supports in the wall. I need to be able to move the house.
  • Charles: Why would you move the house?
  • Erik: Why <i>wouldn't</i> I move the house?
  • Charles: Because it's a house. It's attached to the ground.
  • Erik: Ask the realtor if she has any of those tiny houses built from shipping containers. I want one of those!

Architect: Charles Holden (1875-1960) for Adams Holden & Pearson

As part of the modernisation of the Underground during the 1920s and 1930s, many stations were fitted with escalators to make passenger access to the platforms quicker and more efficient. This photograph shows the new escalators at Leicester Square, then the longest on the system, with Holden’s uplighter lamps. The escalators were examples of the latest technology, developed by the American company Otis. (Might add, nothing as gorgeous like that today unfortunately.)


Erik Xmen

this came to me while I was half naked on my bed- Don’t ask okay? I just got out of the shower

Your welcome

Title: “Please don’t”

Pairing: Erik x Reader

Rating: As Normal PG [13]

Summary: Your plant controlling powers are getting stronger each day. You decide staying at Charles Mansion is too dangerous and leave in the midst of night.


One last check through the heavily packed backpack and I was set. All mutants were sleeping in the household, well I hoped they were. Except me.

I thrust open the window, the cold night air rushing inside the heated room. The garden was slightly lit from a street lamp on Charles paths. I took a deep breath, closing my eyes in the process. For the last time I was convincing myself this was the right thing to do. I wanted to protect them, my powers were getting stronger and I couldn’t barely control them as it is.

Without a second thought I threw my backpack out of the window, leaping out after it. I quickly grabbed it, looking up one last time at my friends at the place I once called home. Nearby a bedroom light clicked on, a shadow coming dangerously close to the curtain.

Fear engulfed me and I sprint down the gravel drive way and onto the grass, not caring if they saw any more. I was running for my life. It was freezing and I felt stupid only wearing a singlet underneath my denim jacket.

“Stop right there”

Without warning I fell to the ground, some cold metal latching over all of my joints so I couldn’t move. My panted breathing was the only sound from there on. I wriggled and tried to escape but it was useless.

“You didn’t think I would notice? What are you doing?” Erik’s familiar voice questioned.

“Going for a nightly stroll” I blurted out.

“With a bag full of clothes, food and money? I don’t think so [Y/N]” Erik smugly chuckled.

“Let me go Erik, I don’t deserve to be here! I’m too dangerous” my anger lessened with each word.

He let loose of the metal bars, throwing them away before helping me up. I tried to pull away but the grasp on my hand was too much and he wouldn’t budge.

“Why do you think we have mentors [Y/N]?! I know your powers are getting stronger, I know your scared but we can help- if you leave your making it worse” Erik warned.

“Erik I don’t care! I need to leave, let go. I’m going to hurt you” I admitted, feeling ashamed.

“Is that what this is all about?!” Erik chuckled “darling you won’t hurt me!”

I struggled to believe his words but they were relaxing me in ways I couldn’t begin to describe. I knew Erik could feel me relaxing in his grasp so he threw the bag at me.

“Make your choice [Y/N], me or a life full of fear” Erik stood still, waiting for me to decide.

I stood paralysed, all my weeks of decision making being thrown out of a mental window. Tears began to blur my vision and I knew what to do. I dropped the bag by my side, totally emotionless in the process.

“You Erik, I would rather you”
I automatically ran into his open arms, letting the tears finally flow.

“Good choice darling, your much too beautiful to have fear anyway”