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bill gates isn’t your friend. warren buffet isn’t your friend. mark zuckerberg isn’t your friend. amancio ortega isn’t your friend. jeff bezos isn’t your friend. charles koch isn’t your friend. carlos slim isn’t your friend. david koch isn’t your friend. these men combined have more wealth than 4 billion people. 

these men structurally decimate countries, families, people. these men are fuck awful, just because sometimes they might spend a million here and there doesn’t make what they’ve done to this world justifiable. they are realistically fuck horrible if you account for all the lives they’ve ruined.

if these men changed their business practices even a little bit BILLIONS of people’s lives would be improved, the reason they do not is because they do not care about the lives of the world, what they care about is their own selfish needs and image.

When Big Money Buys Off Criticism of Big Money

Since its founding in 1999, the New America Foundation – an important voice in policy debates on the American left – has received more than $21 million from Google, from its parent company’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, and from his family’s foundation.

According to the New York Times, one of New America’s initiatives called Open Markets has been critical of the market power of tech giants like Google. Recently, the researcher who heads that initiative posted a statement on the New America Foundation website praising the European Union’s penalty against Google. 

Schmidt communicated his displeasure to the foundation’s president, who accused the researcher of “imperiling the institution as a whole” and shut down the Open Markets initiative.

The New America Foundation isn’t alone. Over the last 3 years:

– A non-profit group devoted to voting rights decided it wouldn’t launch a campaign against big money in politics for fear of alienating the wealthy donors it courts;

– A liberal-leaning Washington think-tank released a study on inequality that failed to mention the role big corporations and Wall Street have played in weakening the nation’s labor and antitrust laws, presumably because the think tank didn’t want to antagonize its corporate and Wall Street donors.

– A major university has shaped research and courses around economic topics of interest to its biggest donors, notably avoiding any mention of the increasing power of large corporations and Wall Street on the economy.

– Comcast has been financing the International Center for Law and Economics, which supported Comcast’s proposed merger with Time Warner.

– The Charles Koch Foundation pledged $1.5 million to Florida State University’s economics department, stipulating that a Koch-appointed advisory committee select professors and undertake annual evaluations. The Koch brothers now fund 350 programs at over 250 colleges and universities across America. You can bet that funding doesn’t underwrite research on inequality and environmental justice.

– David Koch’s $23 million of donations to public television guaranteed that a documentary critical of the Kochs didn’t air.

The list goes on. 

This is not just a problem created by right-wingers like Koch. Wealthy progressives are exerting as much quiet influence over the agendas of think tanks and universities as wealthy conservatives.

Big money should not be influencing what should be investigated, revealed, and discussed – especially about big money, and the tightening nexus between concentrated wealth and political power.

Schmidt was wrong to interfere in the New America Foundation, and the Foundation was wrong to have stopped its research on the increasing market power of Google and high tech.

The Koch brothers, Charles and David, have been manipulating the world of politics for a very, very long time. Their last name is actually pronounced “Coke,” but don’t let that dissuade you from thinking that the pair are a couple of dicks. There’s a lot of money in being evil, and so, so much of that money comes from the Koch brothers.

Chuck and Davie, who have almost certainly never gone by those names, made their fortune the old-fashioned way: through oil, chemicals, and dead parents. And, like any self-respecting corporate antagonist, they now pour their considerable worth into fighting against science and rational thought. They fund studies and politicians that deny the existence of global warming, and they give generously to the cause of keeping people from giving generously to the poor. The point is, they’re villains from a Captain Planet cartoon made flesh. But what made them like this?

It all started with the grittiest possible reboot of Mary Poppins. Now, whenever you discuss politics, the word “Nazi” gets thrown around a lot. It’s usually unfair, but in this case it’s unavoidable – because David and Charles Koch were raised by a literal Nazi nanny. She had emigrated from Germany, where she was very pro-Hitler, and loved to tell fairy tales about naughty children getting tortured. Have you ever seen a congressman on TV arguing to destroy environmental protection and minimum wage and thought, “Jesus, who is funding this madman? Were they raised by Nazis? Were they psychologically tortured every day as a child?”

Yes. Strangely enough, exactly that.

5 Famous Historical Bad Guys (And Their Side Of The Story)


Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp [#99]

“We now have a system where the Republican is just a reality show corporatist and the Democrat is an Oligarch Republican. Even, self-proclaimed evilest man alive, Charles Koch, even he said he might endorse Hillary Clinton. 

So, this is why I’d like to announce the death of the two party system! This is cause to celebrate! And I don’t mean celebrate either Clinton or Trump becoming President. That is cause to move to Canada, learn French, and still hang yourself with rusty barbwire. 

No, I mean the situation is something to celebrate. We could be seeing the end of this national dementia, in which, we pretend that “Republican” or “Democrat” stands for f*cking anything! They are both corporate corrupt nightmares. 

So, stop defining yourself as a Democrat or a Republican, define yourself as a human who wants an end to corporate rule.- Lee Camp [May 13, 2016]

But it [crony ‘capitalism’] erodes our overall standard of living and stifles entrepreneurs by rewarding the politically favored rather than those who provide what consumers want.

Charles Koch (1935-) American businessman

 And the origin of cronyism is big government.  Strip away government power and it will have little power to peddle .

This is David Koch. He and his brother Charles own Koch Industries, worth $115 BILLION. They control a shadowy, radical-right, Libertarian-Republican political action network 3 ½ times the size of the Republican Party’s own apparatus, and many times better financed. Through their campaign contributions, they more-or-less set the Republican Party’s political agenda. The social agenda is pretty much whatever will get them elected by the GOP’s virulently anti-intellectual hinterland base, no matter how ill-reasoned — the Koch brothers could care less.

Read “The Boys From Witchita.” You’ll hate them even more!

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"Rich people are out of touch," wait until my mother, Lady Alice Walton, hears about this! It's really rich to hear this coming from a socialist furry hypocrite who probably shops from Target®.

i’m reporting this to my grandpa charles koch of koch industries. expect climate change to accelerate like never before

Reality Check

The other night I phoned a former Republican member of Congress with whom I’d worked in the 1990s on various pieces of legislation. I consider him a friend. I wanted his take on the Republican candidates because I felt I needed a reality check. Was I becoming excessively crotchety and partisan, or are these people really as weird as they seem? We got right into it:

Me: “So what do really you think of these candidates?”

Him: “You want my unvarnished opinion?”

Me: "Please. That’s why I called.”

Him: “They’re all nuts.”

Me: “Seriously. What do you really think of them?”

Him: “I just told you. They’re bonkers. Bizarre. They’re like a Star Wars bar room.”

Me: “How did it happen? How did your party manage to come up with this collection?”

Him: “We didn’t. They came up with themselves. There’s no party any more. It’s chaos. Anybody can just decide they want to be the Republican nominee, and make a run for it. Carson? Trump? They’re in the lead and they’re both out of their f*cking minds.”

Me: “That’s not reassuring.”

Him: “It’s a disaster. I’m telling you, if either of them is elected, this country is going to hell. The rest of them aren’t much better. I mean, Carly Fiorina? Really? Rubio? Please. Ted Cruz? Oh my god. And the people we thought had it sewn up, who are halfway sane – Bush and Christie – they’re sounding almost as batty as the rest.”

Me: “Who’s to blame for this mess?”

Him: “Roger Ailes, David and Charles Koch, Rupert Murdoch, Rush Limbaugh. I could go on. They’ve poisoned the American mind and destroyed the Republican Party.

Me: "Nice talking with you.”

Him: “Sleep well.”

“If there is a position within the cartel’s classic hierarchy embodied by most liberal and conservative politicians, it would not be the rank of crime lord, but rather that of lieutenant, the second highest position. Lieutenants are responsible for supervising the sicarios within their own territories — in our case, their respective states. They are allowed discretion to carry-out the day-to-day operations of the cartel, to ensure its smooth operation. Crucial duties include voting on legislation filtered through existing idea-monopolies, which remain firmly rooted within the sanctioned political spectrum, and policing the spectrum’s established borders by criminalizing outliers, especially ones that cannot be assimilated and must be repositioned to reinforce the existing framework. If they perform well enough, they become the focus of investigative inquiry and obscure the higher authority they serve.

The rank of real crime boss goes to richest of the rich. The multi-billionaires of America who — in recent years — have given up to 42 percent of all election contributions, and captured the state in the process. Brothers Charles and David Koch, owners of Koch Industries, the second largest privately owned company in the United States, are known for funding the Republican political machine, giving over one hundred million dollars to far-right causes. But the Kochs are no more alone in their policy purchasing than Republicans are in begging the super wealthy for campaign funds. Democrats have increasingly relied on it too. Money awarded to Democrats from corporate PACs now far outstrips what used to come from labor unions and trial lawyers. For instance, corporate PACs donated $164.3 million to Republicans during the 2010 election season and $164.3 million to Democrats also. Unions gave $59-$79 million.”

– American Cartel: How America’s Two Major Parties Helped Destroy Democracy


Featuring politician’s son!Draco and activist!Hermione. All of this is inspired by a lovely fic, bite marks by @provocative-envy, which everyone should read asap!

  • The Malfoys have been in American politics since Draco’s great, great, great, great, great grandfather Armand, who was apparently an aristocrat, crossed the Atlantic under the protection of the British Crown to oversee the colony of South Carolina. When signs of civil unrest led him to believe there would be a revolution, Armand quickly switched sides and managed to get a seat at the Constitutional Convention. Nearly every Malfoy since has either held public office or at least played an important role in shaping public policy.
  • Draco’s father has been a member of the US House of Representatives since he was like, 32, which means Draco was basically raised in the public eye. Which means campaign photoshoots after soccer practice, and hired bodyguards waiting outside the brownstone in D.C., and perfectly coordinated outfits and cufflinks and emerald green ties in Windsor knots, and GOP fundraisers with David and Charles Koch, and a long, long, line of Average Americans trying to suck up to him his entire life.
  • Hermione Granger is anything but an Average American. She comes from a half Indian, half American family of Democrats who drive Priuses and installed solar panels on the roof of their three story mini-mansion just outside of Arlington for like, energy efficient purposes, apparently, which irks Draco’s father and his Big Oil donors, and also probably the soul of his dead grandfather Abraxas, who was accused of some sort of racist hazing scandal, or something, when he played for Georgetown’s lacrosse team, back in the 40s. but.
  • Hermione is just really infuriating. She has a lot to say about Draco and his family history - like when their AP US History class did the Civil War unit, and she sourly noted that the current Malfoy estate still maintains slave quarters on their property, or that time during a chemistry club meeting when Potter suggested they set up a table on carbon emissions at the Student Activities Fair and Hermione gave Draco a dry look, like, would your dad be amenable to that, Malfoy? Seeing as he just voted against the President’s climate change action legislation last week?
  • The thing is, no one’s talked to Draco like this in his life. Not even Pansy, who’s about the bitchiest person he knows. Even the internship he took with his dad’s office the summer before senior year (where, to be fair, basically all he did was spend three months coercing Lucius’s aides into proofreading his college applications, lazing around drinking all the imported coffee he could find, and playing a fuck ton of Call of Duty on the 72″ flatscreen with Blaise and Theo in the conference room) prepared him for the onslaught of nastiness thrown his way by Hermione Fucking Granger.
  • He’s annoyed by this bushy-haired girl who doesn’t seem to have any respect for him, or his family, or their history. and he doesn’t get her. He doesn’t get her anger, or her fierce scowl, or her complete and utter disregard for the conservative values he’s been raised on, or the way her brown eyes flicker with specks of green when she’s about to win an argument. Draco doesn’t understand the sharp lines of her jaw when she throws her hair over her shoulder with a huff of indignation, or the soft curve of her waist that’s exposed as she reaches up to put some books away on the top shelf, or the quick half smile she flashes when she catches him staring.
  • But he wants to.

Scrooge McDuck is known as “the richest duck in the world,” which … doesn’t sound that impressive, actually, since most ducks’ personal wealth is limited to some bread and cholera. Still, it’s pretty clear that Donald’s most miserable uncle is rich even by human standards, considering he’s got enough gold coins to fill a giant vault and swim in it. 

 Have you ever wondered exactly how rich Scrooge is, though? If so, don’t worry: Science is officially on the case. After Billfold writer Matt Powers wrote a parody article calculating Scrooge’s wealth and arrived at the impressive number of more than $210 billion (that’s about five Charles Kochs), science news website LiveScience decided to check the math. What they found is that Powers had vastly, vastly undershot it. Using story details from the Scrooge McDuck comics and the official blueprints for Scrooge’s money bin, LiveScience determined that the vault must contain approximately 171,450 cubic feet of gold, which translates to 3,302,088,419 ounces. Since gold is selling at $1,127.34 per ounce as of this writing, according to our calculations (read: Google’s) that means Scrooge has $3.7 trillion dollars. Or: enough to buy some fucking pants. Come on, man.

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The biggest lease holder in Canada's oil sands isn't Exxon Mobil or Chevron. It's the Koch brothers.

You might expect the biggest lease owner in Canada’s oil sands, or tar sands, to be one of the international oil giants, like Exxon Mobil or Royal Dutch Shell. But that isn’t the case. The biggest lease holder in the northern Alberta oil sands is a subsidiary of Koch Industries, the privately-owned cornerstone of the fortune of conservative Koch brothers Charles and David.