charles kemper

Serial killer crime scene photos

Trigger warning GRAPHIC CONTENT!!! These are not the most graphic i found, but i’m not going to scare you guy’s away from this amazing serial killer heaven blog.

Ted bundy.

Richard Ramirez.

Ed gein.

Edmund Kemper.

Jeffrey Dahmer.


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There are a lot of other serial killers I could have put, but I just used the ones I most familiar with.
And this is kind of opinionated, so if you think I could have used other killers or some shit, let me know, I might consider changing it.


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-Charles Manson
-Jeffery Dahmer
-John Wayne Gacy
-Edmund Kemper
-Ed Gein
-Albert Fish
-Aileen Wournos
-David Berkowitz
-Richard Ramirez
-serial killers
-Ted Bundy
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-H.H. Holmes
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-Gary Ridgway
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