charles is not really a monster


‘Nap time’ you said to yourself, flopping on your bed. Today had been a long day and you really needed a nap. Finally as sleep came, the front door slammed shut, waking you. You sighed and went to investigate the noise. To no surprise, you saw Charles and Erik walk in, scowls on their faces. 

“Another day of ‘training’?” you asked jokingly

Charles did not answer and stormed off to his room but Erik stayed 

“You know, I think he hates me” he said “and yes, we were training” 

“How did it go?” you asked, walking him to his room

“Let’s just say I’m Frankenstein’s monster” he said sadly “we agree on nothing and I’ve gotten no where” he explained 

“hey” you said, hugging him tightly “don’t say that” you said

“It’s true” he whispered 

“You are tense, holy cow” you said randomly

He chuckled and the two of you sat down “all I know is I’m very stressed” he stated 

“Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?” you suggested 

He nodded but just as you put your hands on his shoulders, Charles burst into the room

“Can I speak with you for a moment” he said, teeth gritted 

“I’m doing something at the moment” you said, looking to Erik

“(y/n), I need to talk to you, now” he said angrily

You looked at Erik who gave you a nod “you can just come back later, (y/n)” he said with a wink

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“What were you doing?” he asked 

“He is stressed, I was going to give him a massage, he was really tense” you explained innocently

“Why on earth would you do that?” 

“I’m a good friend” you said, confused out of your mind “what of it?”

“You know he would have gone further than that” he yelled

“Charles, what are you talking about?” you questioned

“I, I just don’t want you to do something you might regret” he said, staring at the ground

“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” you asked out of shock

“N-no” he said nervously

“You so are” you said with a smile

“So what if I am!?” he asked 

“Why would you be jealous, I just don’t get it” you said

“What is not to get, I love you” he blurted out

Your face immediately turned a bright red “you, you what?” you asked shyly

“You heard me” he said confidently “I said I love you” 

“You do?” you asked, still bright red 

“Of course I do” he said “I have since I met you” he explained

“Wow” you said nervously 

In the blink of an eye, Charles grabbed your hand and pulled your body to his and kissing you passionately. When he pulled away, a smile was locked on your face

“Oh my goodness” you said 

“We should do that again sometime” he said with a smile

“Definitely” you said, a smile still spread on your face

He gave you a peck on the cheek “I suppose Erik and I can talk things over” he said “after you give him a friendly massage” he said

“I’ll be waiting” you said, running of to Erik’s room

Unfortunately for Erik, you never did get around to giving him that massage, you were to busy telling him all about the experience you had with Charles. He could not have been happier for the two of you

“I’m just glad Charles finally grew a pair and told you” he said with a smile

From that day forward, you and Charles built your lives together, helping all the mutants you could along the way

For that amazing anon who requested it. Sorry if you did not want Erik to be a part of this 

Call me cold hearted but..

I’m still not feeling sorry for Charles. He’s literally a deranged murderer, kidnapper and torturer and seeing his mini party doesn’t make me feel sorry for him, even if it was a bad party.
How does his childhood in Radley excuse the monster he’s become? Lesley was in Radley and so far we haven’t been told she’s a psychopath?
I just think I’m going to find it really hard to feel sorry for someone like him.

So now we are really seeing the whole “A has a soul” come into effect and it really makes me wanna cry for Charles, but at the same time he has done so many horrible things. Its just sad because I can only imagine how depressed Charles must actually be when in his “normal” human mindset. He’s a monster and probably doesn’t even realize it all the time. He was sent to Radley because of his behavior, so obviously he has some issues. But overall, this is just who he is.

I’m going to go out on another limb and say that Charles didn’t really try to drown Alison...

Maybe it was an accident and Ken just used that as an excuse to “get rid” of Charles because he was already had “issues”and it was getting hard for them to “deal”  

Look: Charles gets falsely accused of something, gets sent to Radley, forgot about for the most part. (except Aunt Carol and Jessica) Parents made his siblings forget he even existed. He was in Radley for a long time, not real friends on the outside, nothing. Made out to be this monster that he really isn’t. When in reality, he’s just mentally ill and his parents didn’t know how to deal with that.