charles hawkins


Some detailed shots of the BEAUTIFUL handmade costumes of Outlander season 2. I can’t believe how much work went into these costumes that weren’t seen this up close on screen. If you can make it to the Paley Center in Beverly Hills before August, please go visit this exhibit! There are also several pieces of set design to view as well!

Outlander Eps. “ La Dame Blanche”

Chaps. 15 - 18

“This is never going to work” I muttered, stabbing pins decorated with brilliants at random through my hair. “She ought to have medical car, for one thing. She needs a doctor!”

“She has one” Jamie pointed out, lifting his chin and peering down his nose into the mirror as he tied his stock “You” Stock tied, he grabbed a comb and pulled it hurriedly through the thick, ruddy waves of his hair.

“No time to braid it” he muttered, holding a thick tail behind his head as he rummaged in a drawer. “Have ye a bit of ribbon, Sassenach?”

“Let me” I moved a swiftly behind him, folding under the ends of the hair and wrapping the club in a length of green ribbon “ Of all the bloody nights to have a dinner party on!”

Outlander Eps - “Vengeance Is Mine”

Chaps 43 pg. 634 - 665

“Jamie;s expression lightened slightly as Murtagh appeared from the shadows beside us, quiet as a wraith. He had a cloth-wrapped bundle under one arm: a joint from the kitchens, I thought, seeing the blotch of dark blood on the cloth. This impression was borne out by the large ham he had tucked beneath the other arm, and the strings of sausages about his neck.

Jamie wrinkled his nose, with a faint smile.

“Ye smell like a butcher, man. Can ye no go anywhere without thinkin’ of your stomach?”

Murtagh cocked his head to one side, taking in Jamie’s blood-spattered appearance.

“Better to look like the butcher than his wares, lad” he said “Shall we go?”