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Okay, Legion tag, listen up. Possible Spoiler.

Some of you are a little confused, so here’s some background: David, a.k.a Professor X’s son and an Omega-Level Mutant, has powers that manifest with his split personalities. At the end of the first episode when he’s on the beach, some of those people are not real, some are his personalities. This show is about to be a ride as we try to figure out who is real and who is actually David. That’s what makes him so powerful; with each personality that manifests, so does a new power. 


Favorite Movies (20/40): The Blues Brothers (1980)

We’re so glad to see so many of you lovely people here tonight. And we would especially like to welcome all the representatives of Illinois’s law enforcement community that have chosen to join us here in the Palace Hotel Ballroom at this time. We certainly hope you all enjoy the show!

Assassin’s Creed Birthdays!

Claudia Auditore- January 2nd
Agnes MacBean- January 5th
Catherine Gladstone- January 6th
Frederick Abberline- January 8th
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad- January 11th
Benjamin Franklin- January 17th
Rebecca Crane- February 3rd
Charles Lee- February 6th
Charles Dickens- February 7th
Charles Darwin- February 12th
George Washington- February 22nd
Nigel Bumble- February 22nd
Clara O'Dea- February 24th
Alexander Graham Bell- March 3rd
Daniel Cross- March 9th
Edward Kenway- March 10th
Desmond Miles- March 13th
Mario Auditore- March 19th
Lydia Frye- March 19th
Anne Bonny- March 23rd
Ratonhnhaké:ton- April 4th
Álvaro Gramática- April 4th
Leonardo da Vinci- April 15th
George Westhouse- April 30th
Giovanni Auditore- May 3rd
Niccolo Machiavelli- May 3rd
Maximilien Robespierre- May 6th
Florence Nightingale- May 12th
Bartholomew Roberts (Pirate Sage)- May 17th
Arthur Conan Doyle- May 22th
Queen Victoria- May 24th
Marquis de Sade- June 2th
Robert Topping- July 7th
Violet da Costa- June 14th
Juhani Otso Berg- June 17th
Aveline de Grandpré- June 20th
Ezio Auditore- June 24th
Lucrezia Borgia- June 24th
Richard Owen- July 20th
Galina Voronina- July 30th
Lucy Thorne- August 8th
Napoleon Bonaparte- August 15th
John Standish (Modern Sage)- August 16th
Crawford Starrick- August 18th
Arno Dorian- August 26th
Prince Albert- August 26th
Duleep Singh (The Last Maharaja)- September 6th
Shay Cormac- September 12th
Cesare Borgia- September 13th
Samuel Adams- September 27th
Isabelle Ardant- October 4th
Ned Wynert- October 5th
Pearl Attaway- October 20th
Callum Lynch- October 21st
Evie Frye- November 9th
Jacob Frye- November 9th
Mary Anne Disraeli- November 11th
Shaun Hastings- November 16th
Edward “Thatch” Blackbeard- November 23rd
Haytham Kenway- December 4th
Jayadeep Mir (Henry Green)- December 7th
Benjamin Disraeli- December 21st
Calico Jack- December 26th
John Pitcairn-December 28th
William Gladstone- December 29th


the manuscripts of the masters: scientists

albert einstein, ph.d., physics
marie curie, ph.d., physics, chemistry
nikola tesla, electrical&mechanical engineering
george washington carver, m.s., botany
rosalind franklin, ph.d., biophysics
charles darwin, evolutionary biology
thomas edison, electrical&mechanical engineering

anonymous asked:

this might be an odd question, but did lafayette do anything particularly problematic?

Yes. Yes, he did.

  • As a teen, Lafayette was part of  the Society of the Wooden Sword, a group of young nobility that basically ran around undermining the authority of the older generation of nobles. They did all sorts of off-the-wall things…for instance, feathers were thought to be too ostentatious by the older people at court, so the Society immediately started wearing them in their hats. Marie Antoinette loved them and their acts of infantile defiance. At one point, these boys decided to stop a group of these older nobles and held a mock trial for them, refusing to let them go until the trial was complete. Lafayette acted as prosecuting attorney during the ‘proceedings’…so, he basically just spent a few hours poking fun at them while pretending to be a lawyer. The nobles were so angry by their treatment that they petitioned the king to have the whole of the Society banned from court. The king laughed it off.
  • Lafayette’s rose-colored glasses make it nearly impossible for us to know what he thought when–unless serious research is done. By rose-colored glasses, I mean that Lafayette was the sort of man that saw everything in the best light. He was an idealist who romanticized almost everything around him…including himself. When he came to America, it wasn’t truly with patriotic intent. What was really going on was that his family had raised him with an understanding that he was from a line of soldiers, all of which died gloriously or at the very least, lived gloriously. After his immediate family passed away, he adopted Adrienne’s parents as his own…and they really didn’t think much of him. It was his attempt to prove himself and make his own life worthy of his namesake. I’ll talk more about all of this in a separate post later, but in short, Lafayette didn’t become enamored with American freedom until late in the war. The problem is that by the time he sat down to write his memoirs, he was 60…and had spent most of his life fighting for equality, human rights, and the ideologies he had picked up in America. One thing Lafayette really didn’t possess was a lying spirit. What ended up happening was that because he spent so much time committed to American thought and notions of liberty, he forgot that he hadn’t always been like that. It’s up to researchers and inquisitive minds to piece together what actually happened and if you read his early letters, his chief concern was the hope that going to America would make his in-laws think him worth something…that he would go and fight in a strange new land and possibly die and in that way, he would attain the glory he was seeking. He wasn’t like the other French officers that went with him. He showed humility, he offered to take lessor positions so long as he could stay in American service…he proved time and again that his character remained true. He simply didn’t realize what America meant to him until much later than even he thought.
  • Lafayette thought that Charles Lee was fugly. Before the notorious Battle of Monmouth, Lafayette finally got the chance to meet Lee face to face. He described the soon to be shamed general as ugly and said that the man’s nose was unbelievable. He later commented that he knew something had been fishy with Lee all along…but he’d written letters earlier saying that Lee was a jolly enough man. It’s just another instance of rose-colored glasses. The boy saw what he wanted to see, silly thing.
  • Lafayette got suckered, tried to get his American buds to try animal magnetism. So, back in the 1780′s, a quack named Franz Anton Mesmer came up with supposed cure-all. He proposed that a certain invisible fluid was contained in the human body and that if it could be manipulated, bodily complaints would just magically go away. Lafayette, who had become a member of a couple intellectual societies in American long-distance, wanted to present his US friends with a notable contribution. He decided to try this treatment personally. Basically, it consisted of people sitting in or around a giant tub that had ropes, rods, and chains attached to it. The device would be ‘activated’…whatever that means, and magnetism would cause a sensation through people’s bodies. Some people reacted so violently that they had to be carried to what this guy called a ‘crisis room’ where they basically lay on beds until they stopped convulsing. Lafayette was so stunned by all of it that he was sure it had to work. He wrote to America and shortly afterwards, visited the US where he tried to convince people the method worked. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, along with a few others, told him to give it up and warned him that he was being taken in by a scam. For whatever reason, he was so convinced that it worked that he never renounced it.

My ideas about the sexualities of the mash gang that exactly zero (0) people asked for:

Hawkeye: the pan-est pan to ever pan. I had a dream the other day in which he was trans so let’s add that too

BJ: Straighty McStraighterson, however he is actually the world’s greatest and most supportive ally

Trapper: honestly who really knows with this boy. Is he straight? Is he bi? Who knows? Not me. I personally feel like he’s bi curious but again ????????

Radar: demiromantic asexual, I imagine gender isn’t really an affecting factor when he does feel romantic attraction to someone

Henry: An Enigma™

Colonel Potter: biiiiiiiisexual as heck

Klinger: nb pan klinger is my life. I live for them

Charles: homoromantic asexual as heck

Margaret: too good for everyone, possibly is God. It doesn’t matter who is into her because she’s so much too good for everyone she’s already ascended to the next astral plane where the entire concept of gender never existed

Frank: gay but so deeply closeted and in denial that even if he were to exist in our time he would still be insisting that he was exclusively interested in women

Father Mulcahy: ????????????? Probably interested in men. Might be interested in women. Definitely​ celibate and ???????????????

Anyway I’d love to talk about this more (I could go on for hours) so please share your ideas with me. I think I got everyone but if there’s someone I forgot believe me they’re probably queer too

telekinetic-pony  asked:

So it's a Tuckington mermaid au, but are Tucker and Junior the only mermaids? Does anyone else find out about Tucker besides Wash?





Church because they’re friends long before Wash comes into the picture, like way back in college “but kay what do you mean back in college” *eyebrow wiggle* :)))))

Caboose who ended up being dragged into midwifery when Tucker went into labor. He’s not secretive of the fact that he knows a mermaid, but because of his known disabilities, Freckles his service dog, and his eccentric behavior, it goes unheard or ignored by most of the populace… with the exception of Palomo. Who is also ignored by the populace.

Tex because yOU CAN’T HIDE THIS FROM HER CHURCH SHE’S TEX AND SHE’S A PROFESSIONAL BAIL BONDSWOMAN YOU CAN’T HIDE FROM HER and they’re actually pretty chill with each other, they like to share a few beers every once in a while to complain about Church, whenever she’s in the city.

Donut who helped Tucker out of some fishing nets he got tangled up in when he was pregnant with Junior, was present for the birthing, and he may or may not have a photo booklet locked away tight and safe, sworn to secrecy, that has baby pictures of junior :DDDD 

Palomo and Kimball, at the nearby marine institute and research/rescue center do however suspect about him being there, but Palomo raves about it hard and loud enough for the both of them that he looks like a conspiracy theorist over mermaids and it’s equal parts hilarious, concerning, and exhausting to listen to for the other employees and handlers.

AS FOR THE BIG QUESTION and im so sorry if this answer disappoints you D:

Junior’s other family side are all 100% mermaids but they live in the waaaay deeper and darker zones of the ocean and look like 10x more monstrous and gnarly. They’re not too bad though, they’re just awkward to socialize with for Tucker sometimes, and difficult to understand for humans. Crunchbite (his other parent) died before Junior was born, and and it’s kind of a good thing anyway because Crunchbite was kiiiind of a spawn of a bitch, and a big sore point to talk about for Tucker. 

i haven’t pinned anyone else as a present mermaid, so no. I am flexible for it to change in the future though, but i still want to keep the ratio of mermaids to humans pretty small. There are, however, a few people who *were* mermaids and just gave up their fins permanently for the mainland life (cough Tex and Grey and the Grifs cough) who absolutely won’t tell anyone and haven’t told anyone about that old sea life.