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Carnot, one of Charles Martel’s cousins. While Carnot and her five cousins were built to the same specifications, each ship was designed by a different engineer; thus the ships are too unique to be called sisters.

Like Charles Martel, Carnot was laid up at Brest by 1914 and stricken in 1922.


This video is of Jessica holding Mary’s daughter SPENCER as a baby, with her older brother Charles, and her first cousin Jason!!!!  (Eventually, the Hasting’s adopted Spencer.)

And that’s why SPENCER was the one who watched it in the Soul Room.

Remember how she said that Charles felt familiar and how he didn’t try to hurt her?

They are brother and sister!

Charles giving his baby sister Spencer a kiss.

This mannequin family is of the Drake’s:

  • Mary & Unknown Father
  • Charles & Spencer


Prince and his father may not have seen eye to eye domestically, but John avidly supported his son’s musical efforts. He bought Prince his first guitar—a piano was too expensive—and he’d often come to Grand Central’s local sets.

“I remember him to be there most of the time,” says Smith. “I remember one gig we had at the YMCA. It didn’t happen very much, but for whatever reason, not very many people came to the show. But there was Prince’s father with this camera, taking pictures just like the place was packed. He was intense about it, too, taking pictures from all angles.”

- Charles Smith (Prince’s cousin & Drummer), Prince by Steven Ivory

I used to jam with Prince’s cousin, Charles. He told me to listen to For You. I was alone at home with it cranked up too loud and I heard a voice in my head say, ‘He’ll need a touring band.’ I asked around and it turned out Prince was looking.
My audition was in the basement at Prince’s house. I walked in wearing a blue jean tent dress, I was a granola queen. Bobby was on drums. Andre was on bass. Prince had an afro that made him just a little shorter than me. There was a Fender Rhodes keyboard down there and Prince asked me to jam in.
Three months later I’m taking a nap and my phone rings. A monotone voice says, ‘Hello Gayle, this is Prince. Can you make it to practise in an hour?’ I said, ’Sure.’ I must have driven at 100 miles an hour. I turned up with my amp in my arms and karate-kicked the door open. Prince looked at me as if to say ‘I hired this nut?’ He sat me up in front of an Oberheim and said ‘I’ve set it the way I want it. Just play.’ I was very willing to learn.
There was a lot of experimentation. Above the basement there was an empty living room with just a couch and two chairs. I remember him videoing a woman modelling in a leather jacket with her breasts hanging out. He was working out how things came across on screen and starting to blur the line between his reality and his fantasy. Sex was a side project for him. A prevailing theme.
—  Gayle Chapman (keyboards)

10 Women behind great men

(3/10) Isabella of Portugal (wife of Emperor Charles V.)

Isabella of Portugal (24 October 1503 – 1 May 1539) was an Infanta of Portugal, by birth, and a Holy Roman Empress, Queen of Germany, Italy, Spain, Naples and Sicily, Duchess of Burgundy etc. as the spouse of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. She was the daughter of Manuel I of Portugal and Maria of Aragon. She served as regent of Spain during the absence of her spouse for long periods.

In 1521 Isabella’s father died and her brother succeeded to the throne as king John III. The marriage negotiations between the Portuguese and Spanish began almost immediately. It was agreed that the new king would marry Catherine of Austria, Charles V’s younger sister. The union between Charles and his cousin Isabella had been proposed by the parliaments of both Castile and Aragon. Charles agreed to marry the Infanta Isabella purely out of political reasons as he needed a member of the dynasty to govern Spain, Castile and Aragon during his absences. The Infanta travelled to Seville where the wedding took place on 10 March 1526 in the palace of Alcázar of Seville. With Isabella also came a huge dowry to the Spanish finances. Although it was a political union, the marriage proved to be a love-match. Records say that during their honeymoon “when [Charles and Isabella] are together, although there are many people around, they do not notice anyone else; they talk and laugh, and nothing else distracts them.”

Isabella also proved to be a competent consort; she served as regent of Spain during her husband’s absences, between 1529–1532 and 1535–1539. She was noted for her intelligence and beauty.

Isabella died in May 1539, when her sixth pregnancy ended in a stillbirth. The Emperor was away at the time and her premature death affected him deeply. He never remarried, and he dressed in black for the rest of his life. In 1547, the nobleman Francis Borgia conveyed her corpse to her burial-place in Granada. It is said that, when he saw the effect of death on the beautiful empress, he decided to “never again serve a mortal master”, later becoming a Catholic saint.

In 1580, more than 40 years after her death, her son Philip succeeded the Portuguese throne, claiming his mother’s successory rights temporarily uniting the Iberian peninsula under one crown in what would later be called the Iberian Union.
'Captain America' Actor Sebastian Stan to Star in Thriller 'We Have Always Lived in the Castle' (Exclusive)
Michael Douglas is one of the producers of the adaptation.

Sebastian Stan, best known for playing the Winter Soldier in Marvel’s Captain Americamovies, is starring in We Have Always Lived in the Castle, an adaptation of the 1962 story by Shirley Jackson.

Michael Douglas is producing the creepy thriller with Jared Goldman, Robert Mitas, and Robert Halmi Jr. while Stacie Passon is in the director’s seat.

One of the better known stories by Jackson, a 20th century horror writer best known for her novel The Haunting of Hill House, the plot centers on an isolated family, which has already lost four members to poisoning, that uses rituals and talismans to keep itself away from hostile townspeople. Into this scenario arrives a distant cousin, intent on maliciously securing the family’s fortune, and whose arrival sets in motion the uncovering of family secrets.

Stan will play the cousin, Charles Blackwood. Passon wrote the adaptation with Mark Kruger.

The feature, which is to begin shooting in Dublin, Ireland this month, will be a Further Films in association with Great Point Media presentation. This is the first time the story is being adapted for the screen. It was previously translated into a play as well as a musical.

Stan is coming off of Captain America: Civil War, one of the year’s more acclaimed movies that has grossed over $1.1 billion worldwide. The actor, who recently wrapped the indie I’m Not Here with Maika Monroe and J.K. Simmons, will shoot Avengers: Infinity War early next year.

Stan is repped by ICM Partners and Brookside Artists Management.