charles atwood


“sea girls wreathed in red
and brown, howling at
the death of the last great panther”

“Margaret, hoping for spring and 
hopping green ice cakes
ever mindful of submerged
hooks and eyes”

“the hermit counts out his three pebbles
while Mary counts her sheep
two and two is four, four and four is eight”

“speakeasy with bathtub gin
serenaded by violins on Baker Street
wishing for one last waltz with the Romanovs”

“frying eggs on the salt flats
while twilight bleeds out on the outskirts
prairie skirts in pastel colors”


September 2016

I was developing an art style for my day job, so I experimented by creating social media cards using famous quotes from some of the authors I have read. I had my friends translated their words into Filipino, and named the project “SalinGuhit”.  It’s fun doing the series, no deadlines and pressure. :D