charles and raven be staring at each other for the last time

How They Act When They Have a Crush (X-Men)

A/N: Also could be title “How they Treat their Crush”.
This is all during the new Films’ timeline. just as a btw.

Raven Darkholme (Mystique):

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She ignores it. No good can come of that. She isn’t what you deserve. But despite never admitting to her feelings, she would still try to give you what she thinks you do deserve. A safe, happy, life. She would protect you with everything she has. Anything you need, she would do her best to get for you, big or small. She may not think she deserves you, but she knows you deserve the world.

Charles Xavier (Professor X):

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He would be very polite. A bit bumbly though. He would really respect you, holds you in high regard. On the occasion he is feeling a bit more confident, he might even try a line. Though he may be a bit scared to act on it.

Hank McCoy (Beast):

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Oh bless this sweet child. If he has a crush on you, please don’t tease him….too much. He turns into a mumbling, clumsy mess around his crush. It really embarrasses him, so much so that, as much as he hates it, he avoids you. He doesn’t want you to think he is stupid or an idiot, but he just can’t keep his head on straight when you’re around.

Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto):

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He would keep it to himself. Erik is scared of getting close to someone again. He doesn’t want you to get hurt. He’d be as polite and civil as he could be when you are around, but he would try to keep his distance. Even if it gets to the point where he thinks he has to never see you again. 

Jean Grey (Phoenix):

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She tries. I’ll give her that. The girl tries to be smooth. But she doesn’t quite cut it. At least not a lot of the time. She makes up excuses to hang out a little longer, and is always thinking of fun things to do together, but oops, looks like Jubilee and Scott had to cancel, guess it’s just you two. 

Scott Summers (Cyclops):

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He is a bit better at trying to be smooth, but not by much. By some sort of bad luck, something always happens and totally ruins the mood. He tries really really hard. He asks Jean every other day to look in your head to see whether or not you like him back, to make this easier, but she refuses for the sake of your privacy. He asks Kurt to pop in on your conversations to see if you talk about him, but again, he won’t do it. But even with failed schemes, he treats you amazingly everyday. Some teasing here and there, but just treats you like you think you should be treated.

Logan (Wolverine):

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He can’t hide his attraction to you, so he tries to pass it off as just sexual attraction and nothing more. Dirty jokes/lines, and crude gestures. He doesn’t do the lovey dovey junk. But when you look away, his eyes stay on you. You are the first thing on his mind when he wakes up, and the last thing before he falls asleep. He worries about you. But he’d never admit any of this, not even to himself and definitely not to you. It’s a weird feeling, a strange part of himself that he isn’t ready to explore, he’s not sure if he ever should.

Peter Maximoff (Quicksilver):

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Is it possible to be subtle and so obvious at once? Somehow Peter achieves it. Sly lines and invitations, that are oh so cheesy. He talks a mile a minute around you, always running to get to where you are, and when he is finally with you, he takes his time. All of a sudden he’s in no rush, which is strange for him. His fingers aren’t tapping, and his leg isn’t shaking. When you’re around, he wants to make those moments last. He’s all cocky until you do the smallest thing. The smallest smirk or wink his way, and he just melts. Bumbling, staring, weak in the knees, mess.

Kurt Wagner (Night Crawler):

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He doesn’t have a lot of experience with crushes or relationships or romantic feelings. This is new to him. Honestly, he wouldn’t know how he should act. Should he be confident and stroll up to you, giving you a huge kiss without batting an eye, or should he do small things, let you figure out his feelings at your own pace. Because of this, he goes to everyone for advice, and he takes all that advice. One day he’ll be confident, the next he’ll be shy. He changes drastically each day. He just wants to impress you, just please you, and make you smile, because by God does he love your smile.

Ororo Munroe (Storm):

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She would be pretty blunt about it. In a way that you can’t tell if she is being serious or not. She would ask you out, and compliment you with no second thought to it. You deserve to know how amazing you are. Even if you may not feel the same way (at least she thinks you don’t) she isn’t going to stop trying to make you feel special.

Jubilation Lee (Jubilee):

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Sort of like Ororo, she is a bit blunt and upfront. She compliments you a ton, and always lets you know how much you mean to her. Though because of her usual, loving attitude, these compliments and declarations get written off as just friendly love and nothing more. It’s a bit frustrating for her. She’ll continue to try until she’s blue in the face. (sorry kurt/hank/raven)

Have some Cherik Emma AU, in which Charles has invested a great deal of time in (successfully) getting Raven excited for the attentions of the respectable Mr. Azazel, a much better match for her than bumpkin country doctor Henry McCoy, only to find that he might have miscalculated somewhat.

A lightly alpha/omega universe, mostly because much of Regency culture stops making sense without strict gender divides of some sort.


Charles wasn’t sure how he’d ended up alone in a carriage with Mr. Azazel; it was quite improper for him to ride unsupervised in the company of an unattached alpha. He could only blame the chaotic shuffling about as they all hurried to leave the party before the snow trapped them there. Charles longed for solitude, but that being impossible, he would have chosen to ride in a more crowded carriage rather than find himself here. He could not be entirely comfortable in Mr. Azazel’s company after the man’s bizarre and uncharacteristic behavior tonight. How could the man be so uncaring toward the welfare of one whom he was courting? Not that he had done anything to harm Raven, of course—Raven was not here to be harmed—but that was the very problem. Raven was sick at home, and Mr. Azazel had not appeared to care at all.

“What a lovely party,” Charles said, and, making one last effort to let Mr. Azazel return to normal, added, “It is such a shame Miss Darkholme could not attend.”

“I would have been sorry if she had,” Mr. Azazel said. “Doubtless she would have ridden next to you, Mr. Xavier, and then we could not have had this time alone.

Charles stared in utter horror at this singular pronouncement. Mr. Azazel, perhaps mistaking his silence for some more pleasant form of surprise, took the liberty—Charles could not believe he took the liberty—of leaving his seat to settle himself next to Charles on the other side of the carriage.

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Set by stars

✖ Characters/relationships: Charles Xavier x Reader, others

✖ Genres: Domestic

✖ Summary: Raven was always interested in zodiac signs and she tries to use her knowledge to find a perfect partner for you. @Anonymous

✖ Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

✖ Word count: 1897

A/N: I know this fic wasn’t next in the list but I wanted something happy and light to help me ease back into writing after this semi-hiatus. I hope you all will like it because it was fun to write.

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Erik Lehnsherr x Reader Imagine- (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life

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song imagine inspiration: (I’ve Had) the Time of My life from “Dirty Dancing”

warning: It’s cliche; I’m sorry. I’m just seriously obsessed with this song.

“I assume you’re mad at me too.”

“Well, sure,” you said softly, taking a seat across from Erik, “Not exactly for the same reasons as Charles, but I’m still angry.”

Lifting his head, Erik looked at you almost pleadingly. It had been a decade since you last saw those eyes that could brighten your day just at the sight of them. After Erik was imprisoned, you had been living on your own, too optimistic that the whole ordeal was a dream, and too proud to go back to Charles.

I’ve been waiting for so long,” you sighed. Chuckling slightly, you wiped the tears from your eyes. “You’re the one thing I can’t get enough of.”

“Y/N, I wouldn’t change what I attempted to do; we both know that. I—,” Erik began to explain.

“Yes, I do, Erik,” you cut him off. “I’ve had the time of my life with you—with Charles, with Raven, with Hank. I loved you, but then you were just…gone.” Staring hollowly out the window, you heard Erik suck in a breath

“Loved… but not anymore?”

Meeting his eyes, you wiped away another tear and laughed.

“Of course I still love you! I begged you not to leave. When you left, I just—,” you broke off, “I didn’t know how to feel. I mean, do you even love me?”

“Y/N, I want you more than you’ll ever know. As soon as I met you, I thought, I’ve finally found someone to stand by me. You and I felt the same about mutants, about life, about each other.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” you said softly.

Erik struggled to find words. “I don’t know.”

That was definitely not what you wanted to hear. “I’m going to ask Hank how much longer it will be,” you said abruptly standing up.

“Y/N, wait,” Erik stood up, blocking you. “I feel something inside me. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I feel it.”

“Erik, please don’t lie to me. If you don’t feel the same way, then don’t tell me you do.”

I swear it’s the truth. Y/N, I need you in my life. I thought about you every moment you weren’t with me all those years. You made me a better man. You made me want to be a better man, and I owe it all to you.”

You hadn’t noticed how close your faces were until you felt Erik’s lips barely brushing yours.

“I’m not going to wait another decade, Erik,” you smiled. And he didn’t keep you waiting.


Terrible thing. What is? Being born like that. Is it? Can you imagine, looking in the mirror and seeing that staring back at you?

Yes, I can.

The pictures of us

Well, there you go. This is somewhat inspired by something that happened to me. I went through the photos of my high school years recently and noticed something that made me write this. Please tell me what you think and I hope you’ll enjoy it :)

”I can’t believe that Emma is making us do this,” Erik says and scratches his head. Charles smiles and pats his friend on the shoulder, while waiting the computer to start.

“It’s not Emma’s fault that I have all the pictures from high school. You don’t have to help me but it would be highly appreciated, my friend.” Charles answers and laughs when Erik just grumbles something about getting water and leaves the room.

Their ten year high school reunion is approaching and Charles promised to take care of the slideshow of old pictures that they are going to show at the midnight. When they were in high school, Charles used to carry a small pocket camera around all the time, so the lion share of the pictures that exist of their classmates in high school is buried somewhere in Charles’ old computer.

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X-Men Imagine #6 part 3 (part 1) (part 2)

warnings: none
gender: female

“Is there any way you'd ever do an X-Men Imagine #6 Part 3? I loved the
first two”

“I like your x-men imagines :D Can you please do X-Men Imagine #6 Part 2
sequel? Sorry I am curious what happens afterward, like do they met again or something?”

Synopsis: Hank and Charles talk. Later you meet with Hank alone and he finally admits something to you.

After you left, there was nothing but silence between the two men. Hank steals occasional glances at Charles, not sure what to say to him…or if he even wants to. He was mad at him for making you leave. Because of him, he lost one of the last friends he still had. He also hated the fact that you may very well put yourself in danger, even if it was just to get back at Xavier.

Hank put away the extra glass and served Xavier his drink in his study like he always did. When he finishes, he is about to leave and not say anything…but he turns around.

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a thing for alex summers

I’m on another SoMo binge so here’s another thingy based off of the song “Do It All For You”. +I love Alex Summers sooo

When I wake up and you’re next to me, gotta pinch myself ‘cause you’re a dream.

He supposed his time in the army trained him to wake up early and be alert. Alex always woke up before you. But he didn’t sleep long even before his time in the army. Alex rubbed his hand down his face and grunted softly as he sat up. Your arm slid from where it laid on his chest and landed in his lap. He didn’t know how he kept forgetting that he’s had you in his bed every morning for four months.

The initial shock vanished in the blink of an eye and Alex’s face softened. His body settled back against yours and his hand combed through your hair.

Then you wake up with that smiling face, I know that I’m in the perfect place.

You stir at his touch, eyes fluttering open to take in Alex’s blurry form. Alex’s breath catches in his throat and his pulse quickens and he finds himself returning the smile that stretches across your face. Your hand is warm when you twirl his long hair through your fingers. Alex’s head leans into you and you laugh quietly. You prop yourself onto your elbows and draw his lips to yours. Morning breath is no longer a thing where you’re concerned. Countless kisses have been shared between you but each time Alex’s heart flutters. He wonders silently if you feel the same.

And you know that you’re my saving grace.

“Morning, Al.” You sigh, pulling away but still playing with the hair at the nape of his neck.

“Morning, dollface.” Alex broke into a cheeky smile when you rolled your eyes at his pet name. Suddenly your face falls and you release his neck.


“Hm?” Alex braced himself. He did not know what for; he couldn’t help it.

“You had an episode last night.” Your voice was cautious and concerned.

“Did I hurt you?” He almost had in the past. It ruined him until you put sense back into him. You shook your head.

“No…But you started screaming for me and I got so scared and I held you tight until you finally calmed down and–”

Alex pressed his lips to yours, cutting off your words. Your arms wrapped around him again, putting you both at ease.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

You bit your bottom lip between your teeth, absently rubbing patterns into Alex’s shoulder and unknowingly leaving goosebumps on his skin in your wake.

“Crash and burn?” You suggest. You both have a fit of laughter.

I do it all for you, I do it all for us. 

Alex was easily distracted by your bare legs swinging under the table and how your bedhead was framed by gold in the morning sun. Only the smell of eggs on the verge of burning brought him back to earth. It did not take much begging on your part to get Alex to prepare breakfast that morning. Or any other morning. 

He made a jab at your hand glued to the inside of the cereal box you munched away at. You made a jab at the eggs in return.

When you come home from a hard day and I tell you that it’ll be okay.

The next thing to happen that morning set a course for the rest of Alex’s life.

“What is it?” You ask in regard to Alex’s shaky hand placing the telephone back on the hanging receiver on the wall.

“My parents…It’s Scott. He’s-He’s a mutant. Like us.”

Alex is glad you decide to tag along to Charles Xavier’s school. Alex can tell Scott is glad too, under the moodiness he displayed. Alex had his hand behind his brother’s back in order to guide him in his blindfolded state, and the other laced with yours. Alex is happy to see what was left of his old friends again.

Then I kiss your lips and turn off the lights and you trust me ‘cause I’m still by your side.

The introductions were made, a tree destroyed, and now it was finally dark. Charles was generous enough to lend a room to you and Alex away from the younger children attending the school.

Never in a million years would Alex have thought his own brother would be a mutant too. He stared at the ceiling, thinking about Scott. He hadn’t gotten ready for bed yet.

“He’s going to be alright, you know, Al.” The mattress dips under your weight as you crawl over to him. 

“I know. I’m just worried about him.”

“You don’t have to be,” You snuggle in close, “He’s at the school now. He’ll be safe and he’ll be happy.”

Alex allows himself to smile and open his arms to pull you into his side.

And I say, Honey, I’ll never leave you, babe.

Alex falls asleep quickly, in his clothes from the night before, and with you by his side.

“Al? Wake up, babe.” Your hands gently shake him awake. “Charles wants to visit Moira now.”

“Moira?” Alex sits up. He finds it odd–and a little humorous– that you’re awake before him. He blames the business with his brother for exhausting him. “Oh, right.”

Alex shrugs the covers off and goes to his suitcase to get dressed, then dashed backwards to peck your lips. It brings forth a giggle from you and you run a hand through his hair. Reluctantly Alex has to leave your touch to get ready.

“Be good for my girl ‘kay, Scott?”

“I’ll try my best.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

The three of you chuckle a little until Alex is summoned by an impatient Charles. Alex plants a short kiss on your lips before turning on his heels. Scott makes a disgusted expression at the PDA.

I do it all for you, I do it all for us. 

“It’s a what?” You stare in disbelief.

“An ancient, all powerful mutant from Cairo.” Aex explains for the umpteenth time. Your eyes roll and you shake your head.

“And I thought Raven coming back was the weirdest thing that was going to happen…” You smirk, but it falls away when you see Alex’s face.

“We’ll have to stop him.” Alex rubs the side of his temple in circles. “My life is on the fritz, doll. First my brother…Raven and Erik? Now this mutant who wants to take over the world?”

You’re watching him, holding his hands in yours between you.

“We’ll get through this together. Like always.” You promised. Alex tugged you into an embrace for a while. He focused on his breathing and your soft hair against his cheek.

“Let’s go see what we can do.” You smile a tiny smile and the two of you meet Hank, Raven, Moira, and Charles in the basement. Charles connects to Cerebro to try to find Erik. Alex might feel the most nervous; he has the most to lose at this point.

Alex’s heart begins to race as Charles struggles with some force unseen to them. The feeling is not new, but he feels it very strongly. It’s the possibility of losing everything he loves.

“Destroy it! Destroy everything, destroy Cerebro!” Charles pants, unresponsive to Raven and Moira who are yanking at the controls. In the mess, he manages to meet Alex’s eye. “Wreak havoc.”

He barely heard the man over the shooting of sparks and the firing of alarms. He looked to you, and you nodded quickly, eyes wide with the same panic everyone else possessed.

Alex widened his arms and started to blast the walls. He pushed himself until the panels began to fall from the sides and you were pulling him out of the way of the collapsing structure. Charles fell unconscious, head dangling over his body.

“What the hell!” You gasp and all stop in your tracks at the same time. In an instant Alex positions himself in front of you, protecting you from the sudden appearance of four strangers and an old friend.

“Alex!” His name slips from your lips and he’s spurred into action. He has to try to stop Apocalypse before he takes Charles. He knows the consequences if he doesn’t. He has to stop Apocalypse, has to save his friends. He has to do it for you.

“Hey!” Alex charges after Charles. Your hand just misses him. Alex keeps going, spreading his arms to go on the defense despite the protests from the others. Your heart is already failing you.

“Alex, no! Please–”

A burst of red, a crash of metal, excruciating heat. Alex just catches his mistake when his thoughts go to you. He isn’t aware of a silver-haired boy whisking everyone away to safety. Getting you to safety. Alex thinks he’s killed you, and doesn’t know any better when his world goes dark.

I do it all for you, I do it all for us.

this was going to be fluffy and cute…oops @shayara @raypclmer @eriklehnn @emmcfrxst @phoenixejean @jxbilationlee @kurtwxgners @phoenixejean @rax-writes @alexxsummmers :)

Run (1/2) (Erik Lehnsherr x Reader)

Word Count: 5k

Rating: M

Song I listened to while writing: “Goner” by twenty one pilots

Warnings: Swearing, talk of Erik’s tattoo

Excerpt: Because for a while, things have been normal. They spend a lot of time together and Erik gets introduced to people as her boyfriend and it sparks something possessive and territorial in his stomach that he relishes in, even though she isn’t his and she never will be. Some days he tries ferociously to convince himself that he doesn’t even want her, anyway, she’s a human and he’s a mutant and he’s better, he’s so much more powerful but when she smiles at him it just—It makes him forget all of it. It makes him wonder if Charles was right about humans after all.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do prompt 66 for Alex Summers?

Prompt: “When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then!”

Despite his rough exterior, Alex Summers has always had this protective manner about him, which he a majority of the time took in stride. He was selfless, brave and humble, every quality about him was utter perfection, yet still had doubts. Call him irrational, insane or mad, but he knew the dangers of people getting close to him. Like a majority of mutants that inhabited the earth, his powers were destructive and could easily cause countless deaths—of mutant and non-mutant kind, if he was not careful. He had been careful of becoming close to people, soon enough becoming wary of everyone, making sure to keep his distance. As much as it pained him to do so, he knew it was for the sake of humanity as well as his conscience that he remained isolated.

You were never supposed to be apart of his life, well at least held to the status that you were. He was supposed to stay cautious, push people away for the sake of their own safety, yet somehow you had slipped through the cracks of his barriers. And he hadn’t noticed until it was too late. The two of you met while Charles and Erik were building a team of mutant heroes, over the idea that someday homo sapiens and mutants might one day live together in harmony. It was a farfetched idea, to say the least, but nevertheless the men were promising an oasis inside of a desert; a place for mutants to be safe from persecution. Thus, it was an offer to you, that was too good to pass up.

You met Alex Summers the next day.

Apparently you were not the only one escaping persecution, for a handful of other mutants were there as well. You weren’t sure if any of them truly believed in the mad idea that humans and mutants could live in peace, but nevertheless at least you wouldn’t be fighting that battle alone. All of you were segregated away from the main CIA building, claiming to allow you to adjust to the change of settings, you assumed that to be a load of crap. There were introductions and explanations of mutant abilities, but a majority of the time you weren’t really paying attention. While you were grateful for the sanctuary, you never really signed on to be part of a team—especially one that was willing to fight crime and place their life on the line for it. You introduced yourself, explaining your power which was not only good to have in battle but also fun for recreational use.

Alex hadn’t noticed the way he was staring at you, the way his pupils dilated as he watched you laugh with that twinkle in your eyes. He seemed enchanted by you, enticed by your very being. Little did he know, slowly but surely he had begun falling in love with you. From the fire in your eyes when you unleashed your powers to the utter hoy he would feel when he looked at you. However, being the oblivious boy he was, he hadn’t noticed till Sean and Raven had pointed it out.

“Dude, what’s up with you and [Y/N]?”

Sean’s question had surprised him, nevertheless he shrugged not really sure what the other boy meant with that question. Sure, they enjoyed hanging out together and in training he always made sure to have her back, despite how many times she had to remind him that she had it covered. So, he did the only thing he could do in a situation like that, he shrugged and claimed innocence. But he knew everyone else would call him bluff, which was exactly what they did.

“You’re full of crap, Summers,” Raven chimed in, “it’s so obvious that you love her.”

Her statement had sent a blow to his system and he could swear that his heart skipped a couple of beats. This was everything that he was trying to prevent and yet somehow he still ended up in the same place. At the time, none of them seemed to understand the severity of the situation, yet as you were missing from the conversation; neither did you. After his unresponsive answer, the conversation drifted onto other topics, the group leaving Alex alone with his thoughts.

The impact what they had said didn’t affect you until a few days later.

During the battle of Cuba it was as if all hell had broke loose. While Erik was handling Shaw, the rest of the team was tasked in deflecting and keeping the minions at bay. While the goons provided much more of a challenge than training, it still made your task a bit more difficult, considering the fact that your mind was elsewhere; again.

The last few days in training you had noticed that the blond boy had been kind of distant, well, at least more than usual. You rarely talked and rarely were found near each other, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that he was ignoring you. Not to mention the fact that the realization had seriously stung, for it was no surprise that you found yourself falling hard for the boy, from the first time he had given you his heart-melting smile. Now, it was like you meant absolutely nothing to him.

“Watch out!”

You were suddenly tackled to the ground, sand flying up and landing on your suit as well as inside your hair. Before you could summon your powers in a last ditch effort to defend yourself, you stopped dead in your tracks, as you saw a familiar pair of chocolate eyes. In this situation, you did the only thing you could do, shoved him harshly off you and moved on to continue fighting—ignoring his eyes boring into your back.

In a matter of minutes the battle was over, Erik killing Shaw and Charles left stranded and paralyzed on the beach. It was utterly silent for the aftermath of battle, perhaps the people left a bit too busy rethinking their guilt and assessing the way things could have gone. You stood alone, not really watching the actions unfolding in front of you, but instead recalling your actions from the battle. Thoughts of him plagued your mind, your last confrontation giving you the most chills, it wasn’t until a warm hand clasped on your shoulder did it draw you out of your never-ending stream of thoughts.

He was the last person that you would ever expect to see right now, but there he was, his eyes steely and lips a firm straight line. The two of you stood silently, none of you really wanting to ignite a conversation, neither did you want to address the elephant in the room and awkward tension that encased the two of you. After a much debated silence, it seemed that Alex had much more to say than you, which was why he spoke first.

“You know a thank you would have sufficed, after all I did save your life.”

That only seemed to engulf you in anger, your fists clenching dangerously by your sides. His arrogant attitude only fueled your urge to punch him in the face and instead of holding it back, like you usually would, you let it loose. Your fist had connected with his jaw, feeling the sting in your hand as you watched him fall back into the sand. You would be lying if you said that didn’t make you feel better, but damn did he have that coming for a while now. He mumbled a string of curse words as he stood, having on of his hands resting on the spot where you had punched him, a bruise already beginning to form.

“I guess deserved that,” he spoke, “but damn, you didn’t have to hit that hard.”

“Maybe if you don’t like an ass all the time, then maybe I wouldn’t have to knock some sense into you.”

The blond let loose a defeated sigh, suddenly fighting himself again. What he wouldn’t give to tell you the truth at a moment like this but at the moment he was utterly frozen, unable to move and unable to summon the courage to say anything; but he knew that he would never forgive himself if he didn’t confess. You were the one thing in his life that he could rely on, if he lost you it would completely end him.

“I don’t deserve someone like you, I’m nothing but destruction and I can’t do anything but hurt you—damn, what I’m trying to say is I’m in love with you, so goddamn in love with you.”

When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then,” you paused, “even when you, yourself, don’t believe you’re good enough for them.”

Carefully, but surely full of a newfound confidence, he closed the space between the two of you, placing a sweet kiss on your lips. The two of you enjoying each other’s company in the midst of a world full of destruction.

Tuesday Princess!Charles: Aurora

(semi-ficlet below cut)

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Title: Second Chance
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 1,825
Characters: Peter Maximoff x Reader, Charles Xavier, Hank McCoy, Alex Summers
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: Lying, a bit of anger
Notes: Request from @full-time-fangirling for “Hey :) could I please have a Peter Maximoff imagine? The reader is Charles’ daughter but is with Peter. They get together and hide it from Charles because he isn’t a big fan of Peter? And then he finds out and gets angry but the reader defends Peter? Thanks :)” // This ended up a lot longer than I originally intended it to. I blame it on the fact that I’m Peter Maximoff trash. • Part two is here. ☺

Originally posted by imaginessforall

       Y/N Xavier knew the moment she met the silver-haired speedster that she would never forget him. 

       It was 1973, and a surly stranger had come to her home with news of the future, and it was far from good. She was seventeen at the time. Said surly stranger, named Logan, had suggested that they go enlist the help of a man her age, Peter, to help them break Erik out of prison. When they arrived, the boy began interrogating them as he flittered around the room, using his super-speed to play a game of ping-pong against himself.
       “He’s fascinating,” commented Hank.
       “He’s a pain in the ass,” Charles muttered in response.
       “We need your help,” Y/N stated firmly, attempting to get the boy’s attention. She found him to be quite attractive, and she was momentarily thankful that she didn’t have to fuss with keeping up her psychic shield, as her father was unable to use his powers at the time. In the blink of an eye, Peter was standing in front of her, a smirk on his lips.
       “And who might you be?”
       “My name is Y/N Xavier, and –”
       “Very nice to meet you, Y/N; I’m Peter. And might I just say, your voice is mesmerizing. That accent…. I could listen to you read the phone book,” Peter said with a wink, as he leaned against the wall next to her.
       “Well, what if I read you just one number: mine?” Y/N replied smoothly, returning the smirk he was giving her.
       “Alright, alright, that’s enough of that,” Charles said sternly, pinching the bridge of his nose. He knew full well that his daughter was a beautiful young woman, and there was nothing he despised more than seeing boys flirt with her – especially some nosy, intrusive little punk he had just met.
       “Rain check, then,” Peter said, giving her another wink before speeding over to sit at an arcade game. “So, who are the rest of you guys, and whaddya want?”
       “We need your help, Peter,” Logan answered.
       “Yeah, me and the gorgeous Brit covered that. With what?”
       Y/N attempted to hide the blush that threatened to creep up to her cheeks.
       “To break into a highly secure facility; to get someone out.”
       “Prison break? That’s illegal, you know.”
       “Well, only if you get caught,” Logan rebutted, after glancing around at the various stolen objects around Peter’s room.
       “So, what’s in it for me?”
       “You, you kleptomaniac, get to break into the Pentagon,” Charles explained, removing his sunglasses and rubbing his eye, visibly annoyed. Peter froze, then turned around to eye them cautiously.
       “How do I know I can trust you?”
       “Because we’re just like you,” said Logan. Peter still looked wary.
       “Show him,” Charles ordered Y/N and Logan. Y/N used your powers of psionic manipulation to form a platform beneath her feet, allowing her to hover a few feet off the ground. It was a mere glimpse of her powers, but enough to get the point across. Logan raised a fist and three claws protruded from his knuckles.
       “That’s cool,” Peter commented, then glanced at Logan, “but it’s disgusting.”
       A few hours later, they were all riding away in their rental car, with the convicted murderer of an American president sitting in the backseat. Y/N sat in between him and Peter, talking quietly with the latter, as her father shot occasional glares at the pair from the passenger seat. The cumbrous Logan was seated between him and Hank. The ride was painfully silent, aside from Y/N and Peter’s quiet chatting.
       When they reached the plane, they all bid their farewells to Peter, and Y/N was the last to board.
       “So,” Peter began, stepping closer to her, the smirk from earlier returning to his face, “you still owe me a phone number.”
       “I suppose I do,” she replied, smiling. She removed an old business card of her father’s from her wallet, and scribbled her phone number on the back of it, before slipping it into Peter’s hand. Y/N then stood on her tiptoes and pressed a kiss to his cheek, made him promise to call her, then boarded the plane.
       Peter stood there long after the plane had taken off – frozen for once – still reveling in the lingering feeling of her lips on him. With a bright smile on his face, he got into the rental car and made his way home. He turned the radio up and rolled the windows down, and began thinking of what he would say to Y/N when he called her. Hell, he even started planning their first date. He felt truly ecstatic for the first time since he was a child.
       That was, until the card Y/N had written her phone number on flew out the window of the Chrysler from its place under the sun visor. Peter pulled over as quickly as he possibly could and lept out of the car. He immediately began searching the area for the card, but the abundant wind had carried it off God knows where. After accepted that he would never find it, Peter gave an angry yell, kicked the car’s tire, and resumed his journey home, thoroughly crestfallen at the realization that he would likely never see Y/N again.

       After the whole ordeal with stopping Raven was over, Y/N was eager to return home and await Peter’s call. A day went by, then a week, then a month – but still, nothing. After two months, Y/N finally gave up hope.
       Charles had sensed his daughter’s sadness, and he delved into her mind just enough to discover that the reason behind it. He consoled her to the best of his ability, but she always refused to talk about it, and constantly declared that she was completely fine. However, he would occasionally catch her thinking about that silver-haired hoodlum, and Charles made a promise to himself that if he ever saw that delinquent again, he’d break the lad’s nose.
       Seven years had passed since Y/N had last seen Peter, and she had almost entirely forgotten about him. ‘Almost’ meaning that, once in a blue moon, she would catch herself daydreaming about that smirk of his, or the way his eyes twinkled with excitement at the mere thought of mischief. For the life of her, she couldn’t put her finger on why he still managed to make his way into her thoughts, but each time she did, she would force herself to forget about him just as quickly as she had thought of him.
       “That guy is staring at you,” Y/N’s best friend, Alex Summers, commented one day while they were having lunch. They were sitting in the patio section of a restaurant, enjoying the warm weather.
       “What does he look like?” she inquired, then added with a grin, “Is he cute?”
       “He’s my height, wearing a Rolling Stones T-shirt, got silver hair –”
       Y/N was spinning around before Alex could even finish his sentence. Her suspicion was confirmed when she saw none other than Peter Maximoff standing across the street, gawking at her. He was next to her in a heartbeat, leaning on the railing separating the restaurant patio from the sidewalk, wearing that smirk she had dreamed about for so long.
       As if on a reflex, she slapped him.
       “Uh, ow,” Peter said, rubbing his cheek. “Nice to see you, too, gorgeous.”
       “This must be that guy who said he was gonna call you, but never did,” Alex observed, chuckling.
       “The very same,” Y/N replied, narrowing her eyes at Peter. “What the hell makes you think it’s alright to stand me up like that, then just whiz over here with that bloody smirk and a ‘Nice to see you, too, gorgeous’?
       “Let me explain – ”
       “No, let me,” Y/N said, crossing her arms and leaning forward on the table to glare at Peter. “I waited for you to call me for two bloody months, but it seemed as if you dropped off the face of the earth. How dare you make me think you really liked me, then just blow me off like that?”
       As she spoke, her chair began to levitate, as did a few objects on the table between her and Alex. He grabbed her arm after quickly glancing around to make sure no humans had noticed, softly saying, “Watch it, Y/N.” She realized what she had been doing, and everything immediately ceased levitating.
       “Y/N, I’m so sorry, I really am,” Peter began to explain, now standing up straight. “When I was driving back, I had put the card with your phone number on it in the sun visor, and it blew out the window. I looked everywhere for it, but I couldn’t find the damn thing. Believe me, I wanted nothing more than to call you the second I got home, but I had no idea how to get ahold of you.”
       Y/N visibly calmed at his justification, relaxing back into her chair with a softened expression.
       “I’ve never stopped thinking about you. I’ve never stopped dreaming about that beautiful voice of yours, or the sound of your laugh, or the way your eyes would light up when I’d tell you some stupid joke,” Peter confessed. “I probably sound kinda pitiful, but I mean it. You stole my heart the day I met you, and I’ve never gotten it back.”
       “Damn, that was corny,” Alex commented, sniggering. Y/N shot him a glare, and he immediately held his hands up in surrender.
       “It’s sweet,” she said sternly, still glaring at Alex.
       “So, whaddya say, gorgeous?” Peter hesitantly asked, that smirk returning to his lips as he leaned forward on the railing again. “Will you give me another chance?”
       Y/N eyed him carefully, before a small smile began to form, and she reached into her purse. She pulled a card out of her wallet and handed it to Peter, smiling and saying, “You better call this time.”
       Peter peered down at the card, which had her name – Professor Y/N Xavier – and phone number elegantly printed on it, along with the the information for her father’s school.
       “I’ll call in two hours, how ‘bout that?” Peter suggested, returning her smile.
       “Sounds perfect.”
       “Just so you know, if you hurt her again, I’m basically her older brother, and I will find you,” Alex added. His voice was stern, but the corners of his mouth twitched up slightly.
       “I don’t plan on it,” Peter said, then winked at Y/N, quickly kissed her cheek, and sped off.

       Much to Y/N’s joy, Peter made good on his promise, and she received a call exactly two hours after she had seen him. They talked for a couple hours, and finally set up a date. That date was followed by many others… all of which remained a secret to Y/N’s father.

Who The Hell Are You?

Here is a little Xavierine + Raven ficlet I wrote for the amazing @dwaroxxx, in part because of her awesome contributions to this pairing and also because I recently hit a milestone on this blog and wanted to write something to celebrate! So here is a little pre-XMFC au based on Dwaroxxx’s prompt, where Logan and Charles met sometime during his Oxford days, and Raven’s reaction to Logan just ‘dropping by’ one day on their cozy little twosome :D


In the years since they’ve moved to their shared flat in Oxford, Raven has had more than one random visitor show up at her front door; on the account that her ‘charming’ and irrepressible flirt of a brother/roommate tends to make ‘friends’ wherever he goes.  

Of course most are of the pretty, also attending Oxford variety, easily impressed and just as easily dispatched with whatever scheme Raven chooses on a given day. Sometimes, she pretends to be a devastated and jealous girlfriend or wife; on others she shifts to various personalities to suit her mood – a snarling biker with tattoos covering his arms and neck, or a surprised off duty officer free with lectures on the inherent folly of seeking strangers in their homes.

It always works, and Charles never seems all that bothered by her ‘antics’ as he calls them - mostly with marked fondness – so Raven sees no reason to change.

Except one day, someone shows up looking for her brother…and refuses to leave.

“I’m looking for Charles Xavier. Is he in?”

The man at the door is nothing like the others who’ve come before, all burly muscle and rugged good looks, more at home in a rough inner city bar than in a pretty university town. There’s a leather jacket over top of a plain white t-shirt, with worn jeans and motorcycle boots to complete the rather striking picture, and Raven is left a little speechless at what this man could possibly want with Charles - her rich, posh, academic bore of a brother.

“Who are you?” she asks, folding her arms and leveling ‘side burns’ with a glare. “And what do want?”

The man looks her up and down, decidedly unimpressed with her terse greeting. “Who the hell are you, his mother? Is he here or not?”

“I’m his sister,” she snarls, blocking the doorway with her body as ‘side burns’ attempts to peek around her for a glimpse inside the apartment. “Charles’ business is my business. So you can tell me what you want with him or you can turn around and leave.”

The man just arches an eyebrow at her, leaning against the door frame as though he’s settling in for a long wait. “Sister eh? Chuck never said anything about having a sister.”

She snorts. “Clearly you don’t know him very well, if he didn’t tell you about me.”

But the man only shrugs his shoulders, giving Raven an infuriating smile. “Probably. At the time we were too busy to do much talking.”

He says it with the barest hint of a smirk on his lips, just enough for Raven to question whether there was a lewd jest veiled in that seemingly innocuous statement. Charles had told her once, when they were still teenagers that he was attracted first and foremost to someone’s mind; that ‘male’ or ‘female’ mattered very little to a telepath who could see the sum of a person’s beauty both inside and out.

She wonders, looking at the man camped in her doorway, whether his connection with Charles is that of a passing acquaintance, a friendship, or something more.

“Raven, is there someone at the—Logan!” Charles chimes in from the hallway, the smile breaking across his face like a sunrise as soon as he catches sight of the ‘not’ stranger. “It’s so good to see you! What are you doing here?”

Unexpectedly, the man – Logan’s – expression softens a little at her brother’s enthusiastic greeting, and his voice loses the impatient edge he’s been using with Raven just moments before. “I was in the neighborhood; thought I’d stop by. Take you out for that beer I owe ya.”

“That would be lovely.” Charles answers, the two men exchanging a long, indecipherable look before he seems to realize that Raven is still standing there, and wraps his arm around her shoulder, tugging her close. “Oh I’m sorry, Darling! Raven this is my friend, Logan. Logan, my sister Raven.”

“We’ve met,” she says, tone decidedly frosty, though it seems the two men are too busy grinning at each other to notice. “How do you know him, Charles?”

Who the hell is this guy? she sends, in addition to her brusque words. And why have you never told me about him?

Charles squeezes her arm and then takes her hand, brushing a quick kiss across her knuckles as Logan watches. “We met in a bar in London some months ago, and struck up a rather interesting conversation. We exchanged names and I extended an invitation for Logan to visit, if he was ever passing through,” Charles explains, leaving giant, obvious gaps in the story of their meeting. “I’m pleased he decided to take me up on that offer.”

He’s like us, Charles hurries to add, sounding firm if a bit apologetic, but I can’t tell you much more than that, I’m sorry. Logan doesn’t like sharing details about his life and…well, his secrets are not mine to tell.

“Right then. You got your explanation now, can we go?”

Raven doesn’t think she’s ever met anyone quite as manner-less as this mysterious ‘Logan’, who is already dragging her brother half way out the door. He reaches to grab Charles’ arm to tug him past Raven, and before she knows it she’s staring at her brother’s back as the two men make their way down the hall.

“Sorry Darling, we’ll be back in a few hours,” Charles tosses over his shoulder, blowing her a kiss as he and Logan step through the elevator doors. Logan gives her a little wave too, something that makes her hackles rise, along with his last words just as the doors are closing –

“Bye Darling, don’t wait up!”

Whoever this Logan guy turns out to be, Raven is fairly certain that she hates him already.

Charles Xavier: Rewriting History (Part IV of V)


I stared at the man that I had once known like the back of my hand. “What did you have to say to me that needed to be said in private?”
He scrubs his face with his hand and I can feel the restless energy coming off of him in waves. “I wanted to make sure that you were okay.”

My jaw dropped open. That was not the direction I thought this conversation was going to go. “I-“

I watch as the corners of his mouth twitch up into a smile for a split second.

“I’m fine.” I stutter out letting my wariness get the best of me. His question threw me off guard. Out of all the conversations I thought we would be having this was not one, especially after our icy cold encounters over the last couple of days.

“You look exhausted.”

Gee, just what every woman wants to hear from the man she loves. “I’ve had better days.” I have also had way worse, like the day I left you.  The day you shattered every piece of my heart.

I watch as awareness went through his eyes. Fuck, did he hear my thought? I felt another push in my mind. “Stop it Charles!” I growled out as I scowled at him. I didn’t want him to know what I was thinking, even if I had accidently tripped up and let him know that one thought. I didn’t want him to realize that I was still in love with him. That even after everything my warped up emotions were still wrapped around him.

For the past few days all he could do was tell me that he didn’t need me around and act pissed off at me. Now, that he has his powers back he feels like making amends.  I took a deep breath trying to control me whirled wind emotions. I felt one more push before he stopped.

“I wanted to talk about what happened outside of the hotel.” He pauses as he keeps his eyes on my face as if to gauge my reaction.

I held back a sigh, this was the conversation that he had wanted. He was never going to understand how much I meant the words about Raven. He would not understand how much pain I was in because of him and his need to have her.

“Y/N, Raven choosing Erik was wrong, but I believe she is still good and i-“

I put my hands up in expiration the man was unbelievable. “Don’t.” I say between clenched teeth holding back tears. Everything was always about her and I cannot deal with this right now.

“I don’t need your excuses. I don’t need you to tell me what your opinion is about Raven.  I don’t want to hear how she is still good and that she just needs a little guidance. She makes her own damn decisions and as far as I am concerned she is a problem. I’m here for one reason and one reason only, because of Hank, nothing more and nothing less. As far as I am concerned you and I have nothing of interest to say to one another. When this is over-” I swallow as I pause. Why was it so hard to tell him? “We won’t see each other again. I’m gone.” I say before turning on my heel and leaving the room. I shake my head as I make my way towards where Logan and Hank where.

I can feel his anger beating at me from my words. “We need to discuss this.” He says as I make my way closer to Logan and Hank.

I shake my head at his words keeping my own temper in check. He lost the right to discuss anything with me when he choose her. When he choose to be angry at me and cut me out of his life.

Hank seemed to pick up on my mood. “Want to talk?”

I give him a tight smile. “Not really.”

I hear Charles come up behind me but refuse to turn to look at him. I had already told him what I had to say so there was no point in me paying him any mind.

“Let’s go down and see if we can get the generate to kick on for Cerebro.” Hank says motioning for us to follow.

I shake my head no. “I’m going for a walk.” I say as I brushed past them. I needed air and to cool off. Besides, it wasn’t like I could go with. All of those peoples emotions and energy would cause me to lose control and at this point I am already at the brink.  As I made my way back into the garden I thought back to how things had changed so much than from where we had started.

I was sitting in a bar with a few of my friends and some soldiers who were looking for a good time off of the base. I downed the last of my water and headed for the bar for another drink.

I sat down on the stool needing a minute away from my friends as their energy was getting to be too much for me to handle.  Two men come up on either side of me and sit down boxing me in.

The one on my left sticks his hand out.  “My name is Charles Xavier and this is my colleague Erik Lensherr.”

I quirked an eyebrow at him, what did that mean to me?  “Y/N…” I said cautiously as I sized him up.

He chuckled. “It means we are very much like you.”

I narrowed my eyes as him as I felt his amusement pounding at me. “In what way?”

The one on my right snorted and I could feel his disapproval coming off of him in waves. “Mutants, sweetheart.”

I swivieled my head and stared at him. “I have no idea what you are talking about. “ I say standing and making my way back towards the table without my drink.

I feel someone in my head. “Yes Y/N, you know exactly what we are talking about. If you want to learn to control them we can help.”

I sighed as I sat down on the steps. I was so eager to be with those like me that I never imagined that we would want different things out of the world. I place my arm on my knee and lean my chin up against it. I smiled slightly as I remembered living in the compound before we moved to the mansion.

“Come on, Y/N it will be fun.” Raven and Angel whined as I sat in the garden.

I didn’t really want to because I needed to practice more control. Unlike the two of them my powers were volatile if I got distracted or let my emotions get the best of me. Before I could even respond or formulate an answer in my own mind another voice spoke up for me.

“Y/N has practice.” Charles said.

I turned to give Charles an odd look but did not argue with him.  Since when?

I can feel the amusement rolling off Charles. “Since now.” He says in my mind before motioning for them to leave.

I let out a laugh and shake my head. “Since now?”


That’s odd usually I only do it with Erik and Charles, never just Charles. In fact without any of my three best friends Charles and I never interacted so this was a bit strange. “Is Erik coming out then?” I asked.

Charles just smiled. “No just you and me.”

I gave him a weird look.

“You seem to have a harder time with control if Alex, Erik, or Hank are around. So Erik and I agreed we should see how it works if it was just me.”

I nod and stand up turning to face him. “What exactly am I supposed to do?”

“You said you can control people through your mutation. I want you to control me.” He says and I can feel his amusement.

I shook my head and took a deep breath. I closed my eyes and focused solely on Charles energy. I used the energy and created a small ball of yellow light in the palm of my hand.

“So not only are you and empath but you can use your empathy to manipulate how other act or feel.” Charles sounded intrigued by my power. “How?”

I swallowed. The only other person who knew the extent of my power was Hank. “It’s like what you do but instead of reading someone’s mind I am reading their emotions.” I paused trying to find the right words to say. “I am then able to harness the energy they give off and use it like Alex uses his mutation or like you I can control someone.”

“Let’s test it then. I want you to stop me.” He says.

I looked at him confused. “Stop you fr-“ Before I could even finish my thought Charles hands were cupping each side of my face and his lips were on mine.

I smiled at the memory as I looked out into the garden ten years felt like a century ago. I turn my head to see Hank running towards me.

“What’s wrong?”

“A lot. We know where Raven is going but…we have a problem.” He says.

Professor X - Part 3

  • +18 Content. Part 3 of 4. Reader´s perspective.
  • Author: me, so-easy-to-love-me
  • Character: Professor Charles Xavier / James McAvoy, Erik Lehnsherr / Michael Fassbender
  • Genre: This one´s highly emotional but fret not!  There´s some delicious smut too.
  • Summary: Charles and his mutant lover reunite after many years but she finds a changed man. There are many issues that need to be resolved, one of them being his paralysis making him feel to be an inadequat man for her. The appearance of a former foe brings up a new but dangerous possibility…

This story follows the Days of Future Past timeline, if you pay attention to a petty detail like this.

Read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

Home is where the heart is, that is what they say.

If this was true then I had eventually returned home, after many years, but dreading what or whom I might find here.

The more I approximated the Xavier mansion, my former refuge and the place I left my heart, the colder and number my hands grew. The landscape was vivid with the most beautiful, vibrant colour of autumn and all was like I remembered it from a happier time. A soft breeze gently swept the fallen leaves over the little driveway up to the School for gifted youngsters, but my eyes were blind to all the beauty surrounding me.

I had to stop the car for a moment, hold on and remind myself of breathing.

It seemed my timid, racing heart´s pounding filled my chest so much it left no space for air. Never before in my life had I been so afraid, so agitated to meet someone again. It had been so long since I last saw Charles Xavier, my mentor, my teacher and the love of my life. Our parting had to be quick back then because times were dangerous, a fact that hadn´t changed much, even though the circumstances had. The pain however, lingered very long and returned now with full force. My mind fully grasped the necessity of a quick departure but my heart broke when I had to leave and it never really healed. Neither Charles nor I knew when, if ever, we would meet again. Now this time had come and fear grew into a cold shadow that did not only follow me but swallow me whole. What would Charles be like? Had he changed much? And the question its answer I feared the most: did he still have feelings for me after all those years? I started the car again, inhaled deeply one last time and drove up to the mansion´s entrance, scared as if I was on the way to my own execution.

“Be careful with Charles. He has changed – and I fear not for the better. You may have a hard time recognising him.”

Hank, one of my former schoolmates who now seemed to live at the mansion with Charles, wanted to prepare me for my reunion with my beloved Charles but I already knew and felt he was a different man when he called out to me to come to him in my thoughts. He sounded broken, alone and close to giving up on himself and on life. “And just so you know,” he continued in a lower tone, “you are not the only visitor here.” Hank gestured as if he was putting something on his head. A cap? A hat? A helmet?  A helmet! Erik! Magneto!

“Erik is here? How…”

I gasped. He certainly was the last one I had expected here. Terrible things had happened between them; I had seen how once he and Charles were closest friends, now I knew he was his antagonist or enemy even. I had only heard rumours about what happened in Cuba, but apparently, it was Erik´s fault Charles was hit by a bullet and paralyzed from that day on.

“He is. He somehow escaped prison and came here to reconcile with Charles, God only knows why. Maybe this is one of his many schemes. But I don´t want him here. I don´t trust that guy. Never really have, to be honest.” Hank´s voice growled with anger and I noticed his fingers starting to tremble.

“Please my friend,” he looked deeply into my eyes while he moved his glasses up his nose and I heard honest concern in his voice, “Charles is very vulnerable at the moment and Erik is capable of anything. Whatever you do or say, stay alert. I´m afraid neither of them can be trusted.”

“Thank you Hank. I´m very happy to see Charles´s  got someone looking after him.”

We nodded at each other in silent accordance and I smiled at the young mutant wryly when a familiar voice interrupted us.

“This institution is closed.”

Startled, I looked up to where the voice came from and before I could even say good-bye, Hank disappeared out of the hallway at a smart pace.

My expression turned to stone as my limbs tensed up. I couldn´t believe my eyes. Was that really – Charles, my Charles?

“Not quite the man you expected, I suppose?”

Charles slowly walked down the stairs and a bitter smile flickered over his weary face. He walked. How was that even possible? His tone was cold and distant, only faintly reminiscent of the softness I remembered his voice sounding with. The steps echoed loudly in the quiet building and he stopped on the last stair, shakily holding on to the banister, giving me a stare that was settled between resentment and apathy. He looked so different. Nothing of that gleaming smile I knew and loved so much was left, the charming sparkle in his light blue eyes and the confident posture were gone. His dressing gown was torn, his trousers rumpled and his hair, something he had always taken pride in wearing clean-cut and accurate, was an almost shoulder-length, unkempt mess. Dark circles girdled his reddened eyes and it seemed the life in them had left and had made way for desperation and disheartenment. Charles was a mere shadow of the stunning, lively young man he used to be. Consternation and heartbreak surged up within me.

“Charles, good to see you again.”

My lie was as obvious as the dismay on my face. The thought of seeing him again had me all churned up inside and now finding him in this condition tore me apart. If I hadn´t sensed him needing me, if I hadn´t felt him reaching out to me, I would have never dared to come and see him. And never found out how bad things really were.

“Is it now?” Charles asked cynically.

The tremor of his hands increased and his grip on the railing tightened. He looked as if he had a hard time standing up straight. Pain contorted his still beautiful face and hiding it stayed an abortive attempt. Cautiously I went over to him and when we stood face to face, I reached out and gently touched his stubbly cheek.

“You look terrible,” I whispered with deep sadness, unable to pretend anymore. “What happened to you?”

Charles´ eyebrows knit while he still stared at me, nasal wings quivering and though I had expected him to reject me and my touch, his features suddenly softened.

He laid his hand atop mine and when his eyes finally teared up, my heart broke.

“Too much,” he said in a raspy voice, “and I am unable to deal with any of it.”

He fell into my embrace and clung to me, a shivering picture of misery. As much as I anticipated a cold and deprecating Charles, as much was I taken aback by his breakdown. It seemed he had held back so much and kept up a wall for so long it started to collapse the moment someone only slightly scratched the surface. I instantly felt the need to protect him and guide him, just as he did when I first came to his school, a young woman afraid and feeling lost in the world. In this very moment, things were like we had never been separated. Our closeness felt like it did years ago. Time hadn´t changed that. Only were the roles reversed this time. All I wanted was to hold him and when his hot tears fell down on my shoulder, I pressed him closer to me.

My poor Charles, I thought and softly caressed over his back, I´ll make us some tea, then we´ll sit down and you tell me everything, alright?

However, there was no reaction to my unspoken words. Charles stayed in my arms while I still waited for his response. I loosened my grip and looked at him with a quizzical mien.

“You talked to me, didn´t you, in your thoughts?”

Slowly I nodded and this little gesture seemed to dishearten him even more. His voice broke eventually and he looked down to the floor as if he was ashamed.

“I had to choose between my telepathic power and my ability to walk. You know already which one I picked.”

For hours, we sat opposite each other in Charles´ former office and words didn´t stop falling from his mouth like a dam had broken open. I learned all about why he wanted me gone, about what had happened in Cuba and with Erik, that Raven had left with his former friend and all about the serum Hank had invented to enable Charles to endure his pain. He downed four glasses of whiskey as he spoke and it worried me that he didn´t show any signs of being drunk; he was obviously not only dependent on the serum but also used to consuming high amounts of alcohol to make it through the day. His powers were suppressed by the drug he explained, and so was his pain; it was the only possibility that allowed him to use his legs. A fact he depicted quite unemotionally, but I saw the little twitch in his eye that gave him away. He was holding back from crying. My heart sunk the more I listened and the more I came to see how these events had destroyed his confidence and crushed his belief in anything good. He just seemed to have entirely lost any purpose in life.

“And on top of all that,” he began again after he had finished another drink, “you were gone.”

“But that´s what you wanted Charles! You urged me to leave. I would have stayed with you, you know that.”

Glooming about my words, he stared into the distance.

“I know, but it was too dangerous. I couldn´t have protected you. And I didn´t know if you would return and forgive me.”

“Forgive you for what? Wanting to protect me? You silly, silly man. I would have come back the next day if you had just asked me to.”

We sighed in unison, painfully realizing that we had lost so many years, missing each other and each of us being too afraid to make the first move.

“No more hesitating.” I broke the silence, got up, slowly crossed the room and finally stood before him, holding his stare.  His hand reached out for me and taking it, I sunk down on the leather sofa next to him.

“I am here now and will stay with you. Whatever may come. And I will help you with – this.” I pointed to the glass on the table. Charles lips opened, his head tilt aside and he gave me a disbelieving look.

“I can´t believe I let you go. I missed you so much… please, never leave me again.”

His soft words washed away all my misgivings and I felt I had finally arrived home.

Before my mouth could form an answer, it found its way to place a soft kiss on his.

Soon my arms entangled him, I moved closer and we finally engaged in a kiss of utter and most delicate gentleness and slowness. Charles seemed a little insecure still, but once my lips left no doubt about my true feelings he started to relax, pulled me nearer and held me so tight I could barely breathe. I let it happen with glee and soon, too soon probably, I let my hunger and desperation for him take over. My kisses grew bolder; I straddled his lap, ran my hands through his hair and over his chest and my body clearly signalled its want, though my mind and my heart knew it was too early for it. I had missed him so much and wanted compensation for all the time we had wasted.

A sudden yelp startled me and I looked at Charles with panic-widened eyes.

“I´m sorry my love, I shouldn´t have… did I hurt you?”

Charles bended in agony and his tremor returned relentlessly, significantly more distinct than I had witnessed it before. For a fleeting moment, I heard the voices in his head - hundreds, thousands! – and could only begin to imagine what it must feel like to have them talking to him day in and day out. I heard and physically felt the excruciating confusion this overwhelming concoction of static, phrases and screams caused.

“No, it´s not you… it´s the voices… and the pain… it´s been too long since I last took the serum…” he moaned and grabbed his head as if he wanted to prevent it from exploding.

His whole body shook from torment. I wanted to jump from his lap when suddenly his hand clasped my wrist tightly and he sighed at me with the last remaining bits of his mind´s clarity: “It is NOT your fault, I really want this too but… I can´t. I´m a mess. A wreck and a complete mess.”

He let go of my hand, screamed once more, returned his fingers to his aching temples and I hurried downstairs to find Hank to get Charles his needed dose of the drug.

When we returned, he lay on the floor, helplessly trying to move his stiffened legs, his eyes tearstained and his face dark with frustration and anger.

“Is this what you want as your man?” He shouted. “A burden? Look, I can´t even move my fucking legs! I am a goddamn cripple!”

The cold and sudden realization about how desperate this man really was felt like a knife cutting through my guts. Still, more than ever, was I sure now that I loved him with all my heart and would stand by him, no matter where the path would lead us. I knelt down beside him, calmingly laid a hand on his heaving chest, wiped a lock out of his sweaty face and looked at him lovingly while Hank applied he drug.

“Just read my mind and you will know my honest answer.”

The serum worked fast. Charles fell asleep from exhaustion while Hank carried him to his bed. I covered his heated, trembling body with a light blanket and sat by his side, watching him fall into a deep slumber, my hand in his. Once the shivers ceased and he finally slept peacefully, the sonorous rhythm of his soft snore calmed me also. He was at ease, at last. But how long and at what cost? His telepathic power gone, forever? Not only was he one of the most powerful mutants in the world, his ability, his kind heart, his honest, good intentions, along with his brilliant mind were treasures the world couldn´t afford to let them go to waste.

“He really does suffer.”

Erik´s voice interrupted my train of thoughts and I turned around to glare at him with disdain. Standing in the doorway, he was watching us, a mild expression on his face, his tone being regretful. I could not believe he had the audacity to come here and talk to me.

“And it is your fault. You took everything he had and loved.”

“Believe me, I have paid for it, a hundredfold.”

Rage started to seethe in me; I felt the urge to look at him directly and confront him with all of it. Afraid of waking Charles, I gestured Erik to follow me out on the hallway and closed the door behind us as we stood in the dimly lit corridor.

“You have your life as it used to be while Charles hides and vegetates here, constantly torn between having his powers and being able to use his legs, guilt laden, lonely and addicted to alcohol and this substance.”

His sudden coming closer scared me; he stood so near I felt his breath on my forehead but I couldn´t turn anywhere; I stood with my back against the wooden panelled wall. I gulped. There it was again, this uneasy feeling, this unexplainable fear I had of him and his wolf-like bared teeth display only affirmed my qualms.

“Wallowing in self-pity in a huge mansion with someone taking care of him, yeah, that must be hard indeed.”

His jaw clenched, his ice blue eyes stared down into mine, blazing with fury, while his voice stayed controlled.

“I have lost so many mutant brothers and sisters; I was imprisoned for a murder I did not commit, for many years. Years I suppose you spent in freedom and not being, in any way at all, concerned about Charles or any other mutant.” He paused to stress his last sentence and said it with a coldness and a hurtful disgust he had never used on me before. ”Otherwise you would have stayed.”

His words cut deeper than I would have ever imagined words had the power to.

“How dare you…” I whispered while his accusation was scorching my heart. Incapable of holding back my tears any longer, though weakness was the last thing I wanted to show, my shoulders fell and I started to sob silently, my face buried in my palms.

“He sent me away because he was afraid he couldn´t protect me,” I spoke under my breath, “I obeyed him although it broke my heart.”

What I had just stated clearly was news to him; Erik needed some time to process it and he watched me for minutes, without any reaction. Not expecting any gesture at all, I winced when he, cautiously, placed his hands on my shoulders and his tone became soft, almost pleading.

“I didn´t know. I honestly didn´t and I am sorry,” he apologized. ”You were something like an untouchable topic between Charles and me. He never mentioned more than your departure and as clear as it was that talking about you hurt him, I never wanted to bring it up myself.”

When he, without saying any more, took me into his arms, I only reluctantly moved into his embrace but let go of my reservations for a moment and gave in to my need to cry on someone´s shoulder. He tried to hush me and there was a soothing stillness in his tight hold. “I don´t want to fight. I am here to make peace and hope to find peace. Charles and I have spent long nights discussing and have reconciled. We cannot win this war if we keep on fighting each other. We must stick together, as the friends and brothers we are.” I didn´t want to, but I started to feel something like forgiveness for him and it made my heart lighter. If Charles could do it, I certainly could too. “Let us leave the past behind us. Charles needs us both now, his woman and his best friend, strong and united. Together we will fight – and all will be good in the end.”

It was almost ridiculous how much I wanted to believe him.

Hank and I sat in the kitchen together; the morning sun warmed to tablecloth and filled the room with a brisk, white brightness. My night had been far from restorative and though I stretched and yawned extensively, the sleep deprivation kept perching leaden in my limbs. Having to witness Charles being in such agony, then confronting Erik and surprisingly finding him cradling me in his arms kept me awake while all my mind needed was a dreamless, deep rest.

“If he increases the dose of the serum any further I cannot guarantee his safety anymore. He already takes a lot more than he should.”

Hank was concerned, but obviously not as much as I was. He crunched on his cereal while I slurped my freshly brewed coffee and let his comment sink in.

“Has he been up today? Or is he still sleeping after last night´s episode? I suppose that huge amount of serum you gave him knocked him out.”

The young man shrugged. “I heard noises from his rooms, so I guess he´s up, yeah.”

My obvious irritation surprised Hank. “It´s not that I´m checking on him every five minutes. Anyway, if I was you I wouldn´t knock on his door until late afternoon. That´s the time he usually gets up to go back to drinking – until he passes out from it somewhere in the middle of the night.”

That was it. Things couldn´t go on like that. I had to do something to help Charles find his path again. He could do so much good with his gift and was wasting his time so tragically. We would have to sit down and have a serious talk, when he got up. God only knew when that would be.

It was dark outside already and I had wandered the mansion all day without encountering either Charles or Erik, but I did not mind. Too many impressions had rained down on me the day before that I was happy to be alone and sort out my thoughts. To walk through my old classrooms, to stop in the library and to see all the books I had studied from again, all covered with finger thick layers of dust, let a bittersweet nostalgia arise in me. So many good things had happened here, my happiest days did I spend here, I learned to accept my otherness and to control and improve my ability, made friends for life and I met him, Charles, the man I loved so much and for whose life I feared now.

“Come to me, love.”

Charles made sure not to alarm me and addressed me in his softest, calmest voice. I turned around, but he was nowhere to be seen. “I´m in my room. Please, come to me. We need to talk.”

Why did he communicate with me over telepathy? Didn´t he take his medication? My curiosity dropped to concern. The unshakeable certainty that this would be the heart-to-heart talk that would change everything bubbled in my stomach and with a firm step, I headed towards Charles´ room.

The atmosphere was peculiar but not uncomfortable. He had drawn the curtains close and the air was mellow with the heavy scent of vanilla incense sticks. I had some of the wine Charles had opened, a dark, berrylike Merlot and although we both knew very well that he had to stop or at least reduce the consumption of alcohol, I didn´t accost him when he poured a glass for himself.  We agreed on the fact that things – and by that I meant his behaviour and his mind set – had to change drastically and though I hoped he would come to that conclusion, he caught me quite unaware with his decision to give up the serum and focus on his powers again, along with all the consequences this would imply. Only naturally, I was excited about his willingness and I felt ready to go all the way with him.

We must have talked for hours, because the next time I looked at the wine bottle in front of me its content was almost gone, mostly thanks to me and a pleasant dizziness had started to slightly blur my senses. Charles had managed to, and I could see it cost him a lot of strength, blank out most of the voices and the pain. At times though, when he thought I wasn´t paying attention, I saw him rubbing his temples and squinting his eyes and heard him huff out lowly when the two things began to collide in his head again.

“There is one thing that occupies my mind…” he began shyly after a while, “it is of a certain importance to both of us, but I don´t quite know how to approach you about it. It´s a quite, erm, delicate matter.”

Smiling amusedly, I walked over and sat down beside him, tenderly stroking over his upper arm, then nudging his side, but always carefully; I never knew how being without the serum would affect his senses.

“Since when are you shy about anything darling?” I teased him, softly letting my breath brush his ear. Charles exhaled deeply and his intense look bode ill.

“It´s about sex…” he began and I found his sudden coyness adorable, “when I´m unable to move my legs you know, due to the spinal injury, it is because I can´t feel them. And that goes hand in hand with other reactions that are supposed to happen down here.” He bowed his head and looked at his crotch, a truly heart-breaking gesture.

“I know,” I whispered, “but that doesn´t make me love you any less.” First, I put a little peck on his cheek then I snuggled up close to him, enjoying the warmth and the scent of his skin when he lay his arm around me.

“You don´t know…” he continued with a tone that appeared a little harsher and looked at me, again, with that lost expression, ashamed and guilty, “you know there are numerous arousing sensations I am able to give you with my ability but if I decide to completely waive the serum…” he paused a last time and inhaled, “then you will never get the full experience again.”

Of course I knew what he was talking about. With a man, paralyzed from the navel down as he was when he stopped taking the serum, sex, or the simple act of penetration would become impossible.

“But that is okay with me Charles,” I tried to comfort him and it was honest. We had only had sex a few times and I remembered it being breath taking to feel him fill me, having to use my hands to hold against his deep thrusts, him being able to have me in any position he wanted. But if it was different from now on, then that was the way it was supposed to be. In either case, I knew Charles would give his absolute best to satisfy my needs, though he honestly seemed worried about being unable to do just that. Still, it looked like my words weren´t of any consolation to him.

“Do not worry for me…” I purred into his ear and it caught him by surprise when I, again, climbed his lap and leaned in for a kiss. I let my opened lips glide over his neck and ear before they met his and melted into each other for a long, tender encounter.

What felt like a bolt shooting through my mind let me sit up straight immediately and left Charles, his hands resting on the small of my back, looking at me alarmed.

“What is it darling?”

Sceptically I glanced at his puzzled expression and removed my hands from his chest.

“Why do I see Erik in your thoughts? While we kiss? Don´t you think that´s… rather odd?”

Charles exhaled and suddenly his eyes started to wink nervously.

“I had this idea… and I would have never given it a second thought hadn´t I been so desperate, you have to believe me…”

I shrugged at his enigmatic words.

“Knowing I cannot physically give you want you want and need, whilst also knowing you were and obviously still are a passionate woman who could never completely divest herself of bodily pleasures, truly anguishes me.”

“So? What are you getting at?” Slowly I started to feel at loss with him. What did he mean?

“You know, he could… with your consent of course and in my presence… help us out.”

“Erik? Are you serious? Is this supposed to be some sick love triangle? Well, certainly not love because you know how I feel about him…” My hand on my forehead, I shook my head, hoping he was joking. “Wow, that´s a really bold idea.”

Light-headed from the alcohol in my blood I sniggered at his absurd suggestion, but soon my smile faded when I realized how serious he was about it.

“I am very serious love. I trust and love you both enough to try such a spirited attempt. Nothing you don´t want to happen will happen, I promise.”

My attitude towards Erik was of a divided nature; his explanations and how he tried to comfort me the night before changed my mind about him profoundly and yes, I found him attractive. Still, there was this slight feeling of mistrust against him, a vague taste of intimidation that always remained.

The fact I let this notion linger on my mind longer than a second surprised me. Did this really seem like a suitable agreement between the three of us?

It could be… he suddenly thought and raised his eyebrows when he looked at me, let us give it a try and if you´re not comfortable with it, I can easily erase the memory from your mind, if that is what you want me to do.

What? Right now? Did you wait until I was drunk enough to advance this proposal to me Charles?

Of course not darling, he tried to appease me, I wanted to discuss other, more vital matters first and that we did. In all fairness, I couldn´t exactly foresee that you would empty the whole bottle of wine by yourself – but I guess you´re more relaxed now that you´re a bit tipsy, are you not?

He was right, I had to admit and I nodded at him slowly. At the same time, and I loved the fact we could converse telepathically again, I shivered at the thought of Erik touching me. I could not, in the slightest, anticipate what would happen between him and me, let alone the three of us.

Would you mind Erik joining us?

I agreed but the uneasy feeling returned when Charles called out for his friend and I avoided looking at him when he entered the room. When he sat down opposite us, seemingly in discomfort himself, the room was fraught with tension.

“I don´t want to waste too many words about this,“ Charles said calmly, “you both know why you are here. Let me just say – “ he turned towards me, bravely forcing a smile, “I love you my darling. Rest assured nothing that happens here tonight will change this fact. Do what you feel comfortable with and do not worry about anything. Erik and I will take care of you. And you, old friend,“ now he faced Erik, who helped himself with the remaining bits of wine, “I appreciate what you are ready to do, for me and the woman I love.”

Erik, his features as always hard to read and bare of any emotion, nodded approvingly and let his eyes switch to me when Charles had finished talking.

With a voice as soft as I had never heard it from him before, he addressed me as he leaned forward.

“You look scared. Don´t be. I will be gentle and only do what you - and Charles – allow me to.”

As much as the actual idea intrigued me, I felt a little overwhelmed.

“Wow, the two of you have really thought this through, haven´t you?” Feeling my resistance slowly subside, I leaned back on the leather sofa, closed my eyes and sighed. It wasn´t long until I heard Erik getting out of his seat and walking over to me. “Come with me,” he invited me and as I opened my eyes again I saw him reaching his hand out for mine. A last time, I looked at Charles, silently asking his permission and when I could read affirmation in his eyes, I finally took Erik´s hand and let him lead me to the nearby bed.

Erik´s kisses were soft and gentle, as was his touch, but both very different from Charles´. I felt he needed to hold back, to control himself and had we been strangers who had just met for a carnal interlude or lovers who indulged in an intimate tryst, he would have been far more passionate and uninhibited with me.

While we took our clothes off, he never stopped kissing me, with a tongue that never was too daring and never stopped caressing me, with hands that were both delicate and adept, while I never stopped looking at my beloved man. My whole body was tense under the strange touch, but still, I enjoyed the sensation he gave me – though it somehow felt like a betrayal. My moans were carefully suppressed when he started tracing my neck with his mouth and gingerly grazed the soft skin with his teeth. I felt so vulnerable in his embrace. I wanted him to be Charles, the man I truly loved and desired, but I had agreed and now was at both men´s mercy. Charles watched us from a safe distance and I saw disheartenment written all over his beautiful face, as much as he tried to hide it. Saddened and somehow feeling guilty, I reached out into Charles´ direction and mouthed his name voicelessly. Don´t look at me love he spoke softly and I was able to make out a slight tremble in his tone, let go and enjoy it. Heavy-heartedly, I followed his invitation and felt my limbs loosen a bit. Finally, I allowed myself to embrace Erik and give in to the kiss he offered me, his lips gently parting mine and his tongue unhastily exploring my mouth. I let my hands roam his soft, pale skin and was delighted by the tautness of his muscles and his lean physique. His cock, alike in impressiveness to Charles´, soon pressed demandingly against my hips but I dared not yet to move against it. Both of his hands cupped my breasts now; his head bowed and Erik tenderly circled my hard nipples with his tongue and snapped them, sucking them into his mouth with an appetite I soon felt increasing as my hands tousled his soft shock of hair. While his mouth still teased my rosy buds, I felt his right hand slide between my legs where he softly stroked over my mound and my labia. I could not help but let out a loud moan when his fingers entered me to find my hot, slick folds and my erect clit. With a steady softness, he caressed the hard little nub rhythmically and my legs opened up and my pelvis urged against his touch.

Erik moved me towards the bed and we lay down on the cool soft sheets together, facing each other, beginning a new kiss, while his two fingers alternated stroking my hard, wet clitoris and diving deep into my tight orifice.

“Turn around,” he moaned into my mouth and I did as he wanted, closing my eyes in the warm safe cosiness of his embrace. His hot breath waved against the back of my nape, and I felt him fetch his large stiff cock and guide it to my moist entrance. Though the big, pulsating head pushed against my hole, he still hesitated with entering me.

Open your eyes I suddenly heard Charles´ soft voice sounding in my head and a loud gasp came over my lips when I saw him lying there, right in front of me, face to face, just a heartbeat away from me.

Charles I smiled at him but he returned it only reluctantly. You know this is just an illusion, right my love? He asked but he already knew my answer. I do but I don´t care. I´m so happy you´re here with me.

Wearily, he gave me last smile before he moved closer and started kissing me.

As if he had waited for Charles´ onset, Erik now held on to my hips and let his cock slowly glide in me. His overwhelming penetration caused me to groan into Charles´ sweet mouth that slightly tasted of red wine, but he didn´t discontinue kissing me. My hands grabbed his face while Erik kept pushing in me from behind, my kisses´ ardour increased together with Erik’s thrusts and I loved to feel one man´s teeth solidly sunk into my neck and shoulder while I had the other man´s tongue deep in my hungry mouth.

In a continuous flow, I reached behind me to capture Erik´s neck with one hand and tried to touch Charles´ body in front of me with the other, when my beloved let his hand wander over my breasts, teasingly pinching the nipples while he kissed me. He grabbed them in their fullness now, squeezing them hard and when he let go and let his hand wander downwards on my body, I held my breath for a short moment. I couldn´t and didn´t want to wait for his touch any longer and welcomed his fingers in my wet cunt with a little outcry of pleasure.

“Let me touch you too,” I sighed when his lips left mine and immediately I moved my hand over his freckled skin, over his shoulders, his chest, his stomach and finally rested on his hard, throbbing cock, a feeling I had missed so much in all these years. Charles´ moans intensified fast when I worked him up and down, applying a bit of extra pressure in the hot smooth head and so did the strokes of his fingers on my most sensitive little spot. Erik grabbed my chin and turned me towards him, kept ploughing me, harder and faster now, and his cock filled and stretched me pleasantly but again, differently than Charles´ did. He shoved his tongue deep and forcefully into my opened mouth and at the point of ecstasy I had already reached, I granted him the rough kiss he wanted.

Charles´ hand continued, unswervingly, to bring me closer to the edge and when I finally reached my mind-blowing orgasm, I broke away from Erik´s mouth to look at the man I loved so much.

Though I was shaking and screaming from the searing hot sensation that flashed through every cell of my body, I managed to finish off Charles just seconds later and he erupted in my hand, uttering a staccato of short high sighs. Erik breathed heavily into my hot ear as he came, stuttering peaked groans and quivering behind me as he pumped his seed in me, with long, deep thrusts, burying his fingers painfully into my hips.

When my climax had abated and I was in control of my senses again, Charles had disappeared. I sat up and my eyes searched the room for him frantically, when I found him sitting on the couch, head bowed, a distraught expression on his handsome features. He didn´t look at me, but down to the floor.

Erik, still panting, let go of me, placed a soft kiss on my shoulder, on the very spot he had bitten so hard before and whispered a hushed “I hope it felt as good for you as it did for me” at me before he got up and started dressing again. An awkward silence hovering above us, I slowly got up, dressed again and gestured Erik to leave the room with me, not without gently brushing Charles shoulder when we passed him on the way out.

“This will, under what circumstance ever, never happen again, do you hear me Erik?” My tone was belligerent and spat the words at him having sorrowfully realized how hurt Charles was by what just had happened.

“Did you see him? Did you actually see him? He was devastated. We cannot do this to him, ever again.”

Erik´s face was a blank canvas, as I knew it was when he didn´t want to show his true emotions.

“I did see him. But you…” he came a little closer, looking at my chafed, reddened lips, “you enjoyed it quite much or am I wrong?”

His lips curled to a wolfish smile.

“You are this close to getting your face slapped my friend,“ I huffed and pushed him away. He chuckled. “Forgive me, maybe that was inappropriate. But I won´t lie, I for myself, had a good time, an excellent time in fact.”

He tried to kiss my cheek before he turned to leave. “You two have enough to sort out now; I wish you good luck with that.”

“How very convenient for you. Yeah, just leave. Charles and I will be fine.”

“I trust in it!” he laughed in a provocative singsong as I watched him disappear in the dark corridor.

A cruel fear grew in me that this event would stay with us forever and taint what we had so carefully restored in the last hours. What a stupid mistake we had made. One that would either bind us forever or irrevocably destroy everything between us.

Drawing in a deep breath, I entered Charles´ room again, just to find him sitting there, in the same position, the same expression on his face.

Awkwardly, I sat down beside him, clueless of what to say. As I wanted to start speaking, he interrupted me, still not looking at me, with an alien, impersonal undertone in his voice: “Would you please bring me my wheelchair? It is next to my desk. I can´t get up by myself. The last injection is many hours away.”

“Of course Charles. But shouldn´t we…?”

He cut me off again with a gesture of his hand and turned his head towards his desk. After a painfully laborious manoeuvre, Charles came to sit in his wheelchair and finally looked at me again but his eyes were blank.

“This was a terrible idea, I should have known and I am sorry I talked you into it. It is entirely my fault. Your scepticism was absolutely legitimate.”

His eyes twitched a little, as they did when he was holding back from crying but this time he couldn´t keep up the detached appearance. His eyes filled up with tears and he tried his best to stop his voice from breaking. “I am sorry. I really am.”

How many times this man had broken my heart since I arrived here at the mansion, I had lost count. I hurried to him, embraced him as tightly as I could and pressed my face into his shaggy hair.

“I am sorry too my love, let us agree to never do that again. I love you the way you are and don´t want to change anything about you. Do you understand?”

He shook in my arms and clung to me like he did on the stair the day we met again after all those years. For minutes, I held him until he had calmed down to a certain extent, then he wiped the tears off his face and looked at me with a determination I hadn´t seen on him in a long time.

“But you have to let me do this one thing, only once, for my own sanity. Promise me you will agree, whatever I ask.”

A soft kiss on his beautiful, rosy lips, together with a loving look into his cerulean eyes was my answer.

“Let me take the serum one last time, to give us, for a very final time, the full experience.”

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At Your Service (Peter Maximoff Imagine)

A/N: So, I found this draft laying around in my unfinished folder (cause I have one, okay?) and I just finished it and thought I could post it. This has no plot whatsoever, it’s pure fluff and silliness. I hope you like it! :)
Word count: 1563 words.
(Oh, just in case it wasn’t clear: Y/N - your name, Y/F/N - your first name, Y/L/N - your last name, Y/E/C - your eye color.)

He could maybe go bug Scott. It was always easy to get to him and his reactions were always priceless so Peter got a good laugh. But since he and Jean started dating, she has been somewhat helping him and it was becoming harder and harder for Pete to rile him up. Which was disappointing to say the least.

Maybe he could rearrange Charles’ office.

Nope, he did that last week, it wouldn’t bring him the same joy it had then.

Peter groaned.

He was so goddamn bored. Going to class was out of the question – Hank was giving lessons on control and the right way to use your gift. Peter was more than adequate in that department, thank you very much. Well, the control part. The other part – not so much.

He had promised the Professor he would try to refrain from his habit of stealing and he really intended to keep that promise – he liked these people, they were freaks like him and it made him feel like he belonged. It didn’t hurt that the place gave him endless opportunities to amuse himself like quickly doing a wedgie on the chemistry teacher in front of the class.

Peter snorted to himself. That was a good day.

Anyway, the point was – he was here to stay. He had friends here, he had opportunities to go on missions and help however he can and he almost felt like he was living a normal teenage life, if you set aside the whole mutant thing.

(The fact that his father was in the same building as him may have been a factor in his decision to stay.


Peter sighed. That was the reason he wanted to do something – it would take his mind off things and it would be a great barrier between him and those dangerous thoughts, wracking his brain. Now that he had no other choice but to stand still and let his mind wander, he felt his mood sour each passing minute. Peter let his gaze wander around the courtyard in hope of finding something to occupy himself with. Off to his right side there was a physical training session going, led by none other than Mystique herself. She really had assumed the role of leader and spokesperson of their little group and Peter had to admit that she fit into her position with great ease and little effort. What grabbed his attention, though, was the girl all the way in the back. He had seen her around the hallways a couple of times but she always seemed to keep to herself and her little circle of friends. Peter didn’t pay her much mind, other than acknowledging she was hot but now that he stole a glimpse of her training, he found himself immensely interested.

He moved closer, settling himself against a tree, not even bothering to pretend he wasn’t looking. What was the point anyway? Somebody was bound to catch him sooner or later and Peter didn’t think the effort to sneak was worth it. He leaned forwards, squinting his eyes, focusing his entire attention (as much as he could muster anyway) on her. Her hair was in a messy bun which had been up for quite some time judging from its state of disarray – strands of hair were falling around her face and sticking in various directions, while others were firmly attached to her skin due to the sheen of sweat that covered her whole body.

(Damn, she was hot.)

She was wearing the standard training suit – tight fitting black top and leggings which went to her knees along with complementing running shoes. Her expression was hard, focused – she rarely let her opponent get a hit in, but when she did, it was only to activate her trap and retaliate in kind.

(Damn, she was smart, too.)

Her movements were graceful but there was an immense amount of force held back. Like she was trying only to bruise and not hurt – trying not to lose control or maybe…

Peter shook his head. He didn’t know anything about this girl. He couldn’t make assumptions like that. She could be the polar opposite of the image he had conjured of her in his mind. What surprised him was that he wanted to find out. He wanted to crack that shell of hers and find out what her deal was. Right now, she was the most interesting person around. Almost everyone in the school wore their hearts on their sleeves – Peter was good at reading people and enjoyed a challenge when he saw one. But these people – they were easy to read. It was all the same and while he was happy that none of them seemed like bad guys he kinda wanted the excitement of unraveling a mystery and that girl was exactly what he sought.

“Alright, that’s enough for today. Gather your stuff and head for the showers. You’re running 8 miles tomorrow, I’ll be waiting for you here at 0600 sharp. Understood?” Raven shouted, assuming the ‘Hey, I’m your teacher and if you piss me off, I’ll kick your ass’ face. Peter shuddered every time he saw it. Before he realized what was happening, his legs were taking him to where the mysterious girl was packing up her training gear. He had nothing to say. What was he gonna say? Oh shit, he was really close. What if he makes a complete fool out of himself and she kicks his ass? What if…


Stupid, stupid idiot, he thought. He just couldn’t keep his body in check and now there he was, staring right into her slightly widened Y/E/C eyes with a stupid grin on his face. He couldn’t help it – even without an ounce of makeup, covered in sweat and hair sticking out in odd places, she looked absolutely beautiful.

(Oh hell, he was so screwed.)

“Hi…?” she replied a beat later, clearly confused at his quick appearance. Peter realized he used his super speed without even noticing. When did that start to happen? “How did you…”

“Oh, I’m super fast. I mean, I can run really fast,” Peter stammered, inwardly cursing himself for being so inadequate in front of this girl. This never happened, he was smooth, he could talk to girls without blushing and… oh shit, he was blushing.

The girl laughed through her nose which brought a smile to Peter’s face. Well, at least his idiocy had made her laugh. He didn’t know whether that was a good or a bad thing.

(It could never be a bad thing – he desperately wanted to hear her real laugh.)

She bent down to pick up her sack while Peter struggled with what he was going to say.

“So, what can you do?”

What was wrong with him today?!

“I’m uh… complicated,” she answered, facing Peter with a small smile on her face. He noticed her finally examining him entirely, going from his shoes, through his outfit (he had his Pink Floyd shirt on) and ending with his hair. He thought he saw her expression soften slightly and her smile getting wider but he couldn’t be sure. He felt like he was in a thick fog and he couldn’t breathe properly around her but at the same time she was like a breath of fresh air which made him want to get closer to her.

Peter held his hand out to her.

“Peter Maximoff at your service,” he said, finally getting back some of his mojo, managing to even bow slightly, prompting an amused raise of eyebrows from her. Peter thought she would leave him hanging forever but she grasped his much bigger than hers hand a heartbeat later.

“Y/F/N Y/L/N, glad to have your service,” she said, her tone no longer guarded but teasing. Her voice was lovely that way and Peter grinned.

(Even her name was beautiful, what the hell?)

“What can I do for you, milady?” Peter teased back, even going as far as doing a horrible English accent which to his delight made Y/N chuckle lightly. He found that it was now his favorite sound in the world.

“Well,” she started, pretending to be unsure with an adorable look of fake contemplation on her face, “For starters, you could maybe take my bag and walk me to my locker?”

Peter’s grin widened and he cleared his throat, seemingly to get into character again. He bowed deeply with an exaggerated flourish and then swiftly hung her bag onto his shoulder.

“After you, milady,” he said, having abandoned the terrible English accent, and gestured with his hand to let her walk before him. Y/N playfully rolled her eyes but started walking. Peter tried not to stare at her but he couldn’t help a couple of glances. He was only human, after all.

“Oh and once we’re there, maybe we could discuss your reward? For helping me so selflessly?” she turned around briefly, touching her heart, her eyes twinkling with mirth. Peter almost choked on his own spit at her implication but he quickly reminded himself that she was only joking and he hoped she would ask him out. Y/N laughed breathlessly, allowing him to catch up with her while he shook his head with a small smile on his face.

If they ‘accidentally’ brushed hands while walking, Peter never pulled away.

(Yup, he was definitely screwed.)

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cherik: 'we sat next to each other in a horror movie and i'm terrified of horror movies and i kept clinging onto you at the jumpscares i didn't mean to i'm sORRY (oh and ur hot what a coincidence)'

Raven was snickering at him in the seat beside him and Charles would be annoyed with her but he was far too busy being absolutely terrified by the film playing in front of him.

There was a possibility that Raven had been right and he should have sat this one out, but he was hardly going to admit that to her, so instead he was forcing himself to sit through a horror movie in the dark of the cinema – which only made it worse.

The film’s monster appeared suddenly on the screen with a bang and Charles was sure he jumped approximately three feet out of his seat and everyone must be able to hear the way his heartbeat was going wild.

Now Alex and Darwin were definitely tittering at him as well.

Charles scowled down the row at them even though they definitely could not see and took a moment too long to realise that after that last jumpscare he had apparently grabbed hold of the arm of the man sitting next to him. Wonderful.

“Sorry.” Charles whispered a little embarrassed, letting go of the strangers arm and wondering to himself how much longer this film had to go.

Charles had given up his self-denial that horror films absolutely did not scare him because he was an adult about ten minutes into the film.

He tired not looking at the screen at all, staring into his lap, but it sounded like nothing particularly interesting was happening on the screen so he looked up just in time for something else to jump out at their idiotic protagonist and Charles yelped and hid his face not in Raven’s sweater, but against the shoulder of the random stranger sat next to him.


“Sorry.” Charles apologised again, an annoyed grunt coming from the man and a wash of light coming from the screen illuminating the man next to him and making Charles think he should possibly be more scared of the down-right predatory looking man next to him than the completely fake horror film playing in front of them.

He caught the man’s annoyed glare and had just enough time to see that expression soften slightly and reveal that despite everything shark-like he was unfortunately very attractive and Charles was making a total fool of himself next to him. Brilliant.

Charles resolved himself to keep his composure for the rest of the film, a resolution which lasted about three minutes before the next bit designed to scare you and sure enough once again he jumped and definitely did not squeal as he reflexively hid his face against the attractive stranger next to him.

When the fright lifted and Charles went to pull away sheepishly once again he couldn’t, because there was a strong arm being wrapped around his shoulders which was very welcome indeed.

Charles was still contemplating whether he could stay there for the rest of the film when another horrible thing happened on screen and he turned his face back into the man’s shirt. He could practically sense the man rolling his eyes but he could also feel amusement rolling off him and the thumb now gently stroking against his arm in a comforting gesture.

Raven, Alex and Darwin certainly weren’t laughing at him when he ended up being invited for some coffee ‘to calm his nerves’ with Erik, the obnoxiously attractive man in the seat beside him.

Send me one sentence and a ship

This actually is the first fanfiction that I wrote… and english isn’t my first language soooo please bear with me xD

Setting : Charles and Erik recruited you and your mutation is controlling the elements. The oneshot starts with your first day at the institute after Shaw’s attack.

Mystique thought that Frostbyte would be a fitting name for you because you favor using water/ice more than your other elements.

Oh did I mention that you have a major crush on Alex Summers? Oh right yeah :D

Anyway lets start :D


“So here we are.” Charles said as you and your mutant friends stood stupefied by the sheer size of the building in front of you. “ I hope that you all will feel comfortable here. You can start training in teams of two already if you want to. I will try to tutor every single one of you but that doesn’t mean that you should just sit around all day and wait until its your turn.

Oh and a word of advice.” His eyes rested upon Alex Summers “ Please refrain from burning the whole mansion down Alex. I think it would be best if you and y/n teamed up in case of an emergency she could put the flames out.” As you heard your name you were pulled out of your reverie and your heart skipped a beat. Me and Alex? Oh god no please don’t make me do this you thought at the professor and you knew that he heard it because of the sly smile that slowly crept over his face and you wished that you could punch him until he stopped smiling but that was not happening.

Not in front of Alex anyway. You are not an innocent little girl but there is no harm in acting like one is there? You slowly averted your hate filled gaze from the professor and looked at Alex.

He is so perfect.. his blue eyes.. his hair… his… blush? Before you could be sure he turned around and crossed his arms and started to speak, his voice full of defiance. “ I don’t need a babysitter!” was all he spoke and anger flared deep within you and you could not stop yourself from saying “ I am not interested in looking after the king of hula-hoop either so what is the point professor?”. Everyone looked at you in shock, even Alex turned around , his mouth agape. Sean started laughing and tried to cover it up by coughing and Hank used his free hand, the one he did not cover his smiling mouth with, to slap him on the back because it sounded more like choking than coughing".

You could clearly see the hurt in Alex’ eyes and wanted to kick yourself.

The professor was clearly smiling again and this time said calmly “ Well then don’t look after each other. But you two clearly have unresolved issues so you need to watch each other train for the rest of the day. Sean will be watching you two in case y/n decides to barbecue Alex.” This made you chuckle a little. Damn now he knows of my diabolical plan. Too bad.. “Anyway, Hank let me show you the laboratory. Sean make sure that they are not too close to the mansion and Raven you can show Erik around. Oh and Erik? Meet me on the balcony later. We need to talk.” Erik looked at the professor and nodded before heading inside with Raven Hank and Charles.

Dear god. Did I burn down an orphanage in my past life to deserve this? you thought as Alex shoot you a glare.

“Good job y/l/n. King of hula-hoop. Really? Can’t you try to be more original?” he asked with a sneer and stomped off.

“Don’t worry y/n I’m sure that he will calm down soon. Or you could just throw him inside a pond” Sean said with a wink and you two followed Alex until he finally stopped, a few feet away from the mansion.

“So come on. Show us what the great /Frostbyte/ can do” The blue eyed mutant said with a sly smile as he crossed his arms. You shrugged and concentrated on your environment. You could feel the moisture in the air and around you. If you could only focus a bit more you could probably feel the blood inside the veins of the two mutants around you. But you didn’t think you could control your powers enough for that yet. So you collected the moisture in a small ball of water and lifted it up and it became bigger and bigger until it was as big as a bowling ball. You reckon if you froze it solid it would weight as much as one. I wonder if it would severely hurt Alex when I throw a ball of ice at him… Before you could imagine his bones breaking as you took revenge of him being mean towards you he started to laugh loudly. This heavenly sound made it hard to concentrate and your ball of water fell and soaked you. As you glared at him and the temperature dropped around you hee raised his hands in defense and he taunted you smiling. “ Hey it’s not my fault that you can’t control your powers. Don’t give me that look.” So you think you can play with me? Fine with me. Let’s see who is wittier. “Oh yeah as if you can control your powers.” “Oh well but keep this in mind y/l/n, I can’t control them but I don’t try to use them in such a way. What did you want to do with that ball anyway? ” Smash your skull probably. “ Now look what you’ve gotten yourself into. Now you are all…. wet.” He said the last word with a curious look in his eyes… was it lust? Before you could be sure he shot you a sly smile and you wanted to smash his skull again.
“ Is that jealousy I’m hearing in your voice Summers?” “ Oh why should I be jealous? You are the one who will catch a cold” “ You know… you could be jealous because you can’t make me wet you know? ” Wow did I really just say that? I’m glad that I didn’t stutter. You wanted to laugh when you saw the expression on Alex’ face as it turned redder than his plasma rings. You wanted to kiss his red cheeks and before you could imagine planting kisses all over his face Sean started choke-laughing againand fell to the ground, kicking it. You couldn’t help but start laughing as well and Alex joined in. When Sean calmed down he stood up and handed you his jacket. “ You should be careful. He is right you might catch a cold. ” As you reached out to take it the other mutant growled “ Back off Cassidy!” “Woah what’s your problem Alex?” “You are my problem. Leave her alone.” What is happening? Alex needs to calm down before he starts shooting rings everywhere. You walked towards him and reached out to his arm. It burned as if he had a fever, a clear sign that he was slowly loosing control. “Alex please calm down, no harm was done.” He glared at you and stomped off, just turning around to say in an anger filled voice “ Fine! Whatever. It’s not as if I love you or anything! ” With that he turned around and walked towards the mansion.

It’s not as if I love you or anything.

It’s not as if I love you or anything.

Did he really just say that?

Sean whistled and you raised your eyebrows at him questioning his sanity as always.

He raised his arms in defense “ Sorry I just wanted to see how he would react if I tried to be romantic towards you. Anyway I’ll catch ya later Mrs. Summers!” And with that he took off towards the mansion leaving you alone in soaking wet clothes as you stared after him stupefied.

Mrs. Summers? Does he think that Alex… loves me?

You better come back

Title: You better come back
Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Words count: 1,190
Your powers: Reality Warping (shaping reality according to your will) + Telekinesis
Warnings: Language?
Summary: (Y/N) and Peter have been best friends since as far as they can remember, and funny thing, they are in love with each other but don’t know the feeling is mutual.  After escaping the Military facilty guarded by Stryker’s men thanks to Scott, Jean, Kurt and some kind of human beast, they head to Cairo to kick Apocalypse’s ass.
this gif isn’t mine

Your eyelids still seemed very heavy, as you just woke up. Everything was still blurred around you and the first voice you heard was Mystique’s.

- …I told you, I’m not a hero.
- Well, you’re a hero to us. Seeing you that day on TV changed my life.

And that was Jean’s voice. Finally awake, you looked around you. You were probably sleeping on Peter’s shoulder since he was the first one to notice you were awake. He looked at you as if asking if you were alright, the cutest smile on his lips, and you just nodded with a slight smile, entering the conversation, soon followed by Scott and Peter.

- Mine too.
- Mine too.
- Mine too. I mean, I still live in my mom’s basement, but…Pffffft.

Sighting, he shrugged poorly before ending his sentence.

- Everything else is…Well, it’s pretty much the same. I’m a total loser.

Everyone laughed lightly and you laughed along, even though you felt the urge to playfully punch him right in the shoulder you had just slept on.

- Ouch! What was that for?
- You’re not a total loser, dumbass. You’ve still got the privilege to have me as a best friend.
- Oh yeah, that makes sense. You must be some kind of medicine against losers or something that kind…
- Shut up, you know exactly what I meant.

When you turned to look at him, he was already staring, a wide smile crossing his face. You chuckled before sighting with a kind of relief. You were about to fight a group of powerful mutants including one who thought about himself as a god and owned the powers of hundreds of other mutants…‘bit intimidating, even for someone as bold as you were. So being able to let go of all this pressure for a few seconds was something you were really thankful for. But Peter always seemed to make you feel better in every stuation, so you were not that surprised either. Silently, you stood there the rest of the trip, heart beating fast, your eyes closed to keep as much control as possible on your power. You had learned very young to control your powers, but they were really powerful, so they could get out of control sometimes. Which was often a catastrophy if no one could help you like Professer X did.
When Raven stood up you looked at her with curiosity as she explained the plan. Get Nightcrawler in, take Charles inside of the plane. It nearly seemed easy. Next thing you knew, a silver flash passed in front of you and Peter was next to Raven, nodding towards Eric and the metal flying all around him.

- How are you going to get through that?

She looked at him, looking like she was thinking, before he added:

- I can get you in there. I came here for him. Let me help you.

As she nodded, your heart skipped a beat. What if anything happened to him? If he was next to you you could still do something to help, but if he was alone with Mystique and Magneto…

- The rest of you, get Charles on this plane and get him out of here.
- We’re not leaving without you.

You had answered, anxiety slowly makng its way inside you, making your heart beat even faster. But you were a warrior, so you hid your fear as great as you could.

- Don’t worry, we’ll catch up.
- Oh, you better catch up, Peter, because if anything happens to you I’ll kill you myself just to bring you back and kill you again!

Everyone was now watching the two of you, the two best friends who spent their time throwing cheesy pickup lines at each oher to find out which one of you was the best at ths game. Of course, Jean knew what was up, but everyone else thought about you two as an old married couple too. So every single time you and Peter talked together, all eyes were on you. He gasped, faking a hurt look before asking, his dimples showing through his smile.

- You’d bring me back again after killing me, right?
- I’m not so sure…
- You’d miss me too much.
- Stop it!

You were both amused and annoyed by his behavior. But you could feel your cheeks blushing. He was so confident about this that you started to ask yourself if he knew. Which he didn’t…Right?

- You need me too much to let me die.
- Oh my god, stop!
- You love me too much to let me die.

He stated like it was the most obvious thing ever. Just a friendly reminder that you were supposed to love him, yes. But only as a friend. You crossed your arms, laughing to hide the terrible feeling you had, still playing this stupid little game even though you were really really uncomfortable right now.

- Fuck you, Maximoff!

God, was he so blind? Or maybe you were the blind one…He shrugged with his dimpled smile, turning to the front of the plane to watch the area where Hank was about to land the plane.

- It’s okay, though. I love you too much to die here and let any other idiot have you.
- Geez, could you shut up?
- Make me!

No one said a word, while everything in his behavior challenged you. You caught in his eyes a glimpse you couldn’t quite define until something clicked in you. He wanted you to make him silent? Alright then, you’d make him silent. With a total lack of delicacy, you reached for the collar of his suit and pulled him towards you, your lips smashing against his. The kiss was rough, but surprisingly, he responded to it, moving his lips in sync with yours, a hand shyly reaching for your hips. When you let go, his face was stil showing surprise, and you blushed even more. He stared at you, a few seconds ,totally silent, and you stared back with a face as red as one possibly could be. And then, using his legendary speed, he was the one reaching for your lips, kissing you. His hand was behind your neck while you reached for his waist, to pull him closer to you.

- Alright kids, we’re landing. Stop making out behind my back and sit!

You didn’t even listen to Hank as he talked. You should have, though, because the plane shook, resulting in both of you falling on the poor Kurt, who instantly pushed you off of him, both awkward and offended.

- Ach nein, that is gross!

Laughing, you an Peter rolled on the floor looking at each other. When the plane touched the ground, you stood up and got out to stand next to Jean, who looked at you with a light smile. You rolled your eyes, sighting.

- I don’t need to see inside of your head to know what you think, you know?
- I didn’t say anything!
- You don’t need to!

Looking at a Mystique back in her blue form, you saw Peter placing his hand behind her neck, to avoid the “Whiplaaaash”, and you smiled, throwing him a last “goodbye”.

- I was serious though, don’t die!
- I don’t intend to! Love you!

And with that he ran away with Mystique, letting you mutter to yourself.

- I love you too, asshole…