charles alfred eldon
Charles Alfred Eldon: A Pioneer Of Silicon Valley

Speaking of HP, Eric Eldon wrote an amazing eulogy for his grandfather, former Hewlett-Packard executive, Charles Alfred Eldon.

On the man he called “Kupu” (Hawaiian for “Grandpa”):

I’m going to share a little bit about his life below, because my generation in Silicon Valley and the tech world needs to know about all the shoulders of giants we are standing on and the heights we can also reach. Too many of us don’t right now.


Which comes back to what Silicon Valley, and the countless thousands of people like Kupu, have helped to make. It’s not just the location, but the idea. You can be anyone, even a bunch of no-name nerds in a farming area on the wrong coast of a second-tier country in a global Depression, and you can build technology companies (HP and Fairchild Semiconductor, Intel) that make the world a better place, and breed new companies (Apple, Google, Facebook) that themselves push humanity forward.

A must read.