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+Warren Worthington

About Time:

  • You work at a record shop Warren likes and he has a huge crush on you

Only For You [Smut]

  • Warrens in an underground band and he sees you in the front row of one of his concerts ;)

Bestfriend Benefits

  • Fake Relationship AU

Part One 

Part Two

+Alex Summers

They Were Right

  • Everyone knows Alex is in love with you. Except for Alex.

+Peter Maximoff

Otp Prompt

  • “I’m home alone and decided to listen to my favourite band on full blast and it got to the duet part and you were walking down the street and started loudly singing the other”


  • headcanon about Peters kinks

+Charles Xavier

Prompt #6

  • Getting caught in the act

+Kurt Wagner

What do you Mean? (Blurb)

  • Kurt doesn’t understand the different between a friend and a boyfriend

+my main blog @softwolfimagines


  • Includes works for: X-Men, Teen Wolf, Kickass, The Flash, The 100, and More
Control ~ Bucky Barnes x Reader ~ Part 7

A/N: This took way longer than I hoped

Warnings: Description of injury, language, message me if there’s anything else

Words: 2988

Tagging: @shamvictoria11 @redstarstan @me-shipper-trash @littleingram

“What the hell happened while I was gone?”

Steve ignored Bucky’s question, quickly scooping you back into his arms and calling out for Pietro. There was a blur and suddenly the silver haired man was in front of him, gently taking you and cradling you against his chest.

“Take her back to her apartment, please. And be careful with her.”

“Of course.” He shifted you gently, careful to avoid touching your ribs as he held you close, frowning when you made a small noise. “Hush, preţios, you need the rest,” he whispered. And then he was gone again, leaving Bucky and Steve alone in the room.

“Why’d you come back?”

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Are You Trying To Seduce Me? (Charles Xavier x Human! Reader)

Warnings: Fluff, smut, some language? 

Words: 3,428

Originally posted by randomimaginesx

Deep breaths y/n…

Deep breaths… 

Deep… breaths… 

Taking a necessary breather, you walk over to the handsome professor in the white long-sleeved buttoned down dress shirt, dark brown vest and black pants. You really had been staring at him ninety-nine percent of the night - he was just so beautifully gorgeous and perfect you couldn’t understand how a man like him could even exist. 

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Slow motion

Characters/relationships: Charles Xavier x Mutant!Reader x Erik Lehnsherr

Genres: Anger, jealousy, smut: threesome, oral, bits fo dirty talking

Summary: Charles and Erik both fall for reader but she can’t choose because she has feelings for both of them. Erik and Charles comes to a solution. - Requested by buckbharnes

Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

Word count: 4163

Want to request a fic? Check the rules here!

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Can you imagine if they did a whole X-Men film where nothing catastrophic happened? Like just think of the opening shot being zoomed in on Erik’s face, furrowed brow and pure Magneto tension “We already tried your way, Charles,” he starts as he has many times “Now we try my way.” The camera zooms out and he and Xavier are just building IKEA furniture while Hank actually reads the instructions. 

X-Men: Domestic Home Life