charles s. anderson

assignment 3, ex 3

food for thought plates

Charles S. Anderson, 2006

These melamine plates forces viewers to connect the meat on their plate with the actual, once living animal it came from. Obviously, these designs are critical of not just the non-vegetarian lifestyle, but of people’s tendency to ignore the greater reality behind eating meat, and their easy acceptance of certain kinds (such as a pig or cow) but their intolerance towards others (such as a dog). It can only be predictably expected that this design (or any design overtly promoting animal rights) will be unpopular and will seem more conceptual than not, simply because the consumer market for such a product is greatly reduced to the people who are already aware of the issues it hopes to bring to light. As such, it may be dismissed as too provocative and too unappealing to the greater portion of consumers. This design does provide complicated pleasure - its design is simple and usable, but its message is far from conservative. It challenges the audience and also opens doors for debate about social/industry norms.