If you guys are following me and haven´t listened to Charlene Kaye´s music yet, you´re missing out on something really great!

Charlene is a talented, Arizona-raised and New York-based singer/song writer.

I adore her music, which you can check out on her youtube channel.

She´s done great collaborations with Darren Criss, heartfelt songs, songs that make me laugh, and many many more!

I went to one of her shows and honestly have to say, it was one of the best experiences of my life. I kind of felt a but upset that day but after the show I was just incredibly happy. I got to talk to her afterwards and she´s such a nice person! Talented, lovely and amazing, so what´s not to love?

So go follow her here on her tumblr

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And buy her new Single Animal Love 1 on Itunes!