charlene wyatt

My co-manager/silent partner at the VWRS is crack movie reviewer Danny Miller and he posted this to our Facebook page tonight:

Here’s that other Christmas photo I found at the Academy library. I know we’ve seen it before but it was nice to have definite proof of who’s who. From l-r: VW, Jackie Moran, Charlene Wyatt, Ra Hould, Bennie Bartlett. Still no I.D. on Santa, though. For a minute I was convinced it was Tommy Kelly but that’s not possible since he was only 11 when this photo was taken. Jackie Moran seems completely forgotten today even though he made many films including “Gone With the Wind.” And by the way, we’ve probably discussed this, but Tommy Kelly (also in “Gone With the Wind”) is still alive at 88. I don’t think he made a film with Ginny but he must have known her. Ra Hould’s (aka Ronald Sinclair’s) version of “A Christmas Carol” (the wonderful 1938 one with Reginald Owen and the Lockharts and Ann Rutherford as the Spirit of Christmas Past) is on TCM tonight. Ra/Ronald plays Young Scrooge.