charlene sinclair

The Fox Jacket is a talking piece of trendy apparel in the Dinosaurs episode “Slave to Fashion.” Purchased by Charlene Sinclair (with financial assistance from Mindy), the jacket is part of a clothing line which literally says “I’m better than you.” The newly acquired status symbol, which speaks with a snooty British accent, begins encouraging Charlene to reject her old friends, steal Earl’s credit card, and in general inveigles Charlene into a near Faustian bargain in exchange for temporary popularity. The fickle jacket eventually wearies of Charlene and attaches itself to the more likeminded Heather Worthington.

He is voiced by Tim Curry.


“For me it’s hard to think about Blackness as anything other than being gender nonconforming.”

-Saidiya Hartman

"Is this the same nature that gave us volcanoes and earthquakes and human beings?

Is this the same nature that turned you overnight from my little girl into some female-walking-home-by-herself thing? I don’t think nature knows what it’s doing. I think you need something to protect you from nature.“

"You mean, like… A father?”

“Well, actually,  I was thinking something more like a machine gun, but I guess a father would do in a pinch.”