charlene amankwah


Hi guys!!!
My cousin is getting married this weekend!! 😁😁😁😁😁 and I am her Maid of honor!
We threw her a simple and elegant fairytale themed bridal shower fit for a princess.
We(the bridal party) have been planning this for months. We decided to host this at my house and give her a well fit event.
Being that it was a Suprise, we had to be very careful with planning. With the help of my mom and her hubby we managed to get her to come over for a dress fitting at my house and she actually fell for it. We had her dress picked out by her hubby that morning and delivered to mine.
It was everything and more. We did it!! We pulled off a good one. I can’t even describe how happy she was. It all paid off.
The event decor was by my dear friend Charlene Amankwah. You can find her on IG @charleneamankwah for those of you who love the decor. Love u char!
And also to the bridal party, it is on and popping this weekend 😝😛😛