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Robert x Charley build a snowman AU

They tried to build a snowman, and they came very close to completing it, until Charley decided to chuck a snowball at Robert- hitting and decapitating the poor snowman instead.

“You… just killed our snowman,” Robert gasped in horror, grabbing the remains of the shattered snow skull and throwing it at his friend.

The snowball fight that ensued was far more fun anyway, until Charley missed his mark again and hit a passing Charles Sumner square in the face.

I WILL SEE YOUR LAUGHTER LINES: A Charlbert Playlist with a Happy Ending.

  1. Wayfaring Stranger
  2. Some Enchanted Evening
  3. I Honestly Love You
  4. Something to Believe In
  5. Thoughts of Flight
  6. Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love)
  7. Hallelujah
  8. Fix You
  9. I Wanna Be the One
  10. Come What May
  11. A Whole New World
  12. The Backpack Song
  13. Laughter Lines

Coverart by the fabulous privatepenne (x)


50s Charlbert Headcanon 2: Robert has only ever seen Charley in t-shirts and jeans. Occasionally he’ll wear trousers and a button up shirt, but generally he has the overall appearance of a greaser.

So when Charley asks Robert on a date to the Parker House (perhaps his dad has a banquet there and he has to go, or Charley just really wants to introduce Robert to Boston Cream Pie), Robert was expecting pretty much the same. Until he shows up in front of Charley’s house and sees Charley decked out in a perfectly tailored 3-piece suit and overcoat, and it takes Robert all his has not to jump Charley on the spot.

Suffice to say, they end up renting a room at the Parker House that night.

When Charley Longfellow gets wounded in Korea, he is sent back home to Cambridge to recover. While wandering through Harvard one day, he meets a young man named Robert, and despite their best efforts (which includes a fair amount of fights), the two fall madly in love.

In the end, it become clear that the two were made for one another, overcoming every obstacle thrown at them, and they decide to face the world- secretly, but lovingly- together.

  1. Everyday
  2. Why Do Fools Fall in Love?
  3. The Great Pretender
  4. On the Street Where You Live
  5. Earth Angel
  6. Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight
  7. That’ll Be the Day
  8. Come Fly With Me
  9. In the Still of the Night
  10. Love Me Tender
  11. I Walk the Line


50s Charlbert headcanon 1: Charley is head over heels for Robert, but at the same time thinks Robert is a total innocent square. He finds it totally endearing that Robert is such a dork, but he takes it upon himself to get him to loosen up and live a little. So when Robert invites Charley to a party back at his dorm, Charley is expecting a lame little get together with whatever Harvard nerds do.

Until he shows up, and there is rock n’ roll music playing and gorgeous girls and insane amounts of alcohol, and Charley is stuck standing in the door frame in complete shock.

The next morning he wakes up totally hungover in Robert’s bed, Robert’s head resting on his shoulder. Despite the fact that there are people passed out all across the room, Charley can’t help but lean over and kiss Robert’s forehead softly. “You’re still a square, Robert Todd Lincoln. You just ain’t as big a square as I thought you were…”

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1950s Charlbert au where Charley gets wounded in Korea and is sent home to Cambridge to recover. One day while wandering aimlessly around the Harvard campus he runs into Robert, son of a prominent senator, and the two fall in love. I have no idea where I'm going with this, I just want Charley wearing a leather jacket with slick-backed hair and Robert dressing in preppy clothes and they fuck in the back seat of Charley's car a lot.