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Love the shoes that Vans Custom Culture ambassador, Charlavail designed!

Vans Custom Culture is back for 2017! Registration is now open for US High Schools. You could win $50k for your art program by designing Vans. Get all of the details at


Vans Girls at Camp Gritty
It’s Do or DIY: Button Bar

Embroidering our backpacks just wasn’t enough, so we upped the decorative ante with a button bar for campers to add some more flair to their Realm Backpacks. We saw everything from funny phrases and matching cabin crew names (shoutout to “Brandon’s B5 Babes”) to intricate handprinted watercolor buttons. You better bet we collected buttons from all of these talented campers to pin on our own backpacks!

Shout out to these campers for letting us repost their rad photos: Photo 1: Buttons/Backpack by Skye Bronte & photo by Caroline Kolbe Photo 5: Buttons by Ashlie Chandler & photo by Jazzy.


Vans Girls at Camp Gritty | What’s Cookin’?

The perfect Camp Gritty breakfast? Waffles of course! There’s nothing better than waking up to the smell of freshly cooked waffles before a fun-filled day of creativity and crafts. Luckily, the Vans Girls crew was on site at the campgrounds to cook up vegan & vegetarian waffles for 130 kick-ass campers. Happy National Waffle Day! Are you celebrating by wearing your waffle soles?! We sure are.

Photos by Rachel Clare & the Vans Girls Team


Charlavail’s Happiest Camper tour swung by House of Vans in Brooklyn, NY for a stop Wednesday. Girls came from all over the city to hang out, craft, eat, pizza, and listen to tunes. Attendees also brought school supplies to stuff backpacks that Charlavail will be donating to a local Brooklyn organization to give to foster children returning to school this month. Positive vibes and positive attitudes, we’re definitely backing that.

photos: laurajunekirsch

Classic & Charlavail Week 2:

We have contacted the winners from week one of our super rad contest with Charlavail. Now the entries have been reset and you can enter again for this weeks drawing. 11 winners will get a tee, stickers, and patches designed by Charlavail, and 1 insanely lucky person will win all of that plus a pair of custom hand painted Classic Vans. Check out the video if you missed it to learn more and you can enter on our Facebook page from your computer, sorry no mobile devices.

So what’s new this week? A DIY art piece that she has designed just for you guys. You’ll get started now  by following the instructions below [see the photos above for help] and come back on Friday for the next piece to add. In a few weeks you will have a complete 3D art piece designed by Charlavail and made by yourselves. We would suggest reading through the directions in full before starting.

What you’ll need:
-cereal box





-printed downloadable art piece, this week it comes in two sections that you will print and connect. Click here to download & print the two pieces.

1. Break down cereal box and lay it out flat.

2. Cut it down the middle, as shown in the photo. You want to leave flaps to the left of both big panels.

3. Cut the top & bottom flaps off except the top flaps on the right piece.

4. These pieces need to be trimmed to the height of the download art piece. The height may vary once it’s printed out, depending on your printer. My original piece measures 6“ tall so I measured 6“ across on the two larger panels.

5. Trim the pieces according to the measurements.

6. Rotate the pieces and place the left panel over the flaps that remained.

7. Again, the pieces need to be trimmed to fit the download art. My original piece measures 18“ wide so I measured 18“ across the two panels.

8. Trim the excess off the left panel.

9. Glue the panels together using the flaps that remained. Make sure the pieces are well aligned so you can still fold on the creases.

10. Cut two strips of scrap cardboard that measure 1.5” x 6”. Make measurements as shown. Press down when you draw these lines, it will make folding the cardboard easier.

11. Fold on the lines in the direction shown.

12. Glue the cardboard tab to the bottom edge of the backside of the bigger cardboard piece. Repeat with the second cardboard strip.

13. Lay the whole thing out flat and glue the artwork to the front of the cardboard. I recommend a glue stick or spray adhesive, this will help prevent it from rippling.

14. Once it’s dry, stand it up and glue the other .5” tab to the back. These pieces are meant to keep the whole piece standing, so adjust as necessary to get it to stand. Let it dry completely. 

 If you are confused just check out the photos. We’ll have the next downloadable piece & instructions for you on Friday. Can’t wait to see how these turn out! If you start yours take photos and tag them #classicandcharlavail so we can see! -amanda



Brooklyn, NY: Charlavail’s Happiest Camper  

Our friend Charlavail is on a tour with her camper all over the country to meet up with friends, make crafts and do some good for local charities. We’re excited to announce that her Brooklyn meet-up will be at the House of Vans August 12th from 5:00 - 8:00PM. Bring some school supplies to donate if you can, we’ve got the backpacks ready to be filled! More details from Charlavail below: 

“If you’re into making new friends, being nice to people, spreading positivity, ending girl hate, crafting, eating pizza, etc you should come hang with us (I promise a bunch of us are just as weird/awkward/shy). Come solo or bring a friend, it’s free, you don’t have to bring anything but yourself! But if you want to bring school supplies it’d be greatly appreciated! Collecting donations for local foster youth.”