charizard tcg

I finally finished this entire family XD

I really wanted to collect all an entire family of starters… but most of all these three.
Its Charmander-Charizard from Generations.

Why? Because (like a few other carts in the generations set) instead of a pokedex entry they tell a story that fits with the artwork. 

Child with Charmander:
My Charmander is so rambunctious! 
I wonder if we can become friends?

Older boy with Charmeleon
My precious friend who is always with me.
I have so many things to tell you. 

Young adult with Charizard:
No matter what happens, if we stick together, we can get past this.
Forever and ever. 

That Charmander was among the first cards I got when I started collecting again. I got the Charizard today, when I found it among the loose cards at work X3