i was gone so here are the daily drawings i did while away!! no energy to do one tonight though :C

day 83/365: just me and @kasutamasabisu!! did you know..i love him

day 84/365: i literally had this idea for a year but still never made official drawings xDD I want to draw Avery taking selfies with all her pokemon. she has a lot of pokemon. here she is with Dunsley the Dunsparce, Donnybrook the Farfetch’d, Don Quixotic the Scizor, and Guacamole the Mandibuzz. and yes she apparently has a sweater that says Binch

Day 85/365: wasnt feeling inspired at first so i drew some guy, and the city i was visiting, nyork nyork, or sometimes the “bee gapple”, then tried drawing a charizard from memory, i named it charizarp. my boyfriend inspired me to try drawing a robot dragon though so there’s that xDD