It’s been a really long time since I’ve shared my SLR photos on any platform. But this past summer I had the opportunity to travel to India with our team at charity: water to capture stories and meet the people that our partners are bringing clean and safe drinking water to via our September Campaign

So over the next few weeks I’ll be leaking a few photos and stories out over my tumblr blog. Hope you enjoy! Cheers!

Last week I was standing in India meeting kids like Rahul (pictured), who are walking around with scabies on their feet because their bathing in a dirty pond.

Today I’m standing on the L train back in NYC & headed into the @charitywater hq for my first day back in the office.

Regardless of where your standing, you can make an incredible impact in the lives of the people standing right in front of you.

It might not be not be bringing clean, safe drinking water to people or rescuing someone from a stampede of wild unicorns; but simply taking a moment to recognize that someone exists & for that very reason they’re significant.


This afternoon @cubbygraham and I went to Patanapalli village, an Indian village that is in the process of getting clean water taps with the help of @charitywater . Here’s a little BTS shot of Dhoba, one of the amazing villagers I got to photograph. #charitywaterindia #vscocam