GEANCO Hollywood Gala featuring Benedict Cumberbatch

US fans here is an excellent opportunity to see Benedict Cumberbatch at a gala in Los Angeles and support a wonderful charity.

The GEANCO Foundation will honor humanitarian and Oscar-nominee Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game, Sherlock, Marvel’s Doctor Strange) for his passionate advocacy on behalf of vulnerable women and children around the world.

Event proceeds will fund our medical and educational programs in Nigeria, including our David Oyelowo Leadership Scholarship for Girls, which provides scholarships for girls impacted by acts of terrorism.


Friday 10/21/2016

6:45PM PDT - 10:00PM PDT



Pacific Design Center, 3rd Floor - 8687 Melrose Avenue

West Hollywood, CA 90069

Tickets are on sale now. 

Tickets are $140 for early bird general admission. Early bird VIP tickets are $250 and if you have a spare $3000 you can sit next to Benedict at the reception!

Buy tickets & help a wonderful charity!

please make dua for our brother Ali Banet. He has done so much for the world. He’s built so many schools, villages for orphans and mosques, however he is in his last stage of cancer. If you haven’t already check out his video on Instagram it’s matw_project , it’s very heartbreaking and he needs all your duas so please just for 5 minutes pray for him. May Allah give him shifa and grant him the highest jannah.



By request, here are some of my best thrifted finds! I am sorry if I sound a bit rushed in the video (and throw clothes around!); I only had 45 minutes to set up and film. I also say “super cute” too much…

Only a few more Wonder Woman charity prints left with proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
Hoping to get these all sold and out by the first week of October to really kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Get your copy here before they are gone for good:

Photography by Maze Studios

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  • Charity:Hey. Now then, there's someone who looks like they'd appreciate a free pint.
  • Robert:Go on, spit it out.
  • Charity:All right. Are you still interested in investing in this place? Cos you were, right? Well, now that I've managed to draw in all these extra punters it's an even tidier little investment now, innit?
  • Robert:No.
  • (Charity scoffs)
  • Robert:Look, I had my reasons at the time but cleaning the toilets and clearing up the empties? That wouldn't be my thing anyway. It's more of a mug's game in hindsight.
  • Charity:Okay, fine. Well, tell you what. £3.20 that will be. Thank you so much. Put it right there.

Chris Eubank & Tom Hardy lend support to BGC annual charity day

Chris Eubank, Chris Eubank Jnr, and Tom Hardy pitched in to help raise funds at this year’s BGC Partners’ annual Charity Day.

The day took place on 12th September and commemorates the 658 BGC staff lost on 9/11 by donating its global revenues for the day to charities worldwide. Celebrity ambassadors representing participating charities join licensed brokers on the trading floors to conduct transactions with BGC clients, with 100 per cent of the revenues from the day donated to those charities.

This year saw the Eubanks and Hardy take to the trading floor to help raise funds, with the Eubanks raising funds for Children with Cancer UK, and Hardy volunteering for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. (x)
RinTheYordle - Twitch


If you guys could share the link, that’d be really awesome. ANYTHING, from a 1$+ is super helpful. I’m part of the big Twitchcon Charity Drive going on this year!! And we could start the pool early!!


(For more info, if you’re curious about the donation drive w/ Twitchcon, you can read about it here!

Come check out this really cool Lance Mountain Hand Painted Strat that was 1 of 20 hand painted American Standard Guitars for the Waves for Water charity group. With FAT 50s pickups and a Delta tone circuit. #charity #fender #lancemountain #wavesforwater #goodvibes #music #musician #skater #artist #handpainted #art #guitar #guitarshop #burbank #la #collect #foragoodcause #ftd #professional #rock #inspiration #guitarist #customshop #skatboard #kickflip #player #rare #oneofakind (at Imperial vintage guitars)

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The calendar is ready! Visit to order!

This year there is one size available 11"x8.5" (11" x 17" open) for $20.99. As before, the order processing, customer service and shipping will be completely handled by Cafe Press. International shipping IS available.

100% of the proceeds will go to CorgiAid, Inc. a registered 501©3 nonprofit organization founded to provide financial assistance to corgis and corgi mixes. They assist those who rescue dogs from shelters or other non-permanent homes, then foster them until a new home is found.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to select January 2017 as the starting month for a full 2017 calendar when placing your order.

SUPER IMPORTANT: *ONLY* order your calendar from If you go to and search for the calendar, or click on a banner ad on Facebook or elsewhere, the price might be higher but CorgiAid doesn’t get any of the additional money!

I’d love for this to be a MASSIVE fundraising success for CorgiAid, making even more then last year and would truly appreciate any and all sharing, reblogging and signal boosting!

Radio Free Monday
No radio required, or indeed provided!

Radio Free Monday is a weekly links roundup of people in our fannish community who need help or have news to share.

This week, help an organization serving the Portland Queer Black community get back on its feet, fund Deaf filmmakers, possibly win a newspaper, and help people cover their medical bills and keep a roof over their heads. It’s all at this week’s Radio Free Monday!

And as always, if you can’t give, consider signal-boosting a cause by reblogging or linking to it from your own tumblr. Thanks all!

If you have an item for Radio Free Monday, the best way to bring it to my attention is to fill out the Google Form here. If you’re new to fundraising, you may want to check out my guide to fundraising here.

autumnsugar  asked:

Hello! I'm super interested in your clothing style and was wondering where you get the clothes that you wear?

Hey friend, thanks for the question! I still remember being an impoverished teenager who dreamed of cool goth clothes. The closest I got in those days was a Still Breathing band T-shirt that was way too big for me. I’m bringing that up for what I’m pretty sure is the same reason you brought it up: Goth clothes are freaking expensive!

First, DIY!

There are many more important things your money could go toward, and DIY is cheapest.

  • YouTube and other sites have many tutorials for customizing oversized T-shirts into dresses, making your own tutus, etc.
  • If you cut the crotch out of a pair of nylons and pull it over your head, there are your mesh sleeves! (Obviously, I wear a real shirt over that!) It works pretty well if you buy the right size nylons – and it’s way cheaper than buying a mesh top from a goth shop.
  • The long sleeves of an old shirt can be cut off and modified into arm warmers. I wear the narrow wrist end up by my shoulders so that it stays on more easily.
  • If you’re an artsy type, any pair of black pants or any black T-shirt can be stitched, bleached, or nail polished into the style that you want.

Thrifting and Halloween Sales

In about a month, secondhand stores and supermarkets will be full of spooky “Halloween” items that goths just call everyday apparel. That’s how I got the Ghostbusters T-shirt I’m wearing at this very moment. The day after Halloween is your best friend! I’ve found old costumes I could flip into accessories, and there’s usually no shortage of striped tights this time of year.

Online Stores

There are always the high-end goth shops if you have money to burn, but I could never bring myself to spend $75 on pants.

A friend of mine has found some insanely cool merch, including a Joy Division shirt, on eBay. I also journey through the jungles of in search for lost treasure. Buying clothes online can by risky because not all sellers are trustworthy, and sizes vary from one manufacturer to another. But if you have a measuring tape and you pay attention to detail, especially reading reviews, you can build up a wardrobe that way. Cheap? Not particularly, but again, cheaper than a goth shop. Here are my favorite finds: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

Boots :(

In my opinion, the absolute hardest part of getting goth clothes on the cheap is the boots. There’s just no substitute for clompin’ monster goth boots. You can always find cute little flats that look like Mary Janes, and currently there’s no shortage of narrow-toed boots that college girls like to wear over their jeggings. But knee-high boots? Black platform boots? Biker boots? Expensive. That’s where you’d just have to save up to make one or two very careful splurges, unless you find some amazing secondhand sellers.

Hair :)

Instead of dying your hair over and over forever, which not only adds up but damages your follicles and tresses, consider investing in a wig. One slightly more expensive payment is better than a lifetime of cheap payments. (But watch out, because funky wigs can actually be a little addicting!)

If wigs aren’t your thing, I’m a fan of Punky Colour brand hair dye. The drawback is that brunettes like me need to bleach the cuss out of their hair before anything fancy in a jar will stick, and you need to re-dye frequently. A hairstylist will tell you that you should never color your hair with something that came in a box, but I’ve found that $10 Vidal Sassoon has lovely red and violet shades, and they last way, way longer than Splat. Do not waste your money on Splat!


Before buying anything, I would take a look at the closet and ask, “Do I own things I never wear?” If the answer is yes, please donate them! And if you don’t want to donate or wear them, you might want to consider if you have a problem.

Whenever I’m about to spend a lot of money, I end up thinking, Instead of buying clothes, I could be donating to charity. When you know that others are hungry, do you really need another new top? Obviously, I like to buy myself something new now and then. There’s nothing wrong with getting yourself a little treat, and money was made to be spent! My point is that goth and other punk subcultures are supposed to be anti-establishment, and consumerism doesn’t really flow with that.

Jesus gave a lot to me. He gave me His life. He also said, “If God has been generous with you, He will expect you to serve Him well. But if He has been more than generous, He will expect you to serve Him even better.” This is not to say that we should feel guilty about how little we give. This is to say that time is short and death is sure and God freaking loves us, so let’s love others!