I wasn’t gonna post about this again, but

I’m really glad I got hired, but for now food is low on my concerns list, and not because I don’t still need it- my job requires khakis and getting there requires gas money. My first three days “on the floor” are next Friday, but if I don’t have khakis, I can’t work. I told my new boss I don’t have a dollar to my name, and she literally told me to just borrow khakis from someone, even though she knows I just moved here, and that I absolutely cannot work without them.

Please, please, help me get through these first couple of weeks before I get paid. I need khakis, gas, and food (in that order). I don’t wanna flood people’s walls, but the last time I was able to even get one donation, I had to post over 7 times in less than 24 hours, and the donator was someone who had just shared before that and was probably just sick of seeing me. Consider this my 8th post. This is begging-levels need. If I don’t get the money, I lose the job I literally just got, point-blank.

Edit: my paypal email is

A Walk With a Friend

Hey @markiplier! Hopefully I’m not late to the party, but happy birthday! I know lots of people say it, but thank you for all you do! To me, you’re like a good friend I can always come and hang out with, and I always feel like you talk to the individual, not the audience, which I always appreciate!

I can’t wait to see how you improve in the future, and I promise to improve in my own endeavors!

Happy birthday Mark!

(P.S.: my favorite video of yours is ‘Respect’)

(It deals with a lot of serious issues, but you said a lot of things in it that helped me with my own problems [nothing serious, but still] and honestly, this video clicked with me and made me respect you even more!)

As i mentioned this in another post I just want to clarify some points and thank all involved. 

A little while ago I made this post hoping to raise money for a poorly little girl to get her wish to go on what is probably going to be her last family holiday to Disney World. Thank you all who reblogged and donated. Once again proving what a lovely and giving fandom this is. We managed to raise a substantial amount. Unfortunately as the weeks passed, Lily Ann’s health further declined and it become apparent that she would not be well enough to fly to Disney World, not now and not ever. However she has been cleared to go to Disney Land Paris, and this has now been booked! I hope all that donated understand why the money has been used for something slightly different to the intended purpose, and know that you have made a very poorly little girl and her whole family very happy.

Unfortunately, now to the not so nice bits. One of our own trusted members of the group who helped set up this fundraiser decided to keep a portion of the money for herself. I just want to make clear though, that whilst we have strong reason (and a bit of proof) to believe she originally intended to take a lot more, any money any of you donated (either by directly donating or for @lucystarkid and @conscious–ramblings raffles) is safe. A few very vigilant members of our group were able to lock her out of the main just giving crowdfunding page (the one you donated to) early on and she was not able to withdraw any funds. The money she has taken, was from a separate page she set up herself for a fundraising walk we were doing. 

So thank you all once again from me and from Lily-Ann’s mum, for reblogging, and donating and a huge huge thank you to @lucystarkid and @conscious–ramblings for getting so involved and running your own giveaway raffles, I can’t thank you enough for all you did to help ❤ 


Stephen Amell destroys the Ninja Warrior course for charity