In 2016, Cards Against Humanity got people to pay them over $100,000 to dig a hole for no reason.  

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You may remember some of their protests from previous years - like that one time they sold actual bull shit to 30k people:


Who’d have ever thought Aaron would be sat amongst his family talking about dysfunctional Dingle misdeeds whilst discussing HIS OWN WEDDING OF THE YEAR‬????

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                                       YOU. ARE. AMAZING! 

Let me start with a very special thanks to all the artists who volunteered, and did such stunning work for this project:

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                                   Let’s just look at that number again.

                                       Total Raised: $1,500

I am so impressed, so touched by everyone who supported this cause; who continue to fight for equal rights/opportunities for the LGBTQIA people of America, and for visibility and representation in the entertainment industry and media. I find this especially brave and generous in the face of the impending disaster LGBTQIA Americans will be facing in the oncoming years. Our basic human rights are once again under a severe threat, and it’s groups like the Human Rights Campaign and the American Civil Liberties Union that will be there in the thick of things, fighting to keep us safe. 

I am also impressed by the communities that these fandoms have created. I, personally, have found them to be welcoming, fun, and caring. We’ve come together many times before, for many different causes, and I honestly don’t know why i’m even surprised by how amazing you all are at this point. And yet, once again, i’m astounded by your strength and kindness.

                          Thank you for being a part of the fandoms. 

                            Thank you for being a part of our cause. 

        Thank you for being awesome, brave, and kind. 

Much in the way that Maxine always writes in lots of kisses and moments of casual affection for the boys (because she’s One Of Us and probably wanted to make sure they didn’t say “alright see ya later mate *nod*” as a goodbye again on her watch), if anyone ever let me anywhere an Emmerdale script it would literally just look like:

[Liv and Robert hug]

[Aaron and Robert have plotty and serious conversation except Robert also has his hand stuck in Aaron’s hair]

[Robert and Charity take a break from the plot to snipe at one another]

[Robert runs his hand through Aaron’s hair again]

I’m weak and easy to please

   Random little thing to say that Negan reminds me of Nolan!Joker sometimes. I think it’s the open body language and mannerisms? I kept thinking that Negan reminds me of someone, and I think that’s it; he’s very Joker-ish in some respects, specifically Heath’s Joker. Specifically the overreactions for a laugh, the control over his men (who are mostly?? serious compared to his laughing) and using violence to get a point across. And challenging Rick, Joker & Batman style. (Tho Negan is more on the lawful neutral/lawful evil side of that coin, only in that he’s self-servicing above all else). Also! This scene specifically VVVV

um so ive rlly enjoyed bbc class but instead of the agnst of the finale ive mentally replaced ep 8 with an adorable vision of coal hill christmas jumper day,, where everyone is happy and no one dies…. i super hope it gets a s2!!