Cumberbatch asks Hamlet audience to help refugees… and culture secretary obliges

Benedict Cumberbatch criticised the government’s response to the refugee crisis in a stirring speech after Thursday night’s performance of Hamlet.

The star gave the impromptu address moments after the show had finished.

With many audience members still on their feet for a standing ovation, Cumberbatch spoke of “our government’s slow response” to the crisis which has seen millions of Syrians forced to leave their homes.

He stressed the desperate plight endured by those escaping war-torn Syria and its neighbours:

“A parent only puts their child on a boat when the sea is safer than the land.”

Cumberbatch urged people to buy Help is Coming, the new single by Crowded House, the proceeds of which will go to Save the Children.

He also asked urged audience members to donate cash to the refugee crisis appeal that evening.

Among those attending the performance at the Barbican on Thursday evening was none other than John Whittingdale.

TP’s well-placed mole reports that the departing culture secretary appeared happy to oblige with Cumberbatch’s request - by handing over a ten pound note to a volunteer with a bucket on his way out.

Total Politics, 10.9.2015 (x)


Sam Smith - Lay Me Down (Red Nose Day 2015) ft. John Legend  

John Legend joins Sam Smith for this special version of Lay Me Down for Red Nose Day 2015. Which is this Friday March 13th.



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charity links:
My Charity single "One Loose Coin" is now available for preview and download.

When I started writing this song at the tender age of 16, I knew that I wanted it to somehow help the problems of homelessness especially in London, where I witnessed it most and couldn’t block it from my mind..

I began to take my guitar wondering around London, find a homeless person, and if they allowed me, I would love to sit and talk to them.. find out their story their problems, then busk for them.

Then I started volunteering with The Simon Community who aim not to “fix” the homeless, just to give them a sense of community, support and a smile… they have an open house in London with some permanent residents, but they allow homeless people to come in for food and to wash their clothes and get cleaned up if they wish. With the Simon Community, I also saw the impact of something so simple as giving out hot tea and soup on a freezing cold winter’s day.. and also using initiative, teaming up with the likes of M&S and Pret a Manger to give their unpurchased sandwiches at the end of the day to homeless people.

Anybody can make a difference… You can help by volunteering or simply donating to the services that The Simon Community provide by buying my song “One Loose Coin” online via bandcamp. All sales before Feb 2012 will go towards their work.

Go have a listen ;)