charity soccer game

  • prince taekwoon is (surprise) super mysterious!!!!!
  • doesn’t rly like doing any publicity, so his older sisters do most tv appearances for the royal family
  • when he was younger he went out with his family to the capitol and doing rounds, but he didn’t leave the palace for like……… most of his teenage years………. because he was so shy and afraid of paparazzi
  • and because of that tabloids love to run stories about him….. like a good half of the nation thought he was terminally ill for a couple of months before his parents finally forced him to do a press conference being like “hey i’m fine sorry”
  • even then he was so…. quiet and uncomfortable that everyone was like ????? are u sure
  • but in reality he was just super camera shy ;(
  • as he got older he got a little more public!! every year he plays a charity soccer games w/ the national soccer team and was like….. as good as the professional players and he even got offered a spot on the team when one of the players retired
  • but he was like ….. no…. that’s okay
  • cause that would also involve a lot of cameras and he just hates the idea of his private life being publicized
  • it’s not like he’s doing anything wild that would get him in trouble if it got out!!! taekwoon is just naturally reserved and he feels like … if he’s gonna go out to a casual dinner with friends then he doesn’t want to see it in the newspaper the next day
  • (palace communications officer jaehwan and councilman’s son wonshik love it when they’re w/ taekwoon and people take pictures…. they pose while taekwoon’s tugging up his mask and hiding his face)
  • since he isn’t the heir to the throne and his parents trust him, he’s had a lot of freedom with his life! he went to university abroad to study law and public policy, and now he works for the nation’s department of education!!!!
  • and he really loves his job because he’s always been interested in policy and he gets to work on new education initiatives (which matters a lot to him)
  • but he also loves it because he doesn’t get special priority because of being royalty which is exactly what he’s always wanted
  • overall he’s content with where he is in life……! but his mom and dad keep bugging him…… about marrying…. not in a royal context but just generally they want him to marry
  • but the ONE thing taekwoon is HORRIBLE at is romance!!! because he was privately tutored up until university and then he was studying too much to stay in a steady relationship
  • and now he’s just……….. ???!??!!?
  • but that’s where you come in!!!!! you’re actually a journalist for the country’s biggest newspaper
  • you’ve always enjoyed writing and you’re pretty good at socializing, so you figured journalism would be a good choice and it turned out that you really love it!!!
  • your current job is to cover education policy and general education news, which means you run into taekwoon at functions quite frequently
  • not that you talk one on one or anything because he only ever talks to his coworker hongbin at these events….. but it’s hard to miss him when he’s tall and handsome and unintentionally smoldering….. and also the prince of the country
  • you’re pretty sure taekwoon doesn’t remember you, but when you were interning at a magazine in college you were sent to interview him at the yearly charity soccer game
  • and it was by far the most awkward interview you’ve ever done…… his answers were polite but super short and his voice was so soft that a couple times you had to ask him to repeat himself because you couldn’t hear him over the background noise
  • even though it was awkward, when you were writing up the article you couldn’t help it………. because he was so sweet and his ears were all red for the entire interview (because he thought u were CUTE!!!), but he lit up when you asked about soccer and his plans for the future
  • he was just so down to earth???? and your whole life you had imagined the royal family as aloof and regal, but here was jung taekwoon and he was the dreamiest boy you had ever met in your life????
  • your boss really loved your article on him actually! it was your most popular article while you were interning there and it even reached the palace??? the queen liked it so much she sent you a bouquet with a little thank you note
  • because most journalists writing articles on taekwoon assumed his quietness meant he was a cold person, but his mom was like “you really understood taekwoon! this was beautiful” and to urself u were like…… i did not mean for you to read this your majesty this is like 50% me gushing about your son in a journalistic way…..
  • but anyways despite seeing him at functions, you don’t have any reason to approach taekwoon until a source tells you about a new education initiative he’s spearheading and you’re like I’m Gonna Go Get the Scoop
  • when u show up to his office with your little journalistic notebook, a press pass, and a pen behind your ear …… taekwoon is like starstruck! because he definitely remembers you from that interview, and he sees you looking cute at events (hongbin always nudges him when you walk in)
  • plus he reads almost all of your articles because you cover changes in the education system so well and he thinks you have really good ideas about education reform
  • basically he really respects your work but also finds you really attractive
  • so hearing you ask “i was wondering if i could ask some questions about your upcoming education initiative?” he just nods silently
  • he totally forgets his boss wanted to keep the project quiet because your eyes sort of sparkle when you smile….. and so he answers all your questions easily nd enthusiastically, admiring the passion you have for your work
  • you guys end up talking for much longer than you originally expected, because when taekwoon talks about things he’s interested in it’s easier for him to talk more!!! and you’re so engaging that he just wants to talk to you forever
  • you only stop when your stomach growls loudly and you’re about to apologize when he’s like…. awkwardly… “would you like to get lunch with me?”
  • and you want to!!!! but you have a meeting and you tell him that but you write down your number and give it to him and are like “i’m busy during the day for the rest of the week, but if you’re free we could get dinner tomorrow?”
  • and he’s like. yes…..please
  • when you leave taekwoon is just totally distracted by the thought of seeing you again for a good 10 minutes before he makes himself get back to work!!! and you’re the same way!!!!
  • you guys go to a nice restaurant for dinner, and it feels super magical when taekwoon looks at you and he smiles his affectionate little smile ,,,,,,, you guys stay almost until the place closes because you’re having such a good time ,,,,,,, at the end he walks you to your door and you kiss him softly before asking if he’d like to meet up again soon, and his ears go all red but you’re also blushing so it’s okay!!!!
  • there are pics of the two of you in the tabloid magazines the next day, which would usually upset taekwoon, but you look so pretty in the pictures that he honestly is kind of charmed by them…. even when it’s just a photo of you, you’ve got him hooked!!!!
  • the queen finds out and tells taekwoon that she’s THRILLED that her favorite journalist is dating her favorite (only) son and hes like…… stop it but im also really glad you like them
  • most of the time you honestly forget that taekwoon is royalty? because he doesn’t live in the palace and he doesn’t act like he’s rich and famous, he’s just your taekwoon!!! humble and caring and shy and you love him!!!!
  • but then the first time he takes you to meet your parents you’re like. oh…….. my god…… and occasionally he’ll buy you really really expensive gifts that he thinks you’ll like because he loves you and wants you to be happy and money isn’t really a problem
  • you guys go on picnic dates a lot because you both like being outside but also you both like eating ,,,,,,,,, he takes you to horse races and likes to watch you get super excited about the horses ,,,,,,,,, when he plays in the charity soccer game after you start dating you’re really attracted to him all sweaty and raising money for homeless shelters and that night u show your appreciation ;p
  • once you joke that it’s funny that he’s dating a journalist because he hates the media so much and he goes all soft and is like “i guess there’s something special about you” and you kiss the h*ck out of him

#19 Niall Horan – Soccer training

 You, your husband Niall and you daughter Grace are on your way to the soccer stadium. Niall has a charity soccer game with his favorite soccer team in a few days. Being a supportive wife, you of course go with him to his training for that game. This time you have Grace with you. The players were already on the field and got ready for the training while you and Niall go to the wardrobe, so that Niall can change. You leave Grace to the other boys and once you come back, you see her coaching the soccer players. They are jumping from one leg to the other, smiling and doing what your 6 year old tells them.

“Up with the knees. Higher! Higher!” She instructs them, making you and Niall laugh.

“Gorgeous, what are you doing?” Niall asks your little girl as he steps beside her.

“Let her keep going, she actually knows what she’s talking about.” The actual coach laughs.

“Well…” Niall shrugs and joins the other players. You kneel down next to Grace and have your arm around her as she instructs the professional players and her father. Once they are done warming up, the coach takes control again and you take a seat on a bench next to Grace.

“You’re good, gorgeous.” You compliment her on her training skills and knowledge of soccer and stuff like that, that you had no idea of. She truly is Niall’s little girl.

“Thanks mummy.” She smiles up at you.

You watch Niall and the others train and enjoy the nice view in front of you. You have to admit that supporting Niall isn’t the only reason why you came here. Actually watching the men train for the game was another thing that makes you go to Niall’s training every time. Of course, it’s just looking and Niall is the only one for you. After the training is over, Grace walks ahead of the players and talks to them while you and Niall are at the back.

“Did you enjoy today?” You ask him as he outs his arm around your waist.

“‘Course I did. Did you enjoy looking at us?” Niall chuckles.

“I did actually. A lot to be honest.” You laugh as you move closer to your husband ho has just caught you looking at other men.

“But I’m your only one, right?” He asks squeezing your bum.

“Always.” You giggle and kiss his cheek.

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"Everything we do!" -- "That was for you!!" Remember when Niall and Harry said these to each other!

“Everything we do!” – Because even Niall knows that Narry is the best ship!!

(fingers intertwined…Niall burying his face in Harry’s neck…)

(Look at how Niall looks at him!!)



Anonymous said: Remember when Harry scored a goal at Niall’s charity soccer game and ran three thousand miles across the field to hug Niall, and only Niall. (And shout out to all the other boys for being there for Niall’s charity event, that was a good day.)

“That was for you!”

I am so so proud of Louis today. I mean I always am, but today in particular. And it’s not about him being famous, it’s because he’s a great person, and does so many good things for charities, and you can tell how important this was to him.

I hope he doesn’t feel that he disappointed anyone, cause we are anything but. All I want to do is tell him he was great and give him a hug, and hope he is going to be okay, after his injury. And I can’t even watch the gifs of his injury, cause it makes me too upset. This can’t be normal. But that’s how much he matters to me.

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some of my friends dislike Louis. how do I prove to them that he is actually the meaning of life itself?

HONESTLY THESE DON’T SOUND LIKE PEOPLE YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE. however if you truly find it in your gentle heart to try and save these wayward souls, here are some irrefutable Key Points to share with them: (BUCKLE UP, CHILDREN)

  • he brings so much to the table musically! remember at the VERY BEGINNING during the x factor when louis hurt his foot and was in the hospital while the rest of the boys were trying to rehearse without him, and they uttered the words “we really do need him” and “it doesn’t sound right at all”? (x) FROM THE BEGINNING they needed him. and even today when he loses his mic or what-have-you they just sound OFF. and listen to any of their acoustic performances and tell me he doesn’t carry them vocally. tell me he isn’t the SOUL of wmyb’s chorus. his voice is far from the strongest on its own, but as part of the group he very much ties them together.
  • speaking of musical contributions, he wrote 12/18 songs on midnight memories and has been diligently working on writing the next album over their break. took a trip to los angeles to write.  “thinking about the new album EVERY DAY.” he’s become SUCH a star player in the creative side of their music. (all alongside liam of course but louis has written even more than him)
  • as liam has said, louis is the one who handles the business-related emails & phone calls from their team. he’s even admitted to hating speaking in front of people, but he still takes it upon himself to handle speeches on behalf of the band. he has no problem taking the unglamorous side of things onto himself. and apparently he’s gotten so good at it that he owns part of his own company, no biggie.
  • he has played 3 charity soccer games in the past two years, most recently as part of a PROFESSIONAL TEAM who he feels utterly dwarfed by in skill but still goes out to play and tries his best. and, mind you, this is after the previous game in september where he was humiliated and injured, but he still played. AND, he takes special care to make sure everyone knows how grateful he is for his position and even thanks his teammates personally for their support.
  • he’s a patron for bluebell wood, the children’s hospice for which he’s organized the charity matches and otherwise contributed to fundraising, and to which he pays regular visits. he’s also become a patron for the eden dora trust for encephalitis, which he’s been tweeting about frequently, and met with a boy raising money for operation smile, to name a couple of other charity ventures. and really, excepting the cases of advertised fundraising, these things aren’t highly publicized; he goes under the radar and extends his helping hands SOLELY OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF HIS SWEET HEART.
  • HE’S SO HUMBLE. remember his reaction when niall complimented “diana”? remember his reflections after his first match with the doncaster rovers? he never lets his success go to his head & never takes any of it for granted. he’s constantly talking about how thankful he is!! all the time!! for everything!! and STILL, he remains down to earth and sentimental as all hell. his proudest trophy? ‘most improved player’ for under-14’s soccer. one of the best days of his life? opening night at his school’s production of grease. (6:45-10:00)
  • he’s a family man! not only does he adore his mother and sisters, he took it upon himself as the older brother to help look after them, even when he’s a big ol kid at heart; he sacrificed some of his own youth to give them the best for theirs. and he’s just the right balance of responsible and fun, just wants everyone to be alright and give them a laugh!
  • he militantly protects everyone he loves. he puts himself out in front of the band & takes on tremendous loads for them. we know he’s chock full of his own insecurities, but he puts up a tough front in the public eye, to the point that he often comes across as an asshole, all to defend his boys. for example, the recent incident with the paps harassing him & liam about their pay. he’s ruthless when it comes to shooting down bullshit, even if it means harming his own image. all. for. his. boys. and if “strong” is anything to go by, we know how vulnerable he actually is, and how trying this role must be for him to fill. let that all sink in.
  • HIS LOVE FOR HIS BOYS IS ONLY MATCHED BY HIS BOYS’ LOVE FOR HIM. they all revolve around louis!!! i don’t even need to cite an example for this because you’ve seen it. you know. they love him to death. he is the heart of this band.
  • he’s just really goddamn cute:

in summation, louis is MEGA IMPORTANT and a DARN SWELL GUY. and if this isn’t enough to convince your nonbelieving friends then i guess that’s their loss but tbh you can just SLAM DUNK THEM IN THE TRASH and come on over to my place where i will gladly indulge you in eternal louis adoration

the end, thank you xoxo

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i just wanted to let u know that UNICEF has contacted louis' management about a possible charity soccer game in honor of jay

This is the gross overstep of fans that on Twitter that I was talking about earlier. Let’s get this right, fans approached UNICEF to hold a game to honor Jay and they (in what I can only hope was a brush off) told them they would contact Louis’ reps.

That is the inappropriate fan behavior I was talking about. It is not our place to tell the Tomlinson-Deakins how to mourn. It is not our place to volunteer them to participate in events, and make no mistake what those fans did is tantamount to that. Did they ever think that Louis might not want to participate in a soccer game for Unicef for his mom? That he might not want to show his grief that way?

Let’s be very clear about this, their family deserves to mourn however they want and only how they want. You, me, and nobody else has the right or place to tell them what they should do next. Do not put pressure on them to publicize grief.

The only things fans should do is stand behind them in whatever they do. That means supporting Just Hold On, donating to charities that Jay supported, etc. As a fan you have no right to anything else and contacting UNICEF or any other charity to organize a match you would expect Louis (or any other family member) to participate in is beyond what is appropriate or decent.