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Taking the tomboy glam to new heights with this one! A good cheetah print has always been a favorite of mine and I remember as a kid, my mama, aunty and grandma were always wearing animal prints and wild outfits and this shirt dress reminds me of all those days spent playing dress up when I was a little girl. That is definitely where my love of fashion comes from.

I thrifted this shirt dress a while back, you could go a few years back and find me wearing it on my insta feed.. Yaas I’m an outfit repeater, but I did the tomboy glam a lil different back then. I keep my favorite pieces forever because they are like lil gems and this one is vintage so I’ll never give it up.

I paired the look with this cheetah choker I made from a silk ribbon because I like to match and clash and make it work. + denim jacket because the LA weather can’t decide if it’s still winter or spring. + the printed purse because I’m extra like that & the cut out boots to bring the tomboy glam together. Another favorite look for the books 🖤

Cheetah Shirt Dress : Thrifted
Cheetah Choker : DIY
Denim Jacket : Mama’s closet
Purse : Just Fab Online
Boots : F21