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April 29, 2017

Blue with Honorary Chair and auntie Solange at the first annual “Wearable Art Gala” held at the California African American Museum.

Created by Ms. Tina and Mr. Richard Lawson, proceeds from the gala and auction will benefit the couple’s WACO (Where Art Can Occur) Theater Center and the teens they are mentoring, Tina’s Angels and Richard’s Warriors.

Blue is wearing a custom made butterfly dress with thousands of Swarovski crystals by Mischka Aoki.

Okay but what about the Gotham Sirens adopting Jason?

  • Selina was so sweet on Jason when he was Robin, he had the best sense of humor out of the Bats because it was just like her’s. The rare times Jason was off on his own she would always drop by and listen to Her Little Robin, comforting him after a fight with the Bat because he ‘used too much force’ or because ‘he’s too reckless’. Selina would even ask Jason to pull off small heists with her from time to time. He told her that he would only do it if she would either return the items before they went missing or if she donated most of it to charity. The Gotham City Museum was hijacked so many times by Catwoman and Robin but no one ever knew because she would always return the items so Jason didn’t get in trouble.
  • After Jason died Catwoman disappeared for a week, even Selina Kyle disappeared. After that week Catwoman was back in action but the first few weeks she didn’t steal anything that was worth the normal amounts that her previous heists had been, these were more like trinkets and Bruce couldn’t figure out the pattern. Selina had stolen every item she and Jason had ever stolen together; she donated them all the homeless center for abused children.
  • Selina never looked at Bruce quite the same way after Tim showed up that first night in a Robin costume, in Jason’s costume. She yelled and screamed about how Her Little Robin was already being forgotten and replaced. That Jason was worth more than just a few weeks of grief before just going back to normal. Bruce tried to explain that Batman needed a Robin, that Jason had known the risks and that he would never be forgotten but Selina didn’t listen. After that she still flirted with Batman, but it was only half-hearted at best. Bruce would never admit it but he was slightly heartbroken by the tearing of their relationship, it never really healed even after Jason was brought back by the Pit.
  • Bruce saved the Joker from the rubble in Batman Under the Red Hood but Jason had to drag himself out. With his injuries he couldn’t get far but he remembered this little roof-top where Selina told him many years ago she went to clear her mind. It took over an hour but Jason eventually managed to get to that roof-top and wait for Selina if she would come. Selina had gone out to check the huge explosion that had echoed through the streets but when she’d gotten to the sight Batman was gone and the Joker was being taken back to Arkham. Seeing nothing for her to do she retreated to her little roof-top only to find someone already there. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the blue eyes open at the sound of her approach, Her Little Robin had returned to her. She didn’t know how it was possible but she didn’t care, he was back in her arms and back in her life, she wasn’t letting go again.
  • When Selina saw the extent of Jason’s injuries from his fight with Bruce over the Joker she was furious. How dare the Bat hurt Her Little Robin after everything he’d already been through. She got him into a warm bath so he could soak and maybe take some of the edges of pain off, he was barely conscious, putty in her arms and trusting her to keep him safe; tears welled up in her eyes again and she didn’t even try to stop them. While Jason was in the tub she stripped her bed and put on the nicest silk sheets she had and made the bed for Her Little Robin because he deserved something nice for once in his life. After getting Jason settled in the bed she made a call to Harley and Ivy, telling them to meet her on top of her building. When Jason heard Selina open the window he let out a broken little whimper, he didn’t want to be alone again. Selina immediately went over to Jason and curled next to him, holding him to where he could hear her heartbeat and promising him that she wasn’t leaving him, she just had something to take care of; she stayed till he fell asleep.
  • Selina explained what she knew to Ivy & Harley, both righteously angry over what the poor boy had had to endure in his short life. Harley confessed that she’d always felt partially responsible for Jason’s death because she had left the Joker at that time due to a fight, if she had stayed maybe the Joker wouldn’t have gone so far. Selina told Harley that she should tell Jason that, that Her Little Robin would understand and wouldn’t blame her. Harley was doubtful but Ivy promised she would go with her to talk to the former Robin when this was all over.
  • The Gotham Sirens broke into Wayne manor and cornered a drunk Bruce in his study. When Selina started to growl and hiss at the man about the cut at his collarbone, that she would recognize the wound of a batarang anywhere, and how dare he attack that boy after everything. Bruce was so out of it that he broke down, he broke down and talked about the Pit, the explosion that killed Jason, about how he almost got himself killed because he was so angry and raw about Jason’s death, about how he didn’t let Tim do nearly what he’d let Jason and Dick do. But the last thing he told her about was the case with Jason’s costume. When Catwoman heard about that and about the engraving ‘My partner. My soldier. My fault.’ and she lost it. Harley and Ivy had to restrain her from scratching out Bruce’s eyes. How dare he call Jason his soldier, what about a son, was he ever a son to you Bruce? but Bruce was so far gone in his misery that he didn’t even notice.
  • Before they left Selina gave Bruce a warning to stay away from Jason. After she had climbed out the window Harley and Ivy stepped in front of Batman and threatened him as well, they might not know the boy as well as Selina did but if he was that important they would protect him for their friend too.
  • Harley apologized to Jason and, though he was wary of her for a while, he told her that most of his anger had never been at her. Sure he’d always thought she was a psychotic bitch but he didn’t blame her for his death. When she’d heard that, a huge burden lifted from Harley’s soldiers and without even thinking anything she hugged Jason tightly. He hissed at the pressure on his wounds but he gave her awkward pats on the back to let her know there weren’t any hard feelings.
  • Ivy gave Jason a shot that would render him immune to all of her plants and poisons. When Jason questioned her she told Jason that he was important to Selina and that he had given Harley something her girlfriend had desperately needed so she had no problem helping him. Jason stared at her blankly for a moment before asking when she’d left the Joker. Harley explained that after the Joker had murdered Jason, Harley thought he had taken it too far. Sure they’d killed before but this time it as so…personal and unnecessary that it felt wrong to Harley. She quickly packed up and never looked back.
  • Selina curled up in bed with Her Little Robin that evening and he let her hold him, just like a mother would. Once he’d fallen asleep Harley had decided to drag Ivy onto the bed and there was a huge pile of bodies on Selina’s giant bed but no one seemed to mind. In the morning Jason woke up first and saw that he had the three of Gotham’s most powerful villainous women curled around him and he felt…safe for the first time since he’d first laid eyes on the bomb that he knew would take his life. He made breakfast and eventually the smell of food woke the three ladies up enough for them to shuffle into the kitchen; they declared that Jason was going to be their stay in son from now on.
  • Jason put up a half-hearted fight but for some reason, his chest was getting really warm and he felt strangely giddy. He jokingly asked Selina if that meant she was his new mother and Selina merely got up and pulled Jason down to where she could plant a kiss on the boy’s forehead ‘I let you die once, I’m not letting my son get hurt again’ and that was how Selina Kyle adopted him of sorts. Harley had cried and told Jason that if Selina was his mother that since they were close as sisters that meant that Harley and Ivy were Jason’s aunts! He’d put his hand over his heart in mock horror but he couldn’t fight the smile that was making its way onto his face. It was crazy and not nearly what he’d imagined all those years ago as a street rat but he finally had the family he’d always wanted.

April 29, 2017

Honorary chair Kelly Rowland at the first “Wearable Art Gala” held at the California African American Museum.

Created by Ms. Tina and Mr. Richard Lawson, proceeds from the gala and auction will benefit the couple’s WACO (Where Art Can Occur) Theater Center and the teens they are mentoring, Tina’s Angels and Richard’s Warriors.

After attending charity fundraisers, opening museum exhibits, and dancing the night away at a ball held at the Maldonian embassy, Princess Tiana ended her weekend with an impromptu meet-and-greet at her restaurant. Millions of fans flocked outside “Tiana’s Palace” to see the princess, who stayed until well after midnight so as not to disappoint the ardent crowds. 

This photograph above, taken by the princess’ husband, Prince Naveen, shows a happy, but tired princess, rocking a natural fro as she leaves a generous tip for the bellhop of her suite. 

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can you write me literally anything scriddler?? thanks

I’m shit at writing these two but at least I tried. I dub this work: Bathole.

Written to Hasley’s Hold Me Down which is a fucking great scriddler song oh my god.



It had been the seventeenth time that week that “Mad World” and other assorted tunes of such a cheery nature had been blared by Edward through the asylum’s old stereo in one of the two rec rooms. The doctors and orderlies had done nothing to stop it, mostly because they enjoyed seeing the patients suffer from the safety of their mostly soundproof offices.

Jonathan was in the other rec room, thankfully, contemplating how hard he would have to smash his head against one the walls in order to kill himself and whether he’d be able to do it the first time round before the guards threw him in solitary. A stunt like that might mean Edward was revoked his recreational privileges which included access to the sound system so maybe the brain damage that would incur if he attempted such an act would be worth it.

From the other rec room, a commotion started. Enough of a skirmish that even Jacobs, the laziest guard in the asylum, looked up from his National Geographic magazine and took out one headphone.

Bang – Bang – Bang – CRASH!

A well missed silence filled the asylum, if only for a moment, as the inmates breathed a collective sigh of relief. Then an unholy shrieking rose through the asylum walls like a demonic beast clawing its way out of hell. There was another thud and the music was back, earsplittingly loud.


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April 29, 2017

Wearing Issey Miyake, Honorary Chair Solange before attending the first annual “Wearable Art Gala” held at the California African American Museum.

Created by Ms. Tina and Mr. Richard Lawson, proceeds from the gala and auction will benefit the couple’s WACO (Where Art Can Occur) Theater Center and the teens they are mentoring, Tina’s Angels and Richard’s Warriors.

Yeah so I kinda have this headcanon for a modern Au.

You know how in game Sorey is always rich as hell. [And even if you’re Ludger Level Broke you still did have lots of cash at some point I know you did don’t you dare tell me you ran from Pendrago to Lady Lake]

Yeah so in the modern AU Sorey comes from cash money family and he has serious social security benefits and what not, but he donates it all to charities and museums. Like, his monthly money comes in and he just gives the majority of it away and uses the rest for college. Mikleo scolds him and tells him to save some but Sorey just gives it all away anyhow. Like, this is how I imagine a conversation between them going down:

“God dammit, Sorey, you’re broke. Why don’t you at least save enough money to live on,” Mikleo scolded, scowling at Sorey’s empty fridge. “You need food, and new clothes, and a new bed- I know I’m not the only one who heard a crack when we sat down-”

“Chill. I’ve got everything covered. I’ll be fine.” Sorey had the same dumb smile on his face. How could he be so happy whilst living like that? 

“Sorey, are you truly content with this way of life? You’re depriving yourself-”

“I don’t need things to be happy. You being here all the time is enough for me.”

Mikleo: >////>

Sorey: .u.

Sorey didn’t intend to be a smooth mofo but he did anyways. Mikleo honestly has no way to respond other than to look away and hide the frustrated, happy blush.


-Mod Shitleo

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you taylor swift fans worship her ass like she is some perfect being yes she visited children in the hospital but what about the fuck load of houses she has? what about the fuck load of clothes she has and never repeats? what about the hundred guitars she has? if she gave that money to the people in need then i'd be impressed! and the army of man she dated? she's not perfect. get your head out of her asshole and you might realize that

I don’t know what you hoped to achieve by coming into a Taylor Swift blog and insulting Taylor Swift (or even how you found my blog if you hate her this much), but this is so ridiculous that I think I need to say something. This will probably come out really long but I’m not even sorry.

We, as fans, do indeed like Taylor Swift. We wouldn’t be fans otherwise. Not all of us “worship her ass”, but some do appreciate her personality and her work enough to look up to her and want to follow her example. She is actually a pretty good role model.

Now, it’s true that Taylor has indeed a good amount of houses and guitars and clothes. She also has a trampoline and a human-sized birdcage and a freaking topiary. But then again - why wouldn’t she? She earned every cent she has. It is her money - money she earned fair and clean, through her hard work and the devotion of her fans. She didn’t rob anyone, she didn’t earn that money in any obscure way. She has every right to spend her money however she wants to. Some people spend a year saving money to be able to buy an iPhone. Do you mean they should give up buying an iPhone just because they could give that money to charity? No. It’s their money. They can do whatever they want with it.

Maybe you could complain if she didn’t give back. I mean, her fans pretty much gave her everything she has - if we didn’t go to her concerts or buy her albums or her merchandise, she wouldn’t have half of what she has. However, she does give back. Maybe even more than any of us can imagine. She goes out of her way to meet people and she throws a party after each of her concert so she can meet fans without them having to pay for it and she visits ill children in the hospital. She stops for pictures with fans and when her security guys tell her she can’t stop for pictures, she rolls her eyes at them and goes to meet them anyway. When her security guard tries to keep her from holding her fans’ hands, she shoves him and does it anyway. Also, she was named most Charitable Celebrity of 2013 - and keep in mind most of this charity work is done completely out of the limelight, which proves that she is doing this out of genuine goodness and isn’t looking for publicity or to fall in anyone’s good graces. So I guess I just ruled out one of your arguments.

(Also, the “she never repeats clothes” argument is so stupid I was not even going to comment on it, but I think I should say something and that ‘something’ is that she has actually complained that she can’t repeat dresses to award shows because magazines will judge her and that, on a day to day basis, she actually repeats clothes - quite a lot actually -, but even if she didn’t I don’t really see why that would concern you. Specially since she has donates dresses she’s worn to charity and museums and whatever else).

And the “army of man she dated” consists of 6 people since she got famous 8 years ago (6 people in 8 years!!!! How dare she!!!!) and 2 or 3 before she got famous, which was when she was a young teenager and we all know our teenage years are when we make mistakes and date people that will make us look back on our youth and ask ourselves what were you thinking dude and when we are curious about the world and who we like and we are so eager for people to like us and accept us that we do some crazy stuff. So, I guess that’s a pretty weak army. But, and this is really important, even if she had dated 20 people in the past year you had nothing. to. do. with. it. It’s her love life! Maybe she falls in love easily! Maybe she just loves dating! It’s none of your business! Let’s just accept that. That’s a very weak argument too - I mean, even Taylor makes fun of her miserable love life and in much more clever ways than you possibly can so you’re kind of falling behind.

Lastly, of course she’s not perfect. No one is. She has had her bad days. We all have. She has made mistakes. We all have. But she is a very good role model for many people worldwide, and a very good one. We don’t need perfect people in the industry. We need real people. And Taylor is as real as it gets. And I’m really, really sorry for you if you can’t see it.

A Funny Thing Happened... (Part 2)

Description: Dean x reader. After being contacted about a hunt, Sam, Dean and the reader go to investigate. As information is gathered, it becomes clear that this case is a little more than their normal vengeful spirit and they have a dangerous and elusive murderer on their hands in the guise of a familiar face from the big screen… and comic books. In this part, our team deal with trying to work out just how this ‘Winter Solider’ came to be in their world.
Words: 1,487
Warnings: none
Author’s Note: I’m splitting what would have been part 2 up a little bit. It was getting long and I didn’t want to scrimp on details so this a in between-y healthy dose of fluff before we go all out hunting again! Tagging @autoblocked as asked ;)

Catch up and Part One here

If things were going to go wrong, they may as well go all out because what was the point in a minor hiccup when it could be a deadly and quite frankly, otherwise terrifying situation. As you gawped out of the back window, trying to catch a glimpse of the man who could seemingly shoot people without a gun, it lead you to ponder some interesting points.

Why did someone build a skyline this inconsistent in height, almost as if they’d planned to obscure your view? Had anyone even been on this street before trying to out run a curse-fueled assassin? And perhaps the most mysterious question, who the fuck thought that bringing a brainwashed, psycho straight out of a comic and into the real world was a good idea in the first place?

They were simple musings really, and ones that were clearly mirrored in Sam and Dean’s horrified faces as Dean swerved through the streets hoping to lose him.

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“This isn’t a confession more so an observation. I, as an American, did not how much contempt the English (and others alike) have for Will and Kate for “not working hard enough” and representing the BRF. It seems common on here. I’m not sure what you want them to do? (No sarcasm) Most women take 6+ weeks of maternity leave and don’t work. Are Kate and will supposed to be attending functions, events, charities,museums? Idk. It’s just strange so many people are upset about lack of work. Thank you!” - Submitted by Anonymous

Ten/Rose AU: Triboelectric {2/10}

Pairing: Ten/Rose
Genre: Alternate Universe
Rating: Teen.
Summary: “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
― C.G. Jung

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / AO3.

Chapter Two: Contact Electrification

It was a bit ridiculous, at the ripe age of twenty-three, to have gotten herself separated from her father and become lost in a silly old Museum, but here she was. The smiling private tour guide had said, “If you’ll come this way, Mr. Tyler, Miss Tyler,” and Rose had had every intention to follow, but a pregnant woman with two small children standing close by had suddenly come over faint. Noticing her sudden pallor, Rose had hurried over to steady her.

Now she was wandering about the place, trying to spot a slightly balding (“It’s distinguished, Dad, it means you’re confident in yourself, no combovers or silly toupees needed”) ginger tycoon in an Arsenal jacket, Pete’s idea of casual weekend wear. How could they have gone so far in such a short time?

It was supposed to be their father-daughter bonding day, with a little bit of work thrown in because Pete could never really go five daylight hours without checking in with the office. He had ulterior motives in bringing his daughter to the Science Museum - Vitex’s charity foundation, spearheaded by Jackie Tyler and a gaggle of accountants, had recently been courted by a prominent council member for a hefty donation to the Sciences.

Dad wasn’t picking up, even though she’d rung him twice. Reception was terrible inside the building. Rose found one of those YOU ARE HERE maps, stared at it for thirty seconds, felt even more confused as she was totally hopeless with maps, and finally located a Guest Services desk.

Just her luck, no one was manning the station. There was a bell on the counter, an oddly quaint touch, something you’d see in an old shop and not in a cutting edge museum showcasing humanity’s greatest scientific achievements. Rose tentatively pressed it.

A head popped up from behind the counter. “Hi!”

“Holy sh-!” she bit off the curse, aware of a family with children passing behind her. The face that looked back at her broke into a wide, unmitigated smile of recognition.

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