charity events



SGDQ is an awesome charity event where tons of super talented speed runners raise money for Doctors Without Borders! 

I’m gonna do a bunch of sketches (unofficially) for SGDQ this week from my fav games and give them away to a lucky winner!! 

HOW TO ENTER: If you donate to SGDQ (any amount) simply send me an ask with “I donated to SGDQ” (I’m gonna trust you to be a kind human) And at the end of the week I’ll randomly pick a winner ! ( depending how many sketches I do I may pick a few winners)

Have fun watching!!!!

trto90: Sunday charity event in Dubnica. @fitfabrik open day. I would like to thanks all those guys on picture for coming ans support this event. You could see all kids were smiling just because of them. 

jfranzen93: Tuna u r the shortest guy there too😂😂 @trto90 sorry! Love u, see u soon
trto90@jfranzen93 Hey don’t start war here!:) otherwise I will have to kill you 😉😅
jfranzen93@trto90 easy kid! R u going to bring the whole fit fabrik crew?💪😡
trto90@jfranzen93 you know I handle it on my own. Btw I hope you are practicing paddle tennis :)… You know I am the champ👍✌️🙌