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It’s probably because I just did some translation of Yuzuru’s interview back in 2014 today, but for some reason, I was weirdly very touched to know the reason why he chose Kanagawa rink for his skating class and performed ‘Hana ni Nare’ there.

We all know that Yuzuru has a good heart, but I’m still glad to see that since 2014, every year he spends some of his precious time before the season starts to come back to Japan and do charity events to help those affected by disasters and show his gratitude to those supported him. You can watch/read about his activities every year here: 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017

His actions touched my heart in a very personal way as someone who was very concerned about the 2011 Earthquake disaster, and it warms my heart to know that he’s still constantly thinking about those who helped him and those who are still in pain because of those hardships, that his mind hasn’t changed at all since the day he won the Gold medal:

“…During the time I lost my home rink, I could skate thanks to being asked to do ice shows for a few months. At that time,  Arakawa Shizuka, Daisuke Takahashi, Kozuka Takahito, Asada Mao, and many other skaters planned charity events for us, and thanks to that I was able to come back and skate.

I am not a pro, so I think I cannot do much now, but in the future I want to do charity events to thank and show my gratitude in some way, to not only skaters, but also to people who were affected and suffered from the earthquake disaster.

I’m here by myself right here right now.  Though the gold medalist is only one men skater from Japan, but when I got onto the podium, I’m truly happy that I could perform carrying on my back the wishes of Japanese people and those who supports me from around the world. I wonder if I was able to return the favour to them.”

(excerpt from Aoi Hono II)

Au where Jack didn’t go to Samwell and after a few years and a cup with the Falconers he gets traded to a team in Canada, so now he lives around 2-3 hours from his parents.

Meanwhile Bitty graduates and is hired by Alicia Zimmermann to be her assistant, partly because he was a Samwell alumni but also because he was super sweet and brought a pie to the interview.

Bob tried to poach him within a week, but Bitty thought he was only joking. So did a lot of the retired hockey players once they tasted the pies including Mario. Alicia doesn’t allow Bitty alone with Bob or his friends anymore.

Which is why she made Jack promise to stick to him like glue during a charity event she won’t be able to attend, but that Bitty will be at.

“Jack, Eric is the most efficient and pleasant assistant I’ve ever had. He’s also charming, hard working and discreet, and when I had the flu last month he made me go home to rest and brought me chicken soup on his day off. If your dad or his friends try to take him from me again, I can’t be responsibly for my actions.“

This is how Jack somehow ends up playing interference and trying to distract Bitty from talking to anybody at the charity event.

And wow ok this isn’t exactly unpleasant and Bitty is gorgeous and funny, and played hockey.

Bitty is in the middle of trying to explain how increasing his social media would be beneficial, and how he could use his platform for good when Jack sort of blurts out.

"Do you wanna get coffee?”

And Bitty paused, looks at him and smiles, “sure! I’d be happy to go over everything with you again over coffee.”

Jack is too flustered to explain that was a very lame attempt to ask him out, so he goes along with the work orientated coffee situation with the intention of maybe asking him properly afterwards.

Of course, then shenanigans occur where Alicia thinks Jack is now trying to steal Bitty to be his assistant and casually invites herself over for the coffee, so obvs Jack doesn’t ask Bitty then.

“I trusted you,” she says very dramatically when he comes over for dinner that week. “How could you be trying to take my assistant?”

“I am not trying to offer him a job,” Jack groans dramatically, “I’m trying to ask him out!”

Alicia paused, considers this and does a complete 180.

“Jack! This is an amazing idea! I fully support this, oh I can’t believe I crashed your date.”

“It wasn’t a date,” mumbles Jack.

“Ok, we need a plan. You need to woo Eric, he’d be such a wonderful son in law.”


Meanwhile Bob is quietly watching this whole exchange and making his own plan. He absolutely supports Jack’s interest in Bitty, and Alicia is right he’d be a wonderful son in law.

But also Bob does need an assistant since he can’t seem to keep one for more than 2 months at a time, so he’s now planning to steal Bitty while his wife is distracted playing matchmaker.

Bitty had no idea what’s going on, he just wants to continue working for Alicia since she’s so nice and amazing, save enough money to open his own bakery and try not to let in on the fact he has a massive crush on Jack.

I mean, how unprofessional would dating the boss son would look!?

No, he’s going to keep things strictly professional because that’s who he is, a professional who totally doesn’t have the hots for the son of Alicia Zimmermann.

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can you look at what houses the boys' juno is in and what it means for their future marriages? 🌸🌷

Jin and Yoongi - Juno in the 4th house

  • both their junos are also in the sign cancer so their marriages just scream domestic !!
  • their partner will have cancer traits: sensitive, caring, and nurturing. one that enjoys homemaking activities like cooking and looking after the nest. someone who feels like home. 
  • speaking of home, that will be the most important part of their relationship 
  • a lot of time will be put into creating a serene, cozy den where many memories will bloom
  • both jin and yoongi may become more homebodies after getting married and maybe even set aside work to stay there
  • instead of going out to town with their every night, quiet nights in are preferred
  • they’d rather enjoy hot chocolate by a cozy fireplace with their s/o than go out dancing
  • creating a family is a high priority. children are considered blessings
  • where they’ll meet their soulmate: they might be childhood sweethearts or someone from their youth. or they’ll meet at ikea

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Hoseok - Juno in the 7th house

  • the asteroid of marriage in the house of marriage puts great focus on relationships 
  • marriage is something he has thought or dreamed about for a long time, since childhood 
  • he will “find himself” through his partner. they will reveal sides of him that he didn’t know he had
  • a theme of self discovery and growth during the marriage 
  • with his juno in scorpio and pluto in the same house, he may have fear or hesitation of marriage 
  • he will transform (pluto) greatly in marriage 
  • he may go through many marriages, with jupiter also in the 7th house 
  • either way, he is searching for a life long partner and will not settle until he finds them 
  • partner and relationship will have libra traits: balanced, fair, and social
  • romance and intimacy are key. he will change into a truly lovesick boy with his partner 
  • where he’ll meet his soulmate: because we form relationships everywhere we go, he could meet them anywhere. they might be business partners or in some form of a partnership. wherever it’ll be, it’ll feel like a movie once they lay eyes on each other

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Namjoon and Jungkook - Juno in the 11th house

  • the 11th house rules friends and that’s exactly who these two will marry: a best friend
  • someone who they’ve known for a long time and developed strong feelings for over time
  • it may not be a love at first sight and it could take time to truly realize their feelings for their soulmate
  • but it will be a strong love that can stand the test of time 
  • a classic “friends to lovers” story
  • it may occur at a moment where they’re spending time with them and see them smile in a certain way and it just clicks: “Wow, this is the person i want to spend the rest of my life with.”
  • the 11th house is ruled by uranus, the planet of everything different 
  • their marriage will be non-traditional in some way
  • it could be an age gap, interracial, different backgrounds, may even same-sex
  • partner will have aquarius traits: unique, eccentric, someone who embraces the things that make them different 
  • the 11th house also rules community so both of them may join social causes with their s/o. they will share a similar vision and it will most likely involve changing the world in some way
  • where they’ll meet their soulmate: in their friend group, a charity event, online, in a dream

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Jimin - Juno in the 6th house

  • the 6th house is known for ruling work but it also rules our daily routine, habits, and health
  • his future marriage will be with someone he can work well with. not only in a career sense, but also in daily activities and emotionally
  • tending to small things around the house like chores and things that are usually seen as nuisances will strengthen the relationship
  • him and his partner will find joy in washing dishes together, doing laundry, things like that
  • co-operation is essential in the relationship. so is autonomy and freedom
  • work could keep them apart for long periods of time so trust is also key
  • he needs someone he can rely on and who can also rely on him
  • he could be quite literally married to his work, or find love at his workplace 
  • partner will have virgo traits: an intellect, someone who pays attention to detail, someone organized and trustworthy
  • his partner will very likely look after his health a lot
  • exercise or sport may be activities they enjoy together
  • he may want a partner who serves him, someone more submissive
  • or vice versa, his partner may try to make him their servant
  • balance and fairness needs to be kept or else things could go south 
  • where he’ll meet his soulmate: at work, a co-worker or colleague, or at the gym or spa

Taehyung - Juno in the 2nd house

  • the 2nd house rules the income, money, possessions, and also our self-esteem 
  • his marriage will likely increase his sense of self-worth and confidence
  • his partner will be someone who boosts his ego and makes him feel like he could take over the world
  • this could manifest negatively where he marries someone in hopes to increase his self-worth or secure financial security. a common example is marrying into a rich family just for money. this usually doesn’t end well
  • possessiveness could be an issue. seeing his partner as something he “owns”
  • he could avoid divorce/leaving a bad relationship due to fear of losing money 
  • on a more positive note: marriage will most likely be a blessing financially either way. he will amass great wealth with his partner 
  • the relationship will be steady, committed, and solid. almost nothing can sway the strong foundation he will build with his s/o
  • a marriage characterized by luxury: a grande wedding, million dollar home, etc. 
  • showing love through tangible things will be common. this could be gift giving or lots of physical touch
  • partner will have taurus traits: loyal, down to earth, and very sensual 
  • overall i think this is an excellent placement of juno in his capricorn dominant chart
  • where he’ll meet his soulmate: his hometown, an event for the wealthy, the bank

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Alexei “YOLO” “Tater” Mashkov is an expert at talking himself out of traffic tickets. He has the Helpless Famous Hockey Player Who Mistook Miles For Kilometres And Would You Like Some Merchandise Officer act down to an art.

(Marty: But if you thought it meant sixty kilometres, you should have been going much slower than that…
Tater: Don’t bothering me with stupid details, Marty. Have hockey to think about.)

If it weren’t for Louis we’d have gotten three shitty albums of crap pop and then One Direction would have completely burnt out and split up with no chance of getting back together and the world would be like “…. finally.” And then maybe one would have put out a mediocrely received album, and the other three would be guest stars on random game shows and charity events.
That’s what happens to boybands that don’t have a Louis Tomlinson.

Apollo Through the Signs

Aries Apollo
- You are courageous in love
- Others admire your determination
- Your confidence in your abilities makes you appear more talented
- You are enthusiastic about the future
- Your strength is your optimism
- You fall for people who offer blunt honesty

Taurus Apollo
- You are reliable in love
- Other admire your patience
- You are talented in practical hobbies that offer materialistic gains
- You are devoted to your religious/spiritual beliefs
- Your strength is your responsibility
- You fall for people who offer stability

Gemini Apollo
- You are gentle in love
- Others admire your affection
- You are talented in a wide array of hobbies
- You adapt with ease, willing to change your beliefs if they do not seem to fit
- Your strength is your ability to learn
- You fall for people who offer intelligence

Cancer Apollo
- You are highly imaginative in love
- Others admire your loyalty
- You are talented in abilities that show your emotions
- You want to be a part of something that heals others
- Your strength in your persuasion
- You fall for people who understand you

Leo Apollo
- You are creative in love
- Others admire your passion
- You are talented at organizing charity events and similar things that give to the less fortunate
- You are accepting of everyone, and may end up following your own spiritual path
- Your strength is your cheerfulness
- You fall for people who are humorous

Virgo Apollo
- You are loyal in love
- Others admire your analytical nature
- You are talented at helping others and would make an excellent teacher or camp counsellor
- You believe that you create your own future
- Your strength is in your practicality
- You fall for people who draw you out and encourage you to speak up

Libra Apollo
- You are cooperative in love
- Others admire your diplomacy
- You are talented at fitting in at social gatherings far above your status
- You are relaxed about your beliefs
- Your strength is in your sociability
- You fall for people who are decisive

Scorpio Apollo
- You are resourceful in love
- Others admire your brave aura
- Whatever you are talented in, you take it to the extreme and everyone can see your passion
- You are stubborn about your beliefs
- Your strength is in your friendship
- You fall for people who prove they are trustworthy

Sagittarius Apollo
- You are generous in love
- Others admire your idealism
- You are talented at comedy
- You have a strong intuition
- Your strength is in your impatience
- You fall for people who are blunt

Capricorn Apollo
- You are responsible in love
- Others admire your discipline
- You are talented at controlling yourself
- You lead people in your religion or spiritual belief system
- Your strength is your knowledge
- You fall for people who accept your mistakes

Aquarius Apollo
- You are original in love
- Others admire your independence
- You are talented in humanitarian fields
- You think logically about the future
- Your strength is your decisiveness
- You fall for people who are aloof

Pisces Apollo
- You are compassionate in love
- Others admire your artistic abilities
- You have a strong intuition
- You believe in a general gentleness and safety for all people
- Your strength is your wiseness
- You fall for people who are musical