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Bruce Wayne is a total Batman fanboy. He has a made to life replica of his favorite Batmobile in his garage and a room set off to the side with all the Batman memorabilia he’s collected over the years. He’s known for spending crazy amounts of money at auctions for Batman stuff and orders his own versions of everything.

No one even bats an eye when he puts in a huge order for batarangs. And he’s so happy about it because when he’d first started out as Batman getting supplies had been the worst part of the job. He’d had a million hoops he had to go through to keep his secret identity a secret. 

He’d thought he’d hated it when people became Batman obsessed, but after he got caught with a Batarang in his pocket at a charity event he decided to go with the fanboy persona. And it worked. 

His children think it’s hilarious and buy him all kinds of weird Batman merchandise. Like the crappily painted Batman figures shipped from China, Batman soap, the plastic masks every store sells, and their personal favorite the pajamas that say “My Batcave is my happy place”


Connor McDavid and Aaron Ekblad signing for fans before the 8th Annual Hockey Night In Barrie (◕‿◕✿)

It’s rare I post a photo on here with a celeb these days because I swear to god some random people just loved to hate that time I met Tom Hiddleston at a party and posted it on here (like you don’t know me and you deffo wasn’t at the party to gtfo of here ya muggy little c*nts, excuse my French) last year.

Annnnnyway!! I just really wanted to share this one because it was at a charity event the other night and about a month before this I’d seen James McAvoy for the first time since Ruling Class and to my shock he actually remembered me and my friend, asked how we were and told us he was doing more theatre next year. Then at this event the other evening we had spotted him arrive but wanted to play it cool. At one point we walked right past each other and I could tell he was looking but avoided eye contact but I know he recognised us because then when my friend behind me past, she must have made eye contact because I heard him say ‘hey’ and something to the effect of ‘you’re here’ but we didn’t stop and talk.

Finally, later in that evening, after I’d had a load of champagne courage he was returning inside after going outside for a bit and I just intercepted him with a light backhanded slap on his chest/shoulder (I really need to learn not to do that oops) and then the following happened:

Me: Hey James!

James: Hey you! *holds out hand to shake*

Me: *goes to fist bump instead because that’s how I roll*

James: Nah, come here! *proceeds to pull me in for a hug*

And inner me is freaking the fuck out because James McAvoy just hugged me like I was his bro (and I am happy with being his bro if anything) That’s when I also realised I’ve got to not screw up now and come across like a major fangirl, I’ve got to act chill AHHH but I somehow managed.

So, then I spoke to him for what seemed like forever about how we’ve both been, theatre and other stuff. It’s so easy to get caught up talking to this wonderful man that I nearly forgot to bring my mate in on the convo but then I got him to wish her a happy birthday and we continued to talk about theatre and stuff. (Theatre is my passion of you hadn’t noticed oops) And then he was so nice with taking photos afterwards and I legit feel like I’ve upgraded from random James fan to random acquaintance that James recognises but not in a bad way! Then later that night I went to talk to him again and he took some classic James McAvoy selfies with us, because he’s a photo beast when he gets hold of your phone!

Oh and he also remembered telling us a month before he was doing theatre because turns out he probably isn’t now until 2018 because everyone is doing he show he wanted to do next year already!

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"So tell me, cat, I can't be the only one who notices your sickly macho performance in front of Madame Dupain-Cheng."

“So tell me, Chat, I can’t be the only one who notices your sickly macho performance in front of Madame Dupain-Cheng.”

Ladybug was covering her mouth and laughing while Chat Noir stood in front of Alya’s microphone, sweating under the scrutiny. “I-I-I would never presume to act like that in front of a married woman, I mean Mme. Dupain-Cheng is married to Adrien Agreste after all.”

“Oh please,” Alya snorted, “don’t pretend like you weren’t totally flexing your muscles in front of her the other day at that charity event, it’s all on camera.”

“Yeah, Chat,” Ladybug joked, nudging him with her elbow, “Why don’t you tell them what’s really going on.”

Chat smiled innocently and leaned in close to Ladybug’s ear to hiss, “Don’t think I’m not going to pay you back for this later, Mari.”

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not to start a Discourse, but one thing i genuinely don’t understand is that if all the boys are moving on with their lives and careers, as we’ve seen with harry and niall and liam, how are people still acting like louis is being forced to do things against his will? like, it’s pretty clear that whatever he’s doing now and whoever he’s working with are the result of choices he’s made, and he’s doing just fine. 

the question is “how” not “why” bc i know why people act like this, but i just… how? like, what is going on?? i just can’t…. comprehend why so many people feel the need to constantly roll their eyes at everything louis does or any person he’s seen with who’s not his sisters (hilariously, this applies even to oli, except for the one time harry and oli interacted during otra and omg everyone suddenly loved oli as if they aren’t calling him a predator or a rat 90% of the time??? wow amazing) while at the same time victimizing him in order to strip him of his agency/fault so they can wash, rinse, repeat, next time he does anything

like, even if you don’t believe Some Things, this is his life? so why tear it down all the time? what does that Prove? how does it help anyone? why act like he’s miserable when he looks happy? whatever you think their relationship is, what has danielle done to deserve the shit people say about her? like, oh myyyy goddd louis touched her, time to make 544 photosets and send wild as fuck, offensive anons to prove that he doesn’t care about her. i truly don’t care what people believe, but it’s the way i see people talking about this that’s always been so hard to take. how do you sit there and read the things people say about danielle and not feel kind of queasy? like, i just? it’s been so long, it’s been so long, you know?