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Don’t forget to visit this magical place if you are ever in Exeter. And if you live too far from there, then listen: there is a place that looks like a haunted house. The old books there whisper their stories to each other. Whenever I enter the house and ascend the creaking stairs, I roam around a bit and let the book choose me. It is a simple rule of courtesy and respect. There always will be a gentle ghost willing to share its past with you. 

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I work in a charity bookshop and we take donations. There's this one old man who regularly comes in and donates two or three plastic bags full of books... Which invariably absolutely reek of human piss. They all go straight into the garbage dumpster outside because there's no way we could sell them and most of the volunteers refuse to even touch them. It's always so awkward when I see him come in because I guess he's trying to be charitable? But wtf dude.

This actually makes me very sad. He might be in a terrible living situation that caused this. His heart is in the right place, but his mind might need a little TLC. Maybe he’s a hoarder that is trying to slowly chip away at his collection in order to heal? That’s a lot of donations for one person. -Abby

I solemny swear that I went to the charity second hand bookshop to donate books and only to donate books… but…

(Slightly Married, by Mary Balogh. Spanish pocket-size edition for only €2 = $2,34)

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What do you do when you’re bored?

i actually haven’t been bored in years!!! but if u mean what do i do when i have nothing to do, i p much just read and scroll through tumblr. maybe look things up on the internet, greek myth, for example, or psychology, or philosophy, or take personality quizzes. boring, no? sometimes i drive to a pretty town quite near me and sit in cafes/ look through bookshops and charity shops/ watch a livestream of a play in the arts centre there. good ol me time

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hi! just wondering how you manage to read all of those books? like do you have a website? or do you just have extreme amounts of money you never talk about? love all your book recs btw!

I do not have extreme amounts of money nor a website! this is my website! hello! welcome! what I do have is lots of friends who also love books and serve as my personal little libraries, and some good luck/Canny Skills™. as much as I desperately want to Keep The Industry And Bookshops Alive by only buying all my books in hardback full price from Waterstones, that is just not realistic. none of us are fucking millionaires. and frankly, my dear, I love reading far too much to be so self-sacrificing. 

okay. here is how I get all my books: 

- aforementioned friends! find someone (or multiple someones) in your friends group who loves books as much as you do and set up some sort of Book Co-op. share and share alike. you spend half as much money if you’re lending books back and forth, especially if there’s a whole NETWORK of you! I’m slowly but surely borrowing books from every single person I work with. it’s great. (also works with online friends: friends send friends epubs!) 

- NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY! I went to my local library and got a new library card (after paying an outstanding 8-year-old fine of 6p) in 2014 and never looked back. if they don’t have something you want they can ask a different branch to send it over, or you can request something brand new and they’ll try to get it for you! you love books! they love books! it’s like browsing a weird, uncool Waterstones, except EVERYTHING’S FREE! 

- charity shops. charity. shops. I will not walk past a charity shop. every single charity shop in the UK has a bookshelf, and generally the books people give away to charity are the ones they got for Christmas and read once or didn’t bother to read at all, and those are generally ones people grabbed from the Buy One Get One Half Price table at Waterstones. in short: NEW/ISH AND POPULAR PAPERBACKS FOR LIKE A QUID. my last charity shop jaunt I brought home William Boyd’s Any Human Heart and Andrew Smith’s Stand-Off and spent about £3.50. I almost bought a pristine, untouched, mint condition copy of A Gathering of Shadows. for £2. CHARITY SHOPS!!!

- if you live in a city (or a big/trendy town), I can guarantee you have at least five secondhand bookshops. find them, take an afternoon, wander around. if you’re really lucky, everything’ll be alphabetised to make your life even easier. it might even be sorted… by genre. mmm. it’s also worth finding any local independent bookshops and popping in for a browse rather than defaulting to Waterstones when you need to buy something new – the books’ll definitely be pricier than a secondhand bookshop or charity shop (though not pricier than W’stones), but if you’re going to give anyone money for Brand New books it should be independent bookshops! 

- speaking of Waterstones, while working there I abused my seasonal staff privileges somewhat by signing up to as a bookseller. I don’t know if it’s possible to sign up to it without something to prove you work in a bookshop/in the industry, but if it is you TOTALLY SHOULD. (and/or try to cheat the system somehow. ahem.) publishers put books up on NG and you can request an epub to read and review. they don’t always give them to you – sometimes it’s a regional thing, or, as is probably the case with me, they check to see how many reviews you actually leave and they’re like On Your Bike, Missy – but a lot of the time they do! 

- if you’re an ebook person, you absolutely need to sign up to BookBub! they email you once a day with great ebook deals. on actually good books. there’s some questionable ones (ISN’T THERE ALWAYS?), but today there’s Ruth Rendell, Hilary Mantel, Sara Raash’s Snow Like Ashes, Anthony Doerr’s All The Light We Cannot See, John le Carré, Bernard Cornwell… i.e. good people and good books. I love my daily BookBub email! 

- Epic Reads, the YA social media bit of HarperCollins, does something called FIRST5 which is super cool – every week they send you the first 5 chapters of a YA book, one chapter every weekday morning. it’s the perfect try before you buy fandango, and they send you decent stuff, too. last week’s book was V. E. Schwab’s This Savage Song, which is awesommmeee. (if you’re in the US, they also do $1.99 YA ebook deals!) 

- is god’s gift to thrifty readers who love impulse buying books in the middle of the night. type in the book you want and it’ll literally give you a list of secondhand book websites that have copies and do a price comparison. (which can be misleading. my heart nearly exploded out of my chest when I saw that it had found me a copy of Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition for £1.17, but it neglected to mention the $63 postage.) 

- honestly ~*~SECONDHAND BOOK WEBSITES~*~ are the way, the truth and the light. is a great way to find a specific book you want (especially if it’s something a bit weird or out of print: see Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition for full details), but I tend to head straight to AbeBooks. also, while I think amazon is The Devil and I avoid buying directly from them where books are concerned, I’m a frequent flier at the amazon marketplace. I’m constantly buying ex-library books from random places I’ve never heard of in America. nobody wants them because they’re all stamped inside and thousands of people have groped them. BUT I WANT THEM. I WANT THEIR WEIRD HISTORY AND OLD BOOK SMELL. I WILL CHERISH THEM. find the book you want on amazon, click on where it says ‘x Used & New From £x.xx’ and boom. buy your copy of Six of Crows from Second City Books in Aurora, IL.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. books on books on books on books

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I work in a charity bookshop - all the money we make goes to crisis areas, and the one person that gets paid is the manager. The other day this guy came in and said 'Most of your DVDs are £1.99 or £2.99, but this one's £3.99. I'd buy it if it were less...?' Like how awful a person do you have to be to try and haggle £1 off in a CHARITY bookshop?! The worst thing is, this has happened before. We guide our prices by a couple £ off the lowest price online so it's always a good deal anyway >:(