Papa John is a piece of shit! He went in front of Congress to tell them giving his employees health benefits would raise the price of his pizzas. Yes, it would…by 14 cents a pie! 14 cents!
  At the same time, he appears in all his own commercials, and you can bet he’s paying himself to do that! Plus, he pays Peyton Manning to be in a lot of them! But, 14 cents is too fraking much to help keep his own people alive!

  • Aaron: Carry on without us, why don't you?
  • Chas: Sorry, we were starving.
  • Charity: And gasping. Soz.
  • Harriet: Er... am I up?
  • Aaron: Erm, well, no offence, but we kind of did our own thing.
  • Harriet: Wow. Well, then in that case, I'll bless you with gin and tonic and enjoy the party.
  • Chas: Your own thing?
  • Robert: Yeah, we did it somewhere a little bit less...
  • Chas: Hideous?
  • Robert: Yeah.
  • Aaron: Sorry.
  • Chas: No, I'm sorry we... we put you off. Oh, come here! Mmm, oh, baby! Aww... (hugs Aaron and then Robert)
  • Robert: Liv doesn't think it's her fault or anything, does she?
  • Chas: No, no, no. I er... Well, I caught her with the bubbly. So she's gone for a lie down.
  • Aaron: Mum!
  • Chas: What? It was one glass on an empty stomach. I watched her like a hawk but you know what she's like, she's sneaky.
  • Charity: (rings bell) Good news, everybody. It wasn't a barney, and they got wed!
  • (cheering and applause)
  • Adam: Get in, mate, nice one!
  • Aaron: Mate? You're no mate of mine, you liar!
  • Adam: Oh, come on, Robert made me do it, don't be like that!
  • Vic: I am made up for the pair of youse.
  • Diane: Me, too. Congratulations, pet. Oh, do you know, if your Dad could see you today...
  • Aaron: Oh, Diane, you haven't got a drink, come on. No good, is it?
  • Diane: Ooh, brownie points to the new son-in-law. Break his heart and you're dead, though. Just saying.
  • (chuckles, cheering)
  • Zak: (bringing the welly) Come on, son. Let's be having you.
  • Robert: Eh?
  • (laughter)
  • Chas: Now the welly!
  • All: Drink from the welly! Drink from the welly! Drink from the welly!
  • Sam: She were like the Usain Bolt of grandmas.
  • Robert: Who needs a wheelchair.
  • Debbie: Oh, all right, so she laid it on a bit to stay. It doesn't mean she killed the bloke.
  • Eileen: Why run, then?
  • Charity: Because our family don't gel too well with the law, all right?
  • Cain: Don't encourage her, you...
  • Sam: She won't have hurt no-one.
  • Eileen: Well, my dead dad's managed to spend over 20 grand on his credit card, so excuse me if I don't take your word for it.
  • (...Faith and Eileen start fighting...Robert is leaving in the background...)
  • Aaron: Does anyone else want to play silly beggars or can we get on with this?
  • Charity: Babe, I think you've just lost your groom.

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Colin Kaepernick donated his massive shoe collection to Bay Area homeless shelters

  • Long before his activism made him famous, Colin Kaepernick was known for something else: his massive shoe collection. 
  • Now, fresh off the football season, Kaepernick’s taken a huge step by donating tons of shoes to Bay Area homeless shelters.
  • It was so big at one point that he converted his garage into a shoe closet.
  • Kaepernick donated the shoes, along with clothes and books, to Bay Area homeless shelters and orphanages shortly after his season ended. Read more

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Kal Penn donates $25K to Palestinian refugees after ‘MasterChef Celebrity Showdown’ win

  • On Monday’s MasterChef Celebrity Showdown, Kal Penn reigned as champion, winning $25,000 to donate to a charity of his choice. 
  • Penn used the prize money to support Palestinian refugees in Syria through the United Nations Relief and Work Agency USA.
  • The UNRWA is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to Palestinian refugees all over the Middle East. Read more


DRAW-A-THON FOR CHARITY WITH ALEX HIRSCH AND DANA TERRACE! We’ll be drawing LIVE while you donate. Top donors will get commissions drawn by us both! Everyone gets to hang out! More info >>>> HERE! <<<<

All proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. Trump wants to take away our right to choose. Let’s fight back and support those in need! 


Ballet dancers in the Kibera neighborhood of Nairobi, Kenya one of biggest slums in Africa. The ballerinas (ballerinos) are young students who study dance for fun, made possible through a program run by U.K.-based charity Anno’s Africa, which provides alternative arts education to over 800 children in Kenya. The classes are taught by Mike Wamaya previously worked as a dancer throughout Europe.  His classes focus on both the physical and mental well-being, that promotes confidence-building.  The children feel and see how much they can accomplish if someone gives them the chance, in turn improves their self-esteem and makes them stronger in their daily life.

Photo series by Fredrik Lerneryd h/t huffpost


Kal Penn owns racist troll by raising half a million dollars for Syrian refugees

  • Kal Penn has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Syrian refugees after a Twitter user told him he doesn’t “belong in this country.”
  • Penn, who was born to Gujarati immigrants in New Jersey, created a Crowdrise page titled “Donating to Syrian refugees in the name of the dude who said I don’t belong in America." 
  • As of 8:30 a.m. Eastern on Monday, the tally stood at over $515,000, just shy of its now $550,000 goal. Read more

Muslim-owned restaurant serves free meals to anyone in need — no questions asked

  • In Montreal, a cold winter brings out some warm hearts. 
  • One eatery called Marché Ferdous has been giving away free meals to anyone who needs it, Canadian news site Global News reported. 
  • The restaurant crew originally wanted to help the crowd of homeless people who gather near a church next door
  • So it posted a sign that reads “People with no money welcome to come eat free.” Read more

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Meet the black woman who will run from NYC to DC to raise money for Planned Parenthood

  • The Republicans’ plan to defund Planned Parenthood along with repealing the Affordable Care Act won’t come without a fight — or a long, frigid run.
  • Alison Mariella Désir is a New York City-based running coach and founder of the Harlem Run running group. 
  • On Jan. 16, she’s teaming up with at least three other women to run 240 miles over five days from New York City to Washington, D.C., to raise money for Planned Parenthood. 
  • Just so it’s clear: That’s the equivalent of running two New York City marathons each day.
  • Désir hopes to raise $44k to support Planned Parenthood, an amount that honors the 44th president, Planned Parenthood ally Barack Obama. 
  • Less than a week out from the start of the run, she’s already brought in close to $30,000, according to her GoFundMe page.  Read more

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Can we help Mark see something?

Mark has mentioned that there will be a charity live stream soon, but he doesnt know for what yet.

My father has had a debilitating disease for 11 years now: Multiple Sclerosis. He is on ventilator, trachea, oxygen and feeding tube, plus a slew of other machines he needs to ensure his health. I was 5 when he was diagnosed, so I’ve never known him when he was healthy.

He hasn’t walked in seven years and likely never will again. As of 2017, there is no working and/or available cure for MS.

So, I would really appreciate if Mark’s next charity live stream could go to some kind of Multiple Sclerosis research? Yes, those other causes are noble, but I’d really love to see this disease get some representation, as it’s basically been swept under the rug. In my 16 years, I’ve read exactly one article about it in the normal media, and I know no one in my entire circle of people I’ve met who even knows it’s a disease.

Mark has greatly helped me cope with my dad’s illness, and I’d really love to see it recognized by someone who has a big following, maybe it could kick start some kind of research? Maybe I’m overly hopeful, but this has been my dream since 2014.

@markiplier I’d really love it if you considered.

Other Markiplites, could you maybe reblog this into the markiplier tag so he could see this? I’d appreciate any help you could give.

I was speaking to the lady that works for Make-A-Wish and she said that back in the day when they started the Make a Wish charity people always used to want to go meet Robert Downey Jr. or Jack Sparrow or go to this crazy thing but recently the people that they get asked to hook people up with the most are YouTubers. And I was wondering why and the girl said that because most of the young people that are part of Make-A-Wish spent most of their time in hospitals, dealing with their illnesses, they obviously spend a lot of time on the Internet and then would naturally stumble across YouTubers. And when they have lots of time in hospitals, going through all these treatments or recovering from things, YouTubers are the people who they spend their time watching instead of stuff in the cinema. You know, simultaneously that’s so like… it’s heart-warming and it’s nice and then it’s also kind of sad. But it just really make you kind of happy that a) such an amazing charity is there, doing things but then also for YouTubers, you know, like Markiplier who does so many - he’s amazing obviously for a billion reasons - but whenever me and Phil get to do it, it’s just such a nice thing.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 14th of February 2017

Quotes from Dan (30/?)

One of the many reasons I love YouTubers. It’s also a perfect example of the amazing impact their content have on the people watching.