After the ice bucket challenge: they raised $115m for the fight against ALS. So how did they spend it?
When a viral challenge raised $115m to fight ALS, the charity that got the money was overwhelmed. As the first breakdown of spending emerges, David Cox asks what happened next — and what it means for patients
By David Cox

Wanna feel better about something?  

Of the $115M raised, ALSA has given 70% of it to research projects, including genetic research that might be the best bet for a treatment.  Another 20% was used to reopen assistance centers shuttered during the crash, restore funding to others and build some new ones, and provide assistance to ALS patients all over the country.  The remaining 10% went to publicity, additional fundraising and administration.

Their spokesman said that the increase in visibility and awareness for ALS is immeasurable, and ought to benefit them for years to come.

So next time you get sick of a viral campaign, maybe reconsider.

If you’re outraged by the end of OITNB, let me recommend some charities for you...

Just Detention International, a non-profit fighting to end prison rape, provide resources to survivors, and improve human rights conditions in American prisons and globally.

Sylvia Rivera Law Project, a New York-based collective that provides resources and legal advocacy to transgender, gender non-conforming and intersex people of color or of low income. SRLP has been fighting to end the abusive use of ‘protective’ administrative segregation of transgender prisoners - the practice Sophia Bursett was a victim of in the show.

JusticeNow, a California-based non-profit which fights for the rights of female prisoners in California to receive adequate medical care. Recently, JusticeNow was key to the outlawing of forcibly sterilizing female prisoners in California.

Transgender, Gender Non-Confirming & Intersex Justice Project provides resources in California to LGBTQ people in poverty, including providing transitional housing for incarcerated people reentering society.

Prison Law Office, a law firm in California that fights against inhumane conditions of confinement. PLO was key in the lawsuit against California keeping their prisons at 200% population capacity – overcrowding similar to and worse than what we saw in S4 of OITNB.

Black & Pink, an organization that provides pen pals to LGBTQ+ prisoners. Pen palling is a low-cost way to support prisoners who may not have LGBTQ+ supportive people in their lives, or who have limited access to safe conversation.

I’ve linked to the donation pages for these organizations, but there are many ways to get involved that don’t require spending money. Don’t just get mad – get motivated. These are real lives we’re talking about.

You can find more in depth information [complete with links] on all of these charities/projects here.

*All photo credits go to Jack, Finn, my terrible screenshotting skills, whoever took the Toms picture, whoever took the picture of Jack and Ella hugging, and the photographer who took that last picture of them.


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge With Zac Efron

Special double edition of #GiveBackTuesday! Thanks @shenaegrimesbeech and @vanessahudgens for the nomination! I donated to and took the #icebucketchallenge. I also nominated @zacefron, he donated to and took the #icebucketchallenge too! Watch the whole video above, and don’t forget to spread the word and nominate your friends :)


Here it is! My first ever limited edition charity t-shirt that I designed in support of The Kate and Justin Rose Foundation and Irish Autism Action. This shirt is only available for 2 weeks ! Support these two great causes and get yours here: (xx)

Niall has released a selection of t-shirts and a hoodie to benefit some of his favorite charities. The shirts are $25 (in black and white, fitted and casual options) and the hoodie is $40 (in black) at the link above. Support Niall and these great causes!

Hey, Tumblr!

I’d like to interrupt your browsing to pose a very important question:

Have you ever wanted to raise money for charities by browsing the internet?

Well, now you can!

The link above will send you to a cite called TAB FOR A CAUSE, a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to helping a select list of charities raise money for their specific causes! All you have to do is download the Google Chrome extension, register an account, and open tabs. You collect a currency called “hearts” by opening these tabs, and you can donate them to any of the following charities whenever you want! 

Human Rights

Human Rights Watch
International Peace Institute
The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck



Room to Read


Save the Children
Action Against Hunger
Diabetes Hands Foundation

The Environment

Conservation International

It’s easy, and they do all the work for you. You can gain levels by opening tabs, make suggestions about new charities by contacting the staff, customize your start page with widgets like quick bookmarks, sticky notes, world clocks, and more! Not only is it free, but it’s really spiffy, too!

I contacted the Tab for a Cause staff members and requested that Tumblr get its own tabbing group so we can track our stats and see how much of an impact Tumblr has made. You can join the group by clicking “See my stats" in the bottom left corner and then scrolling down through the list of groups. Click on the "Tumblr" group, and then join!

…oh. And did I mention that Reddit has a group too? It’d be pretty embarrassing if our red robot rivals outdid us in a charity effort.

Anyways, happy browsing and have fun tabbing!

Benedict Cumberbatch - Charity / social action

As requested by retrospectav, I made my page reblogable:

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Sponsorship page:

Hello tumblrites! My name is Ella, and this is my flatmate Kiara. We’re based in Cambridge, England.


Jailbreak, if you don’t know, is simple. 36 hours. No money. Get as far as you can from the starting point. RELY ON STRANGERS.

We are raising money for TEN NOMINATED CHARITIES, which are listed below.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We’ll be aiming for MANCHESTER in the UK, then CANADA (TORONTO OR VANCOUVER) then JAPAN. We will be updating on Facebook:  so you know where we are. IF WE ARE NEAR YOU, ANY DONATIONS/LIFTS/OR SIGNAL BOOSTS WOULD BE FANTASTIC. You can set us challenges, sponsor us after - any help would be hugely appreciated.

We want to get as far as we can so that we can raise as much money as possible. After the Supernatural victory over the believers, LETS SHOW WHAT THE FANDOMS CAN DO!!



* Cambridge R*pe Crisis 
(http://www.cambridger* <– please remove asterisk, it’s for trigger purposes.
* Wintercomfort 
* Teenage Cancer Trust 
* Cambridge City Foodbank 
* Dementia UK 


* Medecins Sans Frontieres 
* Camfed 
* Save the Children 
* Action Against Hunger 
* Unseen 


No one likes to admit to doing something bad and instead of stopping the bad behaviour, we cover it up or lie about doing it. Similarly, some brands claim that they do not test their products on animals but some of these claims are a blatant lie.

These companies can easily stop testing on animals but instead they’ve found loopholes in the labelling system and choose to mislead consumers into believe that they don’t test on animals.

Loopholes in Products Labelled as “Cruelty-Free”

Be careful of companies claiming that their products are “cruelty-free” with broad statements, vague claims, and convincing logos. When you see a company using any of these claims, be sure to email them and ask for more information. If they don’t address your concerns and respond with a vague statement like “we take animal testing very seriously and do not test on animals” then they might be covering something up.

These claims are allowed and legal as there is no organization that monitors or regulates these statements. We’ve taken the guess work out of trying to understand the loopholes in these “cruelty-free” claims for you.

Claim: “Cruelty-Free“

What it means: ‘Cruelty-free’ can mean whatever we want it to mean! Customers like to hear that our products are “cruelty-free” so we tell them what they want to hear. Since no one regulates the use of the label “cruelty-free”, we can get away with it!

Claim: “We do not test on animals”

What it means: We don’t. But we ask and hire a third party to test on animals on our behalf. It’s like hiring a hitman -Technically, I didn’t kill anyone.

Claim: “This product was not tested on animals.”

What it means: What you are holding in your hands, the final product, was not tested on animals. But some of the raw ingredients that make up the end product was tested on animals. This technically isn’t a lie, we just choose not to disclose all the details.

Claim: “We do not test on animals, except when required by law.”

What it means: It’s not up to us. Even though it was our choice to use ingredients or sell in countries that require us to test on animals. We don’t have to use those ingredients or sell in those countries but in doing so, we are well aware that we have to pay to have our products tested on animals.

Claim: An unauthorized bunny logo

What it means: Bunnies are cute and we tend to sell more products when there’s a bunny logo on our packaging.

Unauthorized bunny logos do not hold any credibility or validity whereas certified cruelty-free bunny logos have some degree of legitimacy. In order for a company to be certified cruelty-free, they must meet a set of criteria and commit to a strict no animal testing policy by signing a pledge and showing proof of documents.

Don’t get sweet talked into believing a brand is cruelty-free. You can help end animal testing by voting with your consumer money and avoid purchasing products that have been tested on animals.


—->Only buy products from companies that are certified and labeled as VEGAN AND CRUELTY-FREE – no animal testing.

—->Only donate to charities that do not conduct or pay others to conduct experiments on animals.




As Masternims and Admins dedicated to Bobby, we are proud to be part of numerous charitable projects. This time, Masternim ©HighTensionBobby has successfully donated a well to a family/town in Cambodia. Congratulations Masternim!

We, ©Everything_BobbyPh will be participating in her 2nd WorldShare Well Project this year! Will post details later on how you can also help out and donate! ^^

My precious baby was diagnosed with a type 2.5 mast cell cancerous tumor. The tumor is a fast-spreading mass that can attatch to muscles and organs. We were able to catch it in time. Although the risk of it coming back is very high, the surgery and chemotherapy treatments are going well.

However, on top of my father being forced to retire, the cost of the medical bills are putting a severe financial strain on my family, to the point of having to ration our money for food. We desperately need help to put a dent in the expensive cost of saving Ryuk’s life.

We adopted Ryuk six years ago, during the beginning of my depression. He has been with me everyday, and he’s given me emotional support to keep myself stable. Ryuk is sweet and gentle, and is dearly loved by all who meet him. He has brought an unlimited amount of happiness to my family. We are devoted to him, and pray that his ongoing treatment will be successful. It would be extremely devestating to lose him. I don’t know what I would do without him.