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“Because it’s Juuuuuune!“


My god it’s beautiful…

It’s been 2 years since Heathers closed Off-Broadway

Our Love Is God (Reprise) (Chansaw Version)
  • Our Love Is God (Reprise) (Chansaw Version)
  • damndomenech
  • Youtube

With their blessing, this is the Youtube-ripped recording of my Chansaw-rewritten version of the ‘Our Love Is God’ reprise in ‘I Am Damaged’, as sung by @damndomenech! The lyrics are found here.

(Neither of us own Heathers, or Heathers the Musical.)

We hope you enjoy!


Infinite Reasons To Love Kristolyn Lloyd 

There is not enough love for her on here and I don’t know why. I love Alice but Kristolyn is a fan-freaking-tastic Heather Duke. She brought so much zest to the role that made it different from Alice or Shannon’s portrayal. While Shannon (and the original script) made Duke the most sympathetic, Kristolyn makes her the funniest and the most vibrant. I love all the Dukes but I think we should pay more attention then we do (which is none) to Kristolyn. Also I saw her in the Liquid Plain and she was fantastic. She is an incredible actress and I hope she gets the respect she deserves


Guys in the midst of all this Heathers drama I decided to look at all their instagrams starting with Charissa. I found this beautiful gem and this is why this is the best cast. EVER.