You’re still my fake boyfriend.

alexandragreys asked:

top 5 dawn summers moments, top 5 harmony kendall moments, top 5 winifred burkle moments xoxox

dawn summers moments:

  2. maybe i’m not evil but i don’t think i can be good
  3. i wish you’d fall on your head and drown in your own barf
  4. ready to jump in the energy and sacrifice herself for the world
  5. performing an exorcism like a boss

harmony moments:

  1. *smoking* i’m a villain, spike, helloooo *chocking*
  2. i’m beautiful and i’m powerful and i don’t need you to complete me
  3. i don’t have a soul i don’t mind torturing her for the team (or something like that?)
  4. i type like a superhero (NO BUT HARMONY)
  5. i gave and i gave and i gave and i thought that maybe you’d come around (crush) (she also shot spike with an arrow) (i cried)

fred moments:

  1. i’m not like you not a champion
  2. i’m not some case! i’m better than that!
  3. you forgot i also like to build things
  4. you died and left me all alone!!
  5. you know what they say about payback? well i’m the bitch