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happy birthday brittany!!! gosh idek where to start! you are honestly one of my favorite people and this place would not be the same without you or your lovely blog. you have such amazing taste in ships and the ladies and i love that we love all the same things :“’). i honestly can’t remember a time when i wasn’t following you??? like how was this a point in my life on this site idek. thank you for being your lovely self!! and filling my dash with such pretty things. i wish you rainbows and sunshine and everything in between! i love you!! and remember there are no people like us :’)

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1. Favourite holiday?

Halloween! I don’t even like candy really, but Halloween is just gr9 in general okay

2. Which of your possessions could you absolutely not live without?

It’s really materialistic to say, but my phone and laptop. I mean, technically, I could live without all of the stuff I have, but I’d prefer to not have to live without my phone and laptop

3. Do you have siblings and do you get along with them?

I have two older sisters and three younger half brothers (my dad can’t keep it in his pants), and I only talk to my oldest sister, so she’s pretty much the only one I get along with?? I haven’t really talked to my brothers in years though so it’s hard telling if I get along with them? Idk family is a bad subject for me

4. All-time best feel good song?

Oh god… I wanna say Face Up by Lights, because it’s helped me through so many dark parts of my life, but idk if that would even classify as a “feel good” song?? I mean, Banner by Lights is kind of a feel good song for me?? It’s lyrics are uplifting to me… I just don’t know mAISIE THESE ARE HARD THE STRUGGLE IS REAL

5. Did you make New Years resolutions?

Eh, sort of?? I pretty much just told myself to stop trying this year to stay friends with people who clearly have no interest in putting forth the effort to stay friends with me anymore?? That’s kind of a resolution????

6. Does anyone actually keep their New Year’s resolutions?

It depends. I mean, if it’s a realistic resolution, sure. But people who come up with these elaborate resolutions clearly don’t keep them.

7. City or countryside?

Is this like where I’d rather live, or which I prefer in general?? Either way, city I think. I hate living in the country with all of these closed-minded ass wipes.

8. Favourite TV show?


9. Where do you go if you’re feeling down?

I don’t really have a specific place, just anywhere I can be alone and listen to music.

10. Favourite hot beverage?

Hot chocolate probably but also coffee.

11. What makes you the happiest? 

Yo I’m about to get real cheesy here, but my boyfriend. I honestly didn’t know what real happiness felt like until I met him, I don’t know what I’d do without him.


1. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

2. Favorite musician?

3. Favorite hair color you’ve ever had (assuming you’ve colored your hair)?

4. What did you do on New Year’s eve?

5. What is your favorite season?

6. Favorite place you’ve traveled?

7. What did you most enjoy about 2013?

8. Is there anything you’re looking forward to in 2014?

9. If there was a fire and you could only save one sibling or five strangers, who would you save? (this question is from the season 2 finale of Charmed l o l but I always thought it was very thought provoking holla)

10. What is your favorite old cartoon?

11. Favorite song of all time, and favorite lyric from it?