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I think I posted this just in time for Joyce’s 20th birthday! Happy Birthday to this very gorgeous and talented woman! May God Bless you more and may He grant the desires of your heart. Keep inspiring people! Love you Joyce!

Modeled by Joyce Pring

Photographed by Charisma Lico

Styling by Danae Vernisse

Dress by Will Valeriano

Special thanks to Faith Benitez!

PS: Will upload more soon <3


One of the shoots that I really treasure. I think I posted this already, but I added some shots that I didn’t post before in this post. I shot this early 2012, probably January, and yet I’m still in love with this set. I love everything, he model, the location, the styling and the make-up! Thank God for this shoot. 

Modeled by Charisse Fuentes

Photographed by Charisma Lico

Make-up by Bambbi Fuentes

Styling by Inah Layco

Clothes by Haute Culture

Special thanks to Job Layco


PHANTASMAGORIA: Witnessing Ethereal Fashion Fantasies Come To Life

Book and chapter covers of my thesis.

Thank You Lord, Mom, Dad, A.T., Job, my beautiful and very gorge models, Dan, Lea, Thea, Faith, all the designers who let us pull out gowns and everyone who assisted during the shoots, I’m eternally grateful for all the help.


Published in Ellements Mag (August issue), Zephyr and Zele Magazine (September issue)

Photographed by Charisma Lico

Modeled by Shanna Retuya

Styled by Edrick Paz

Hair and Make Up by Chuchie Ledesma


Tina Daniac

Mikee Andrei

Loi Villarama 

Loi Villarama

Jenny Sibulo

Edrick Paz

Joel Andrade 


I’m bringing Mara back! <3 

This be Mara, she used to be one of my staple models but when we reached college, it became difficult for us to set fun shoots because of our schedule. I really missed taking pictures of this girl and I may say, she’s still one of my best models. Still irreplaceable! <3

This be Pau Francisco, Ela’s friend. (Thank you Pau for letting me shoot you!<3)

Actually, this shoot was originally scheduled last Sunday/Tuesday, but some incidents suddenly happened before the scheduled time, since my friend, who was supposed to model, couldn’t make it (‘cause she got hospitalized, get well soon! Hope you’re doing fine by now, Gail>:(< ). So I got no choice but to reschedule it and get new model/s. I really got depressed during that day 'cause I thought I won’t be able to conduct this shoot anymore since I’d be staying in Manila (apartment) for the rest of the week and I’ll be needing a car and a hose for the shoot. When Ela asked what happened to our shoot, I told her that it didn’t push through. So I shared my problem and she was very willing to help. (Thanks to her friends, Pau and Miko!) Pau modeled for me and Miko let us stay in their place.;;)

On the other hand, I’m also very thankful to my friend Mara, 'cause when she saw how depressed I was, she immediately volunteered to model!:o I was so touched 'cause she was so game for the shoot, which doesn’t always happen because she’s always busy with her training and other stuff. I love you Mara! :* >:D< Thank you so much! :*

Thank you Lord for making this shoot happen! <3

Photo by: Charisma Lico

Models: Mara de Guzman and Pau Francisco

Styling and car: Mara

Location: Miko’s place

Rain: Job Layco (Thank you for taking in charge of the fake rain and for accompanying me throughout the day >D:< )

Thank you Ela for always being supportive!!!! >:D< Thanks to your super friends! :)