ODE UNTO THE MYSTICS OF FABLE. Captivated, you were, by the idea of an ever after. Chariots, awaited with horses drawn at your beckoning; a connection to a far off reality. Beyond your dreams, you awaken with a torch of light, aghast and unmoving. Near existence at the core of Amaranth and akin to Alice, you follow the white rabbit. Away it takes you, that inkling of fear but wonder that made you fall so very far. Your feet they tread on new terrain as you walk to a place you have yet to bear witness. Akin to the likes of Death Valley –your innocence a reminder of a skeleton told stories ago. Yet your bones feel heavy and that parchment gripped tightly feels light.
Your pulse, for it beats no longer, bears witness to behold a circadian rhythm. A hymn of solitude for your days spent. Here, no less, a constant reminder. And through the looking glass your eyes widen at the beauty of Horae’s doing. Bestowed with ripeness, they come and go in accordance to nature and life abide, these tides, turning for Cilla. And o’er to Icarus, the sun you wish, as did he, to be closer to; for the sight before you: a repertoire of a soon grand escapade. 

YOUR HANDS, CHILLED & FOREIGN, with the temptation. And like the fruit you bite, agreeing to enter an event of endless wonder. Your soliloquy, a memory, perhaps even a dream, endless tales of nights akin to these with your best attire & those who floated across the dance floor with such etiquette –surely it would be one to remember. And so you cave; eyes quick to read over the letter addressed to you. And, to you, it feels as though you’re personally being asked: be our guest –they’d whisper. A quiet, melodic sound to your ears. And so you’d agree. 

 – Penned by Serah.

                                          Welcome to the Summer Ball. 

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Screenshots from EPIC BATTLES | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator #2! :D

Everything changed on that day when the chariots attacked and made this game run like shit…

^ See everyone? So much destruction! Dx

Okay in all seriousness this was a fun video and I really like watching Jack play this silly game. :) I can’t wait to see what this game will turn into once it gets farther into development. 

James & Lily

23rd December 1977

“We, the Magic Community, have been going through difficult times this year. Tomorrow Christmas holidays begin. It is the moment to enjoy the time we are living without letting fear stop us. Celebrate these holidays with your family, because whether you are going back or staying here this Christmas, you will be at home. Now, off to your house common rooms. The chariots taking you to the Hogsmeade train station will be waiting for you tomorrow morning. Good night.” Dumbledore closed like this his speech, which was followed by the movement of chairs and students leaving the Great Hall. Amongst those were four 7th year students: Sirius Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. They had wanted to stay for Christmas on their last Hogwarts year, but Mr. and Mrs. Potter had wanted to see James and Sirius, Remus’ parents had thought it would be safer for him to go back home if his friends weren’t going to be with him during the full moon, and Peter didn’t want to stay alone in the castle.

James, who kept his eyes fixated on Lily Evans, walking a few meters ahead of him, tripped and fell against the cold floor.

“Oh for Merlin’s beard.” Sirius helped his friend to stand up, while Remus fixed his glasses with a twirl of his wand. “Ask her out. You haven’t asked her on a date since 6th year. The withdrawal symptoms are affecting your coordination. You won’t finish school if you continue like this.”

“What for? I didn’t get her to say ‘yes’ in six years, it’s not going to work now.” James Potter sadly sighted, looking at the redhead woman who chatted with a fellow member of Gryffindor.

“This is different. You’re friends now. All those times don’t count anymore. I’m sure she would accept.”

“Remus?” James looked at his friend waiting for an answer.

“What? Is my opinion not enough?”

“Well, I think” began to say Remus Lupin, while he ignored Sirius’ angry pout “that Sirius is right this time” he added, making Sirius raise his arms in triumph. “I don’t believe she’d reject you. You’ve got along just fine this year. Maybe she’d give it a try.”

“Wait, you know something, don’t you?” Sirius looked suspiciously at his friend, although James didn’t hear, as he had already begun running towards the Gryffindor common room. After running through the moving stairs he arrived in front of the Fat Lady. “Thank Merlin training for Quidditch pays off.” He muttered under his shaky breath.

“Password?” Asked the painting.

“Bowtruckle.” The answer was correct, and James Potter entered into the Common Room, where he could easily spot Lily’s red hair in front of the fire, reading a book sitting comfortably in the couch.

“Alright.” James Potter went to approach the redhead woman, and nervously tapped her shoulder. “Hi Lily.”

She turned around and smiled. “Hi James.” She moved to the side and patted the sit next to her, which he gladly took, but not before tripping with a couple of Wizard’s Chess’ pieces sprawled on the floor.

“Damn it.” He managed to sit while Lily tried to cover her giggles with a fake cough.  “How have you been Lily? Are you staying in Hogwarts for Christmas?”

“I’m fine. We talked this morning. Nothing has changed since then.” She smirked mockingly while he blushed. “And no, I’m spending Christmas with my parents.” She smiled again, although her eyes saddened and her smile seemed forced this time.

“Oh. Good, good.” He cleared his throat. “I heard something happened with your sister. Are you okay?” In this school year James had befriended Lily enough to get to know about the constant fighting with his sister Petunia, who seemed to despise Lily because she was a witch, but she didn’t like talking about it.

“Well. When I said I might be returning for Christmas she said ‘it’s me or her’. I didn’t want to put my parents in trouble, so I decided to stay. But my parents told her that now she has a new home with her boyfriend we wouldn’t see each other that much, so I’m going home under my sister’s anger. But it’s okay, don’t worry.” She smiled, reassuring both James and herself.

“Ugh, what a horrible muggle. Sorry!’ He added quickly, but Lily smiled easing his worry. ‘But do you think it’s safe, with the Dark Wizards and all?” He asked worried.  “You could come to my home! There’s enough space for the three of us.”

“Three?” Asked Lily, raising her eyebrows.

“Yes. Sirius is living with me. But we could buy him a kennel and he wouldn’t annoy us.” Lily laughed, and it only increased when it was followed by Sirius’ “What the hell. I’m not sleeping there!” which was followed by a “Don’t interrupt them Sirius” from Remus at some spot in the Common Room where they have stayed after arriving behind James. The latter ruffled his hair mindlessly, although he stopped when he remembered how many times Lily had scolded him because of it. She noticed the gesture and smirked.

“It doesn’t annoy me, you know? It’s a part of you. And thanks for the offer, but I’m sure my family and I are not a target for Lord Voldemort. I could send you a few letters and keep you updated though, if you’d like.” She waited for his response, surprised when he began to stutter.

“Oh, that would be great! And I’ll write you back of course.” An awkward silence settled between them. James looked back at his friends. Sirius shook his head in this belief. How could his friend be acting like this? He didn’t remember a shy James. Never.  Meanwhile, Remus was signaling him to go forward.

“Mmh, Lily.” She raised her eyes from her lap. “When we return from Christmas break, would you like to go on a date with me?” He fidgeted on his seat waiting for an answer.

“Sure. I’d love to James.” She smiled sweetly at him and blushed when she saw Remus and Sirius high-five in the back.

“Oh. Really?” He asked surprised.  “Are you sure you’re not sick or something?” He teased her putting a hand on her forehead, and she pushed his hand away in a mocking manner.

“Well, if you’d prefer me to say no…”

“No! No! I-” James quickly spoke without realizing his fellow Marauders had quietly approached the couple.

“It took him six years to get a date and now he ruins it. Has a Bludger hit his head?!”

“Shut up, Padfoot. He’s nervous.”

“We can hear you Black!” Lily intervened. “Why don’t you join Peter and begin packing your things? Now.” She gave them a stern look, and Moony and Padfoot left towards their rooms, with Sirius muttering “Now I’m left alone as the only Marauder she hates. Great.” Lily shook her head in disbelief, and turned to James, who was smiling too.

“Where were we?” They both smiled at each other, and got themselves comfortable on their seats.

24th December 1977

“Hey James, isn’t that Evans?” James turned his head around faster than a Snitch flies and saw, indeed, the redhead woman on her muggle winter clothes, although she was still wearing her Gryffindor scarf. She was standing under the falling snow with the wind blowing against her red locks, next to the chariot that would be taking the Marauders to the Hogwarts Express.

“Yes, it’s her!” He began walking faster carrying his luggage behind him. When he arrived he went to give her a hug, but he stopped dead in his tracks, standing awkwardly in front of her. Lily, not knowing what to do, just looked at the layer of snow below her feet. “Lily. Where is your luggage?”

“It’s in our carriage. I’m waiting for Marlene and Mary, so I came to tell you goodbye. I’ll miss having you around. Kind of.” She blushed, although she confidently looked at him.

“I’ll miss you too. Who will put me in my place now?” Sirius, Remus and Peter had got close to them, and were putting their own luggage into the chariot.

“I think your mother will manage well Prongs, just like she’s done for the past seventeen years.”

“Get into the carriage, Padfoot.” Muttered James through gritted teeth, yet he relaxed when he heard Lily’s laugh.

“She sounds like a nice woman.”

“She is. I’d like you to meet her at some point.”

“I’d like that too.” Both bearing grand smiles, they watched as Remus, Peter and Sirius finally got into the carriage. “I think it’s your time to leave.”

“I think so. I-” Before James had time to realize what was going on, Lily was strongly hugging him, but seconds after he hugged her back, not caring about the three boys that were trying not to look at the scene. They gripped onto each other for a long time, not wanting to let go. Lastly they separated.

“Stay safe out there James. I anything happens-”James hugged her again, resting his chin over her head. He knew that any other time Lily wouldn’t be acting like this. But they both knew about the attacks striking the Magic World, and the risks outside Hogwarts.

“Nothing will happen. My parents are aurors. And Sirius and I will be ones soon too. We know how to defend ourselves.” He gave her a reassuring smile.

“Well. Goodbye then.” He kissed her on the cheek, and not wanting to see her reaction, he hopped quickly into the carriage under Sirius’ mocking glance. TheThestrals began walking, and James turned around to see Lily smiling with her hand still over her left cheek. She swiftly removed it and waved at the Marauders who waved back until Lily disappeared from their sight.

26th December 1977

“Why hasn’t she sent me a letter yet?”

“Merlin’s pants if he doesn’t shut up I’ll go outside and let the deatheaters hunt me. The torture will be a paradise compared to this hell.”

“Sirius Black! Don’t joke with that.” Euphemia Potter looked severely at the black haired man. Sitting around a wooden dining table they were Euphemia and Fleamont Potter and their son, James, along with one of his best friends, Sirius Black. They were having lunch at the Potter’s Manor, and since both students arrived James hadn’t been able to stop talking about Lily Evans, and waiting by the window for an owl.

“She’s probably spending time with her parents and her family. It’s Christmas! But she’ll write soon, I’m sure.” Mr. Potter looked at his son. He seemed really in love with this girl, and he would gladly meet her this Christmas.

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” James muttered back looking at his food, although his head rose when he heard a pecking sound from the window. “It’s Lily’s owl!” A tawny owl was outside his window, with a letter in its beak. James opened the window and grabbed the letter, running upstairs to read it, while the owl entered the room and drank from James’ water glass.

“Finally. Now he will shut up.” Sirius sighted. He wanted to know what she had written, and he soon found out when James’ voice came from some room above them.


“Well” said Euphemia Potter after her husband’s and Sirius’ laughs ended “he better invite her over, because I want to meet her now.”

Will I
One day forget you
And the sweet lady mist let down her hair as if dark curtains?
Her right hand lowers one;
And your eyes are dimmed.
Her left lowers the other
And you are distant and lost,
So muted I can turn my back
To the fading colour.
Even now,
Her dark chariot clouds
Ride inevitable and relentless,
On the edge of my eyes.
Beautiful and hollow,
A foggy echo.
Not even your piercing voice and sharp eyes are able to penetrate this soft, heavy veil.
The slow, green rush of time
Grows over everything like ivy-
The mountains lying prone and sleepy, the carven stones listless and uncaring,
My hands as I stretch to rest.
On each leaf glistens a miniature you-
A million fragile worlds.
The soft swim of limb through hot, humid air,
The rise of lifeless hair seeking redemption;
When the lady mist lets down her hair- gently shakes down the pieces of styx caught in it-
I shall be ready to forget you.
The air is soft, forgetful, and heavy with the scent of growth.

(Written and submitted by @tidewinds)

Why are cats associated with witches?

Ever since ancient times, cats have been revered as near deities. Egypt is probably one of the most famous examples, where cats were often mummified along with their owners upon their death and to kill a cat was a crime punishable by death. Even in some Pagan societies, cats were often associated with gods. The Goddess Freja of Norse mythology was often depicted as riding a chariot pulled by an army of cats (she’s also heavily associated with magic, but more on this later).

But how did cats get to this point? Well, as most know, cats are extremely useful predators, especially in regards to catching mice and rats, which ate grain and often spread disease. The Egyptians were actually among the first groups of humans to utilize the cat’s natural hunting instinct by domesticating them and using them to drive away rodents. Similarly, in many Eastern countries, people would often put cats in temples. In Japan, this eventually led to the cat being considered a symbol of good luck.

Because of their skills at hunting, cats quickly became associated with magic, especially in Pagan societies. However, by the time the Middle Ages came about in Europe, cats were considered nuisances, and their magical abilities did not help that thought. On top of the numerous rats from the Plague as well as the many bodies of the Plague victims, the cat population began to absolutely explode, causing them to be absolutely everywhere. Combine this with the fact that the church at the time was still trying to dispel any sort of Pagan-like rituals, and cats began to become associated with bad luck and Satan himself.

Cats also fall in the category of possessing eyes of evil. These are animals that possess eyes that are slits. Among these creatures are toads, another animals closely associated with witches, and weirdly enough, goats. In Medieval Times, these animals were said to have a connection with hell and bring misfortune to anyone who looks them in the eyes.

Now, in the fervor of the witch hunts that were also happening at the days, dogs were also associated with witches, but not to the same extent as cats. In fact, if a person was known to be in possession of a cat, they were often targeted for being a witch. Black cats, especially, because of their silky dark coat that often made people think of evil doing.

People accused of withcraft were often accused of transforming in cats in order to carry out their evil deeds and because of the sheer hysteria of the era, many people willingly admitted to doing this. This is how cats became known as the familiars of witches.

In modern witchcraft, cats are still associated with magic, and are important to understanding and learning magic.

Neena was a singer from Alderaan who was raised by Bail Organa. After her musical talents were revealed, Bail sent her off-world to study, which meant that she wasn’t on planet when it was destroyed by the Death Star. Neena tried to contact her friend Leia Organa, but without the financial support that Bail provided, Neena was stranded. She attempted to make her way to areas where she might encounter friends by singing on starliners, but eventually gave up and stayed on Adarion in the Minos Cluster, continuing to make her living through music. She soon grew bored and was eventually recruited to the Rebellion. She then tried to build her reputation enough that she would be sent to perform aboard The Chariot, where the Cluster Moff was rumored to live. She wanted to attempt to gain information that could aid the Rebellion. Neena’s experiences with the destruction of Alderaan and her attempts to reconnect with other survivors afterwards left her more introverted. But she greatly respected her fellow Rebels and the work and sacrifice that they put into bringing down the Emprie.

1st Century Roman. Glass Beaker.
Excavated at Colchester, England.

“Glass vessels with scenes from the circus or the arena may have been intended as souvenirs, showing not only a picture of the sporting event but the names of the participants, who would have been well known to the fans of the games, just as sporting heroes are today.

On this beaker the two lower bands of decoration depict the four competing quadrigae (four-horse chariots). The typical architectural features of the race-track, such as the lap-markers, are also shown. The inscribed upper band records [in Latin] that the charioteer Cresces beat his opponents Hierax, Olympaeus and Antilochus.

The cup was made by blowing the glass into a mould. This method of manufacture requires careful preparation in making the mould itself, but the actual process of producing the finished vessels is far quicker than making free-blown glass. It is a form of mass-production comparable with the production of terracotta statuettes, lamps and other pottery utensils in moulds.”

-British Museum.

The Archaeological Museum of Delphi, one of the most important in Greece, exhibits the history of the Delphic sanctuary, site of the most famous ancient Greek oracle. Its rich collections are comprised primarily of architectural sculpture, statues and minor objects donated to the sanctuary. These reflect its religious, political and artistic activities from its early years in the eight century BC to its decline in Late Antiquity.
The museum is housed in a two-storey building with a total surface area of 2270 square metres, with fourteen exhibition rooms, 558 square metres of storerooms and conservation laboratories for pottery, metal objects and mosaics. A new lobby, cafeteria and gift shopwere created during the museum’s latest refurbishment.
The museum is overseen by the Tenth Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities.


(via SICILY. Syracuse. Time of Dionysius I (405-367 BC). AR decadrachm | LotID #14002 | Heritage Auctions)

SICILY. Syracuse. Time of Dionysius I (405-367 BC). AR decadrachm (33mm, 43.30 gm, 6h).  Struck ca. 400-390 BC. Unsigned dies in the style of Euainetos. Charioteer, in flowing chiton and holding goad and reins, driving racing quadriga left; above, Nike flying right, about to crown charioteer with wreath; in exergue, panoply of arms: cuirass between two greaves, with Phrygian helmet to right; all within a border of dots / Head of Arethusa left, wearing wreath of reeds, triple-pendant earring, and necklace; ΣΥ-Ρ-Α-Κ-ΟΣΙΩΝ above, pellet below chin, four dolphins swimming around…